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  1. Tried making my own playlist, how should the file tree be setup? Because I have it like this but the files don't get read.
  2. Just got this today, incredible work! I can't believe so many modders were able to hook into it so fast. And the GUI isn't so shabby either
  3. I tried searching this thread for my problem to no avail, so, whenever I try to land anywhere on the surface of the earth my plane will sink about 5 meters into the ground and then explode. I tried first with a clean copy with nothing but RSS, then I added all my mods back one by one and the problem still persists.
  4. I think that's the name for them. Anyways, looking for some flaps that are multi-slatted like this I tried attaching multiple control surfaces together, but they acted individually. I'm using FAR btw.