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  1. Looks awesome man! Glad to see you still chipping away at this. I look forward the release!
  2. Thank you good sir! Edit: Hmm that didn't seem to do it. Not even the actual KIS parts have that in their configs Am I missing something?
  3. I'm not sure this is possible with a quick config edit but does anyone know how I might get KAS parts (of my choosing) to appear in the "EVA Items" tab in the VAB that KIS adds? I noticed that the pylon from KAS ended up there. All the parts in that category have their config category set to "none" and manufacturer as "KIS" (even the pylon that comes with KAS). I changed the KAS Port to the "none" category and the manufacturer to KIS but it just disappears Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. Ahh okay, Thanks for clearing that up I assume one of the new animations will be for the "Kerbals being able to clamber onto objects" thing I wonder if there will be any others, like taking surface sample...
  5. It links to a dev-notes, in which the only mention of any animations is this Ether they mentioned it previously or I am missing something here haha, because that says nothing about new EVA animations...
  6. "New cinematics for EVA" What exactly does that mean and where was it mentioned?
  7. I had the same issue. after digging around on Google for a bit I found someone saying something about Hamachi and Unity not getting along. So I uninstalled and bam KSP loaded up way faster. Rather odd thing. I'm sure there are more people out there with this issue.
  8. I played KSP using Intel HD Graphics 4400 on a i5-4670. I had to lower the resolution to get decent frame rates (720p @ about 30FPS) but that went down easily with higher part counts. I also played on my laptop with similar settings on a i5, slightly better than the one that Lenovo has, and it throttled quite a bit (slowed it's self down to not overheat). My temps were always 95-98C while playing...not good. you would probably experiance the same thing with that lenovo. I would say your KSP experience will not improve by $700 over your old laptop, not even close. If you are getting the laptop for other reasons then more power to you but, I would not recommend getting it hoping for a better KSP experience. I would recommend building your own desktop or if you think that would be to hard you could buy a desktop for a similar price and get much more performance. I'm currently running a i5-4670 and a GTX 750ti and can max out KSP with no problems.
  9. *Face Palm* What a silly mistake. Thanks guys, and thanks again for the mod sumghai!
  10. When I first encountered the problem I was in Career. Now that I have only SDHI and its dependencies installed it is in a new save in Sandbox mode. Yes, There was no previous version of SDHI in my GameData folder when I installed the latest version (V2.1 7 Aug) There is a notification upon loading up KSP that Firespitter is not compatible with .24.2 but seemed to work fine with SpacePlane+ Edit: Just updated Firespitter dll didn't seem to effect any of the issues I mentioned. This one has me stumped...
  11. Great mod! been using it since .22 For some reason I am unable to get the service module or the avionics ring to appear in-game. The parachute docking port shows up but still looks like the regular clamp-o-tron. The other parts show up and work fine. I removed all my other mods to see if that would help, but the issue persists. I'm running .24.2 - 32bit and these are the mods installed: AnimatedDecouplers Firespitter Klockheed_Martain Klockheed_Martain_Special RealChute Service Module System TweakScale ModualManager.2.2.0. What could I be doing wrong?
  12. I can work on that tomorrow. I'm not seeing the language file in the doc zip though. Has it already been updated?
  13. That was awesome man, especially the part where it jumped off the top of the VAB . It reminds me of the JATO rocket assisted version of the C-130 for short takeoffs and landings.
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys! O-Doc (or anyone for that matter) what would be the optimal size/quality/format for web use? I have CS6 at my disposal so if there is a good setting that you know of in photoshop or fireworks that would be useful info to me.