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  1. In these newer versions, the information panel in the map view gives players access to many variables such as the GM of the planet, it's radius, atmosphere height and many other things. However, in the early days of KSP (like when it was free), players used actual mathematics to figure out Kerbin's mass. My question is how did they figure out the mass of Kerbin (probably using V^2 = GM(2/alt - 1/sma)) without knowing the radius of the planet?
  2. (Forgive me if this isn't allowed) So I wanted to post this onto the Minecraft Forums, but after seeing the Server section... oh dear Kod... Anyway, I have a Hamachi-based Beta 1.7.3 server that, if anybody wants, I would be happy to give it to them. The only requirement is that you're LGBT-friendly because I have a girlfriend... So, if anybody wants to join, reply here or PM!
  3. I voted the Grox. I mean what race is feared by all others?
  4. And this, dude, is spot-on. Thank you so much for cementing what I always thought was the case but wasn't sure.
  5. Yeah, I'm not attacking the game in any way. The game is brilliant and I am a decent builder in it. The community there is what bugs me. If you mention gold in any way... oh dear Notch almighty.
  6. Oh, okay! I hear your point about the small fraction of players who post on Forums. But I disagree about your "Some people doesn't want to play for real so crashes rocket into space station". That player would already have to know orbiting, rendevous, and stuff. All things that other people may be able to detect beforehand, and would take a lot of learning.
  7. Yeah, I hear you! Minecraft: Oh left click this, right click that. LOL YOU NOOB! KSP: Okay, starting my Hohmann transfer to the Mun! Way to go!
  8. So I finally have noticed that every Minecraft server is either giving EVERYONE admin status, lets you PAY for Operator status, or whines when you're a "tattle tale". It's mostly just 12 year olds, especially compared to the KSP community where we all help out each other and can showcase our stuff and share techniques! I basically decided to block everything containing Minecraft from my internet browser so I don't get sucked up into the drama that is that community.
  9. Good job, boys! Colonize our solar system for the eventual war on the Kraken! Who knows, maybe there'll be a Latvian contest in which you would win a potato.
  10. Whackjob, we wish you luck on this grand project. May the Kraken be with you.
  11. The device is under Utility and is called the Advanced Grabbing Unit!
  12. OH, yeah, KSP is definitely DRM-free! If you set Steam to offline mode, I think all installed games can be played. But not installing, that wouldn't work.
  13. ln is the 'natural logarithm'. It is a beautiful number in maths, but there is an ln button on most scientific calculators
  14. Thank you so much! That is a wonderful equation and way to measure planetary distances!
  15. Can you tell me how to do the latter two?
  16. R0cketC0der, What I did is only recalculate for stages that need to be reworked, and the stages below them. Saved me a lot of time just calculating adding liquid boosters to the bottom stage.
  17. You can use calculator buttons and stats in the game: For example: delta V is isp(exact same number as in game) * mass(full, take in-game numbers add up and times by 1000), and mass (empty, same procedure) * 9.81
  18. I just started designing my rockets using pen and paper and calculator, and I was wondering who else does? What I mean is I do NOT use KER or Mechjeb; instead, I learned the equations for delta-V and TWR and I use them to design my rockets, from suborbital to orbital, and hopefully to the Mun someday! - LexiSilva, Casual Rocket Scientist
  19. Could somebody turn this flag http://imgur.com/pvKxCoD that I made into a good circular logo for .23.5?
  20. If only somebody could make a phone app for this... that has certain responses linked to flight telemetry!
  21. H*** yeah! Maybe i'll even add a one-way lander for EVERY body!
  22. No. After 66 challenges, it just became too much work to make ideas. Inevitable, yes. Thought it'd happen in my KSP career, no. See this: http://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/20np91/challenge_this_is_the_end/
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