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  1. Gameslinx, this is the first planet pack I've ever installed, and what an awesome job you did! Can't wait to explore them all, and thanks for all the atmospheres! Makes for a much more fun adventure, when you can fly Karbonite-powered planes thorough the soup!
  2. Space dock is having some issues, at the moment.
  3. You're doing the Lord's work, theonegalen!
  4. Godspeed, Felipe! Thanks so much for the gift of Kerbal Space Program!
  5. Sorry I'm late to the party, but as a long-time user of this mod, I can tell you - YES! It works great. You'll just need to input different joystick numbers and axis numbers using the "Throttles" button, until you find the right one. Then you can save it as it's own profile, and never have to mess with it again. By the way, that throttle you posted a pic of, is the one I'm using.
  6. Many thanks, Eskandare! Top-notch work, and much-appreciated!
  7. Without FAR, I'd hang up my spacesuit.
  8. Until you've taken off, orbited, and landed back at KSP with only this as your guide, you've never spaced, bro!
  9. I think the the missing piece of the puzzle is Better Atmospheres, but sadly, it seems to have fallen by the wayside. No other mod came close to producing the same visuals it did.
  10. Excellent news! You guys rock!
  11. It's a diagnostic tool. Testing model planes in a wind tunnel isn't cheating, either.
  12. I know the feeling of being burnt out. I have no life, and thus, 2000 hours of KSP under my belt. I haven't played seriously in a few months, but as soon as we have the Unity 5 update, I'm diving back in, with all the mods I've ever dreamed of, and no more OpenGL, which sometimes drags my framerate into the teens, with two 780s in SLI! Take a break, then come out of retirement, Sedativechunk!
  13. Helicopters rock, and this one is especially neat! Nicely done!