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  1. It looks like to make a kerbal female you need to have them with their arms crossed and a condescending facial expression!
  2. Would be nice but normally when they want to 'dispose' of satellites they boost them to a 'Graveyard orbit' that is above Geosynchronous and leave them all to die...
  3. Thunderbirds are go! - - - Updated - - - THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO!
  4. Thanks for the tips, I'll try them all out. I left out some of my specs. GPU - GTX560 Ti 2GB PSU - 700W CoolerMaster CPU is just fan cooled It's below a desk but I would not say in any way starved for air. As for the PC, it's self built just over 3 years ago. OS and most apps are on a 128GB SSD and the rest is on a 2TB, midspeed HDD
  5. No blue screen, just it all shuts off, you can hear the same sound byte repeating through the speakers... No mods, a 30 part rover... Happens to no other games apart from KSP
  6. When playing KSP it will randomly crash my entire computer, most times it is during flight but it has happened in editors. I have my task manager open monitoring my memory and it never maxes out. is the output_log.txt My PC specs are Windows 7 Intel Core i7 8GB RAM 64bit (running 32x KSP 0.25) The issue has been happening since 0.21 and is very frustraiting... Has anybody had these issues before?
  7. I would like to see some rover science instruments like scoops and ground sample testers, coupled with a small science bay to analyse them. Also, as mentioned, multi monitor functionality would be great and extremely immersive!
  8. I'm sure there will be plenty of creative ways to 'jam' as much stuff into a cargobay as possible. Line the walls, node attach an I beam to the node and attach things to that also...
  9. I fully agree. I normally play with full vanilla, and have only just started with mods. To add a bit more depth (remote tech, scansat). The only thing I'd like to pull from MechJeb is the ship statistics. Other than that it's like playing Minecraft in creative and not actually making anything jaw dropping
  10. Amazing how a game can be developed with a working solar system. Yet still detail the only structures on a home planet haha. Would it have been the update that introduced the R&D centre?
  11. So I haven't ventured to the Island Runway near KSC for quite some time, after an unfortunate landing, I noticed that the control tower had stairs. I did not realise that you could climb it! Awesome, up in the top floor it has plants overgrown and all. Was this changed in an update or has it always been like this?
  12. I subscribe to YOGSCAST Lalna and saw duncan playing it. Bought it a few weeks after.
  13. I have a 120SSD for OS and apps, and 2 TB HDD for data and files. No idea why the C:/ drive needed the free space as all the KSP game files are stored on the D:/
  14. THANK YOU so much You've just fixed my game from crashing for over 6 months.
  15. Wow so young! Good on you for choosing such an emerging game, instead of a PEWPEWPEWDIEIDIEDIEBOOOOM like most FPS out these days. I'm in Australia, and I've wanted to do something like this for a long time. But I'm very time poor at the moment. I am also 23.