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  1. You must be new in here, if you play KSP long enough your brain can render code into 3D model.
  2. Probably Kerbal creator where you would be able to customize your own crew space suits, name etc etc...
  3. Some planes for BD armory... A-10 like Tau-6 AF I Tau-6 VAF II (vtol)
  4. Tau MAV (Medium Armored Vehicle) basic chasis parts: 36 mass: depends how much fuel is loaded On this basic chasis I've built few low parts vehicles:
  5. Kerbals: More "jobs" for Kerbals would be nice, we could have some procedurally generated objects, little different for each biome, on planets and few interactions with them... like study, break, take sample, put into goo container, push, pull, lift, carve Jeb face in stone etc etc. Ability to eject from plane cockpits... with parachute of course Add some Kerbal sized scanners, so we could search and study things, of course those should have finite batteries, not like helmet lights. While in EVA we could have futuristic UI for Kerbal life signs heart beat, oxygen, maybe some damage report if you fell from really high. Something like Iron man style with partial transparency, so player would get a feeling he is inside helmet. Planetary bases: Add basic structure for base, single part with special ability to attach itself to planet surface. While base is attached it is unloaded from physics engine and every additional element that will dock to this base structure is also unloaded. Career: Current tech tree is... bad. IMO if we would get it super simple like experience points for Kerbals, but for every single part. For example if we are using basic SRB points for more advanced SRBs are increasing for each mission, after few missions we would unlock tier 2 SRB and have few points on tier 3. Of course for each tier we would need more points. Same with engines, tanks or wings, if you want more advanced wings you have to use planes and you have to take missions for atmospheric tasks. Multiplayer: If this ever happen we could have use of different frequencies in communication parts, so each player would have to allow other people to use his communication network or they would have to guess what frequencies he uses
  6. And? Your way of thinking is flawed by united humanity propaganda. Why nobody is saying "we discovered America"? We are saying "Christopher Columbus discovered America", but he didn't done that alone. He didn't spend his own money to get there, he had crew, he had informations from other sailors and travellers about "how to reach India". Yet nobody is saying it was achievement made by entire humanity... because it was done long before united humanity propaganda started and this achievement is labelled correctly. While newer achievements are labelled as "ours", I am not fan of US, I do criticize most of US action for past 20-25 years, but saying "we" landed on Moon is not fair. Also if you think that Moon landing is achievement done by entire humanity then maybe "we" should also say that dropping nuclear bombs in Japan is also achievement done by entire humanity? Entire nuclear branch of technology isn't work of single man nor single nation, so why there is no united humanity achievement "we nuked cities"? Like I said, I am not saying that there are no tracks or pieces of equipment on the Moon, I am not so sure they got there just like official version tells us As evidence you should know that NASA lost original recordings, what makes me super suspicious. Another thing is how NASA is protecting its prototypes https://www.theguardian.com/science/2016/apr/07/nasa-lunar-vehicle-prototype-auction-apollo-missions ... would you throw into garbage prototype of working lunar rover? And why technology developed during Apollo mission wasn't developed any further, instead they turned all their work into something very different like space shuttles. If you have super expensive, working and tested technology there is no reason to start absolutely new technological branch to achieve even smaller result. Unless your technology doesn't work and you wasn't able to send manned mission with it, instead you sent unmanned mission to leave some equipment and tracks
  7. They wouldn't have reason to start space race... and that is why united humanity didn't go further than USA in space exploration, because there was no reason to push this technology further.
  8. Anyone wants to buy satellite? http://satrevolution.com/en
  9. I am not saying it didn't happen, I am saying I suspect it didn't happen in exact way official version tells us.
  10. "Have we landed on the moon?" - no we haven't. Only Americans landed on Moon. This wasn't international mission it was single-nation mission, so saying "we" as humanity is wrong. This modern fairytale of "united humanity" is fail in our space exploration (and in our way of thinking), because we as "united humanity" couldn't do more than single nation could do. There should be historical lesson for all space programs... but it is omitted by most of people talking about space missions. ...also I would like to see evidence of their landing confirmed by other countries after they send there manned mission, because I have doubts it went just like the official version says.
  11. Would be nice if editor would show us arrows where is top/bottom using selected control part.
  12. If you want to lose all stored energy, yes, but we don't want to lose it, we want to get it back
  13. Yes, which means if you would be able to build device that would disorienting atoms of neodymium you should in result also get fraction of energy used in process of manufacturing neodymium magnet.
  14. You are wrong... take for example neodymium, this is your spring. If you put energy in it you add magnetic capabilities to this piece of metal. Now you have squeezed spring ready to make work (release energy). Key thing is to develop mechanism able to drain energy stored in neodymium and of course you can not drain more energy than you stored
  15. That is answer worth Nobel prize
  16. Magnetism itself is form of energy.
  17. https://phys.org/news/2016-12-years-sahara-tropicalwhat.html Looks like 6000 years ago we made too many spears and created "sahara warming" effect
  18. And you know this from what source?
  19. If US military wouldn't tell anyone about dropping two nukes on Japan you wouldn't know about this Do you know how many nukes were testes and exactly where? How can you cover up nuclear explosions?
  20. Looks like you are not aware of many huge things that were built on Earth, so how you can be aware of things made in space?
  21. How can you hide every submarine and military ship? Do you know location of every submarine on Earth? Do you know even location of few submarines on Earth? All of them are more expensive than every space programs ever done on Earth? And they can be kept in secret, how is this possible? Do you know location of all military bases around the world? There are thousands of people working there... how many military bases you are aware of?
  22. How can you hide CIA, FBI, NSA and whatever secret services there are on Earth? I forgot about Mars TV series... does human in space suit walking on Mars looks real in those videos?
  23. I am not arguing that Saturn clip is fake or not, I am only asking how other people make distinction of which video is real and which isn't. Personally I don't believe in any space related video, no matter who release it, what quality (both in resolution and details) it has... because at some point, like Gravity movie and "real" ISS video, I am unable to say which is real and which isn't. If NASA would release some directors cuts from Gravity and say it is theirs video would you be able to say it is fake? I probably wouldn't be able to do that.
  24. Have heard about VW cheating with it engine tests? Or about Panama Papers? How things like this could be kept in secret for years and any space mission wouldn't be possible? What if someone says he visited Moon, had one video about this and lost it? Is that credible source?
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