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  1. I'm honestly hoping that we don't get Metro Exodus'd and have the game get turned into an EGS exclusive before it launched on Steam.
  2. It was a helicopter off of the Cruiser Kit setup (I probably should have clarified that in the beginning. My bad).
  3. So, I've run into a slight problem. I can land aircraft on the ships in this mod, but when I do, they start rapidly bouncing.
  4. That's understandable. The thought had crossed my noggin last night when I tried using the Typhoon hull parts to make an explorer sub.
  5. So, I found myself wondering if it would be possible to make a nose variant of the Typhoon hull that doesn't have the torpedo tubes (or if there was one, where was it)?
  6. That explains things. It looks like I have to go to the classic helo setup in order to run the chopper (which weighs in at about 7 tons since I switched around some armaments).
  7. It turns out it was the power ramp-up that was causing the looping (I had ramped it up to 4000 thinking I'd need a lot of power, but after a quick test with the lower amount of 2000, it seemed fine). Now, if only there were a way to get rid of the bug that causes the hover toggle to drop the RPM drastically when it's toggled on.
  8. So, I ran into a couple issues with an anti-sub helicopter I made using the coaxial prop. First one was that it wouldn't fly despite being under 10 tons. So when I ramped up the power a bit, it suddenly wanted to only do backflips and frontflips once it got airborne. Not sure if that's an issue with the coaxial prop itself or if I'm just being an idiot (I even centered the thrust around the center of mass). I'm willing to provide the craft file, if that helps out.
  9. Considering that my avatar is a Catapult mech, I should fare pretty well against zombies.
  10. It's not a problem. I'm looking forward to the next update and being able to finally build a carrier and some other ships.
  11. I noted that when attempting to build the carrier or some of the other ships, some of the parts weren't connecting at the nodes when the alt key was held down. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. Well, reinstalling Firespitter did the trick. And with it, I was able to get this screenshot of my newly-created P/A-110 Sycrus
  13. I've run into a little issue with the older prop engines in that they don't have the rotation prop animations anymore. Other than that, they work just fine.