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  1. Well, the latest fix attempt worked like a charm. Everything works without a single warning or error now. Thanks for helping me!
  2. I tried the fixed workaround and got the same results. I'm gonna try the workaround and removing the scaling patches for Stryker Armory and SM Armory. Log from the attempt:!X80mWa6a!RCYzD_DNaVW3qdHvAF6lx9u5T4Y1KJRtHdfatetPL1I
  3. Well, got some interesting news in regards to the workaround. The loading screen showed 1 warning and 1 error, but the log and error message showed 15 for some reason (and it was the same 15). I'll try again as soon as I can to get the log and a screenshot of the error message. EDIT: Tried it again and got the same result (1 warning and 1 error during loading, then 15 showing up on the warning screen at the menu). I'm beginning to suspect I may have to remove the mods from my 1.8.1 install and move them to an earlier install I had archived on my hard drive if we can't fix this. The log and two screenshots are enclosed: Log:!e9VyGSbB!T8bRpvxBp-kOJovgU43lkfc9aQ6TZ8034j6d_wyO1Ac
  4. Well, things are looking up. Removing one of the two named JClass patches knocked it down to 15 fatal errors. log:!P0kglS5C!R9tAaR1DX3kWhVY0tmBUyHO4Vm0J9mOaKVNJk5wOuFs Hopefully this will allow us to get the last bits knocked out and get it up and running normally.
  5. I'm probably giving up at this point, but what I think I'm gonna do is move the SpannerMonkey mods onto a KSP 1.6.1 install I have archived on my HD and then see if that quiets the error messages from Tweakscale. Either way, I'll let you know how it goes.
  6. Apologies for the double post, but the patch cleared all but 63 errors (so it mostly worked). I'm enclosing the log and a screen shot of the error screen. Log:!7gVgzYgT!mKps41wGOXD8LVnSUEonNurdCcuIViyIUxGYTpsW8Gg Error image:
  7. I'll try it out tonight and let you know how it is with an edit to this post. Also, I'm trying to locate the folder specified, but I'm guessing I just need to create the Workarounds folder in the Tweakscale folder, correct?
  8. Apologies for the second poke, but I was wondering about the patch that would hopefully help deal with the incredible number of warnings I had gotten after installing SM Marine and a few other mods.
  9. A custom patch would probably work. I can wait a couple days.
  10. I didn't know it was a known problem (guess I should have searched a bit more). As to where I got most of the addons from SpannerMonkey, I had a bunch of the versions from before they were deleted on Spacedock and GitHub. I imagine it would probably be better for me to remove them and then see what parts might give me the fatal error warning so we can work through those ones?
  11. So, I installed a few mods today, and when I booted up KSP 1.8.1, I got the fatal error warning. I don't recall the exact number of parts that got fatal warnings, but most were related to SM Marine and such (because I wanted to make some ships and forgot it hasn't been updated). One question I have is this: if I remove some of the mods I installed, would I be fine, or should I reinstall the game and my mods since I have the zip archives of them? Also, I have backed up my save just in case I need to reinstall KSP 1.8.1 or if the fix might be problematic Here's the log:!6kdxyaRQ!daVn-oIFEAS0Uk1gBGK5T3s7dryVHW1DYfDvePzVQOE
  12. I can confirm a few of the prop engines are missing their textures. I'm gonna see about trying to find their textures and fixing them up on my end as well as documenting which ones have the issue at current. Here's the parts I found were missing textures: Engines - Spud Baron Divine Wind Cyclone Bumblebee Tornado Silver Crow Count Vortex Other- Short tail A and B Small Nose Cone and Stubby version
  13. Well, the updated DLL posted earlier fixed the Null Reference Point errors, and everything seems to be running smoothly with my build of 1.8.1 now.
  14. So, I ran into an issue with Kerbal Foundries on my 1.8.1 build when I'm running aircraft. They take off just fine, but as soon as I'm airborne and pull the gear up, the framerate lags significantly and the debug menu throws up Null Reference Point errors related to the KSPWheel Dust Effect. Granted, I was using the last stable version and not one of the dev branches, so I might give the dev branch a shot and see if that helps.