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  1. I did have WBI installed, removed it and it worked! Thank you so much for your help and thank you raidernick for making such an awesome mod!
  2. Fortunately, my electricity problem has been solved, however the mass issue hasn't, in the linked photo, the Mk1 pod without the habitat is 900kg, but with the habitat it's 8700kg. https://imgur.com/a/icuJY7n I think thats a little screwy since I also tried launching a TKS module from raidernick's soyuz pack and the proton launcher couldnt even lift off the launchpad cause the habitat added so much mass...
  3. Sorry for dragging this issue on, i've concluded that my problems arn't related to this mod, but rather kerbalism in general, since I'm getting the same problems with stock spacecraft as well. The readme file in question is in the KerbalismConfig folder for RO and part of it reads as such: I don't know when the readme file was last updated, it may be outdated. Anyway i'll bring this up with on the Kerbalism forum and hopefully I can solve this issue. Thank you for your help!
  4. Well, thats strange, considering that the readme file in the Kerbalism folder lists your mod under "supported mods". I'll do a little more tinkering to see if I can get them to work together. Edit 1: I was tinkering with the TKS module and found that if I have the "habitat" from Kerbalism enabled for that module, the mass is quadrupled. Currently editing some files, i'll let you know if I find a way!
  5. Thanks for the update, unfortunately charge rates for me are still the same, my zond spacecraft uses more than 20 electricity per second with the avionics, and 4.07 per second without, while the solar panels only charge at around 0.6 per second at full exposure. Although recently i've been having some problems with kerbalism, so i'll remove a couple of troublesome mods and see if it helps. Edit: Turns out Kerbalism was the problem all along. Removing it solved both the orbital module issues and the electricity charge.
  6. For some reason my kerbals are dying of excess CO2 a few hours into my mission, even though CO2 scrubbers are working just fine. Is there anything i'm missing?
  7. I'm having problems with soyuz orbital modules, with an orbital module even completely empty, I get only 6400 m/s on the R7 rocket while without it I get 8900 m/s. Completely filling the orbital module with fuel has only a minimal effect on delta-v. I'm still able to get stuff like Zond descent module and probes using the R7 into orbit, its the orbital module thats screwing me over. I guess i'll try re-installing it. (using v1.6.1 w/ RSS+RO) Edit 1: I'm also having problems with electricity as well, for some reason the soyuz modules consume way more electricity than they should (they consume much, much more than the solar panels can generate), either that and/or the solar panels arn't generating as much power as they should. Not sure if this mod is the cause, but I thought it's something worth mentioning.
  8. Ok, after some heavy-duty reinstalling, I FINALLY got the flares and scatterer effects to work! Seriously, I can't thank you enough for your dedication in helping me all this time. I just have 1 last thing that needs fixing: as you can see in the pic, the flare and the actual star don't seem to align with each other. However, I think i read something on the scatterer forum page about flare sizes in RSS, so I'll take a look at that. Thanks again! https://imgur.com/G1jJ6pf Edit: The bug seems to be purely specific to the tracking station, so nothing to worry about
  9. There dont seem to be any scatterer effects on the exoplanets, except for the solar system's planets, and the stock planets in Trappist-1. I also noticed a new bug: when in map mode, Kerbin's day and night sides seems to switch back and forth very rapidly between its orientation to Trappist-1 and the Sun. When the day side faces the Sun, all scatterer effects are present, but when the day side switches to facing Trappist-1, the scatterer effects disappear instantly. I checked using the scatterer in-game UI, and it rapidly switched from planet loaded = true (with all the values) to planet loaded = false, and back again.
  10. Tried doing that but still same result. Ive posted some pictures, as you can see, Alpha Centauri and Proxima Centauri look exactly the same. Vega also has exactly the same texture, except its blueish (and no sunflare).
  11. I tried hyperediting a ship into a few star's orbits, but still the same result. Only difference is the Helix nebula where the star is a slight shade of blue, but no nebula. However, the solar system's sun does have scatterer sunflare.
  12. Its a little difficult to explain in screenshots, basically all the stars look exactly the same (same appearance as stock Kerbol), only the size is different. I'm starting to have a suspicion that it could be something to do with both scatterer and RSSVE, so i'll do some more testing with that. Anyway, heres the output log for my fresh install. https://www.dropbox.com/preview/output_log.txt?role=personal
  13. Just tried using a fresh install with just RSS and Constellations (along w/ required mods) along with Kopernicus and scatterer, in the same 1.2.2 configuration. Still got the same result
  14. This is my gamedata folder, yeah i know, a ton of mods. Do you see anything that might conflict with Constellations? I did some digging, and I noticed that in the config files for Alpha Centauri A and Proxima Centauri, the emitColor, rimColor, etc numbers were all the same. Is that how it's supposed to be? Thanks in advance.