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  1. Oooh man. I haven't played RO + RP-0/1 for a long long time, and it seems better and more stable than ever. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone working on all these mods
  2. Yeah I am getting the PAW needing to be opened problem. All I have is a rotor on a pod and if I set its "RPM Limit" field to a specific value (say 50) then try and read the "Current RPM" field, it only shows/updates if the PAW is open. I came across this while starting to make an autopilot for my helicopter If anyone cares to try: Craft file Python code:
  3. I have figured out how to bind angles to a custom axis (and have bound those keys), but is there a way to return a servo to 0? Doing it manually in-flight isn't really doable
  4. I've been playing this game for a long time and have played it a whole lot but I've never been able to do Falcon 9 style 1st stage recovery in a way I liked (FMRS is nice but I'm not a fan of how each stage isn't simulated at the same time). This mod made it perfectly doable with no clonk Thanks
  5. My game didn't stutter much (only in flight, every 5-10 seconds) but oh boy did it annoy me. I have pretty good specs (R7 2700X, 16GB 3200mhz ddr4, GTX 1080, MX500 1TB SSD) and yet it stutters as much as it di on my 2600K rig. That is until I found this mod Linuxgurugamer saves the day, again Edit: Do I need to pad the heap every time I play or does the mod do it automatically after setting it up to my liking? Edit 2: If I understand correctly, enabling "applyPadding" in the settings.cfg does what I want.
  6. Hey, I just wanted to drop by and say I love this mod. It's enabled me to do some things I would've never been able to do otherwise Edit: Woops I just realized this is the dev thread. Sorry about that
  7. I'm also getting heat on my landing legs inside the fairings
  8. I haven't used this mod in a while but reinstalled it and have to say it's great. The amount of options available is very nice and it controls my crafts well
  9. Every time I'm looking for an updated version of my favorite mods (like this one), linuxgurugamer has made one. Thank you very much
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