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  1. Did you guess me? You don't seem to have guessed anyone. Xanna?
  2. Soylent Green. Soylent Green is food. Soylent Green is people. Lizard on a Stick. Lizard on a Stick is food. Lizard on a Stick is people. Using this equation, we find Lizard on a Stick = Soylent Green. Lizard on a Stick is in Fallout. Soylent Green is in Soylent Green. Both take place in the future when times are hard. Fallout is made by Interplay. Soylent Green is by Richard Fleischer. Fallout has The Master, who was Richard Moreau. Fallout is in America. The common symbol for the Illuminati is the Eye of Providence on the American Dollar. SOYLENT GREEN. IS. THE ILLUMINATI.
  3. Wish never wished. Doesn't happen. I wish that bees for the 9001th time.
  4. Ended the time loop. Press the button to nuke china.
  5. Banned for not escaping with all 37 ore bars.
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