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  1. I ended up turning off stock terrain scatter just so I can see the rare useful ones. I guess that's just going to be abandoned now, which is a shame - I liked having clutter but now it gets in the way of gameplay.
  2. So many naming conventions over the years... - flightless birds (Penguin I-IV for the first launchers, Emu XX first ship to Duna, and the giant mothership to the Jool system was Mama Chicken Prime with Chicks 1-3 carried along) - apex predators (Lion, Tiger, Dragon, etc.) - astronauts and rocket scientists (Goddard I for first flight, Korolev, Gagarin, etc.) - Flowers (petunia, daisy, etc. - because I was doing a lot of asparagus staging and it reminded me of flower petals) - favorite fictional characters (Atreides/Harkonnen/etc. from Dune on one playthrough, Hogwarts houses and schools, character names from Tolkien)
  3. Joco223 - I just ran into the same problem and asked about it on the IRC channel - if you haven't had an answer yet, you should check your ksp.log file first line for version number. If it's not, go re-download KSP from Squad's website; they did a stealth patch and I was working from an older version, which was causing me to get the "missingmethodexception" issue on certain engines. Of course, then you'll have to do fresh 64-bit workarounds on that newer version.
  4. NathanKell, then it should probably be removed from the list of mod "recommendations" in RO's OP.
  5. Nice work, Slashy! I PM'ed 5thhorseman about his #7 and he said he missed that requirement. Looking forward to 1.0 tomorrow!
  6. One day left. I have come up with a simple riddle. Kerbal Space Program has been assigned a massive contract - you need to land on several objects in a specific order. Sadly, the person who gave you the contract likes riddles. The fourth object you visit is smaller than Minmus. The seventh object you visit has an atmosphere. The first object you visit is larger than Kerbin. The fifth object you visit is a moon smaller than the Mun but larger than Minmus. The third and sixth objects you visit are smaller than Vall, but are not moons. The second object you visit is the only moon in a different SoI than the first object. Each object is, at some point in their respective orbits, further from the Sun than the previous one. Which objects are you visiting, in what order? I think I've constructed this with only one valid solution - but it's possible I've accidentally left more than one way to complete the contract, and I'm curious what people will end up with. Edit: had to change a couple of items within a few minutes of posting when I realized my list left too many solutions. Edit 2: making riddles with only one possible solution can be hard. List is final as of now!
  7. Gotta go with the filk song I always mention in this kind of thread... No where to run! No where to hide! Nothin' worth doin' that I haven't tried! There ain't no livin' on planet-side, come on with me, baby, on a Rocket Ride!
  8. He's referred to this variously as a "cryptogram" and a "cipher." From the wikipedia page on cryptograms: A cryptogram is a type of puzzle that consists of a short piece of encrypted text. Frequently used are substitution ciphers where each letter is replaced by a different letter or number. To solve the puzzle, one must recover the original lettering. So, I'm thinking to stop looking for encryption keys and such. Just figure out the character encoding and solve it like the cryptograms that used to be in the daily comic puzzles. Two possiblities come to mind from that - either it's a 24 letter message where there are only 7 unique letters used, or a 12 character message where only 8 unique letters are used. The 24-letter version would have an awful lot of weird letter constructs. Breaking it into two-number sets gives: 55 66 AA 55 66 DB 4A A9 AA 95 59 55 I'll be trying to find simple number-to-letter substitutions that give a useful message (AKA 55 = A) within that. Of course, it's possible that I'm taking way TOO simple of an approach...
  9. New career. Pure vanilla stock. See how it works, up through at least landings on Eve & Duna to see what happens on those planets with the revised aerodynamics and reentry heating. By the time I'm done with that, RSS/Realism Overhaul/etc. should have updated and I can start the process of exploring the real solar system all over again, with stock resource gathering to help. =)
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  11. My usual for the first launch on a new save is "First Flight", but I think for 1.0 I'll have to be a little grander. I'm thinking to keep the same thought behind the name, but with a sense of history. The ship's name will probably be Kitty Hawk if manned planes are an option now for first flights; but if unmanned rockets are available at the start now, I'm going with Goddard's Mustache. I mean, just look at it.
  12. Possibly - especially if FRAPS defaults to compressed JPGs, since KSP itself takes the screenshots in PNG format.
  13. I've used it for all of those at various times - plus for finishing orbit insertion, in one small spaceplane design.
  14. Versions 0.23.5 through current: 584 screenshots, 634 MB. Versions 0.14 through 0.23 (these versions were archived to an external drive): 6,329 screenshots, 5.28 GB. I was a bit more active of a player, and more screenshot-prone, back then. Versions prior to 0.14, I seem to have deleted my play folder and just kept the installer zips. I'm sad now. So, grand total, 6,913 screenshots - and at the resolution I usually play at, that takes up 5.91 GB. There were 894 just in my "0.15-with-mods" folder. I build 2-3 install folders per version as I put together silly mods that would be fun to try in sandbox in one, well-balanced mods that I want to play with in carreer, a pure stock folder, and lately an RSS folder.
  15. Or just the majority of users still active in the forums are from that time. This game has been around for so long that many of the earlier joiners may no longer check the forums to see this poll. To put it another way, this poll is a snapshot of who's currently active in the forums, not of the number of players at a given release #.