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  1. I wasn't particularly worried in my own right, but hearing it come from the creative director himself instills much more hope. I'm glad you're here with us, Nate. I'm absolutely stoked.
  2. I'm all for this, there's some borderline art pieces that people are sharing here. My only issue is that if a loading screen pic showcases one or more mods, then those who are new to the game and loading in for the first time might get the wrong idea. They'll see all of these amazing parts and graphics and wonder where it all went once they create a new save.
  3. I use Sigma Dimensions at 2.5 scale. Will I need to make a new MM config for each body or is it already supported? (I.E It already does the math for the increased sizes)
  4. These mod packs are the closest we'll possibly ever get to a true story mode for KSP. I thank you for these.
  5. Think there might be a problem with the download link. Getting a 401 error.
  6. Red-White suit gets my vote, however, as many people here have already discussed; what's going to happen to the red stripes? Will they still be available for the core 4? I feel as though this will become a very hot topic in the coming weeks, as it's far too sacrilegious to remove such an iconic part of the game. With that being said, I'm left to wonder if the gauges on the new backpack will actually display your remaining EVA propellant. While this is pretty much useless This could actually be used during a "No-HUD" playthrough, if someone so chooses. Besides, it's the little things that
  7. That moment when I was actually hoping this was a real thing.
  8. Just out of curiosity, any plans to create the BFR or add a functional Dragon spacecraft?
  9. "Gentlemen, we can rebuild him." Jeb can be immortal? Sign me up!
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