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  1. Did you guess me? You don't seem to have guessed anyone. Xanna?
  2. Soylent Green. Soylent Green is food. Soylent Green is people. Lizard on a Stick. Lizard on a Stick is food. Lizard on a Stick is people. Using this equation, we find Lizard on a Stick = Soylent Green. Lizard on a Stick is in Fallout. Soylent Green is in Soylent Green. Both take place in the future when times are hard. Fallout is made by Interplay. Soylent Green is by Richard Fleischer. Fallout has The Master, who was Richard Moreau. Fallout is in America. The common symbol for the Illuminati is the Eye of Providence on the American Dollar. SOYLENT GREEN. IS. THE ILLUMINATI.
  3. Wish never wished. Doesn't happen. I wish that bees for the 9001th time.
  4. Ended the time loop. Press the button to nuke china.
  5. Banned for not escaping with all 37 ore bars.
  6. You think of a reason why we don't exist and the world implodes because it's true. I sided with the Master (Fallout), what could go wrong?
  7. 1242: Express Elevator to Floor 9000. You don't take it.
  8. Does your vending machine provide Nuka-Cola?

  9. Inspired by the old thread "Where is your Jeb?", Here's a little thing so people can know where you put your main four kerbonauts at the moment. -- My original three are chillin' at the astronaut complex after a 23-day Apollo-style that went wrong, while Valentina is on a one-way trip to Duna.
  10. A few pictures from the recent chronicles of my save. Pagestretch Warning. The K-15 chasing a crippled Aircraft. The Eve Colonization Project beginning it's landing phase, safely dropping some Hitchhiker Pods onto a peninsula near the Explodium Sea. An aircraft taking a go-around at the Island Airport. It landed, but overshot the runway. Some quick appliance of extra brake torque stopped it before it crashed into the sea, thankfully. Nothing was destroyed. Münshot VII's lander ascent stage re-docking with the command module, after a mission in which it landed and staked out a site to pl
  11. Answered, thank you! I'm trying to send this lander on a one-way trip to Duna for Valentina: How much of a launcher should I need to get there? (I'm looking for suggestions for what parts to use and/or how much deltaV I need) To help with mass calcuation the ladder is a Telus-LV and the Solar Panels are in the 1x6 configuration.
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