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  1. Noticed a small bug on my end. The parts I've tried so far seem to leave a bit of a gap on the top attachment node:
  2. I love the function and I dig the orange but I think it could be toned down a bit for the wheel. Maybe only the outer rim orange and the middle more metallic.
  3. I hope this gets included as stock because this is BEAUTIFUL and well deserving to be part of the vanilla game. Great job as I've said already.
  4. I wish the nose cones had fuel or some kind of senor or even a chute built in (while still looking pointy), at least until better aerodynamics are put in.
  5. Contracts Office sounds like a fun way to add background reasoning on WHY & WHEN you want to do something other than just science. I'd feel like Space X.
  6. Still hoping I can get a 2nd monitor, would love to happen the page open and feel like I'm at mission control.
  7. I don't get the stupid necroing post judgements. If this wasn't necro'd I wouldn't have known about these fun parts. I'm so glad that the other game forums I'm on don't have this stupid policy and attitude, and everyone is helpful, likes it tidy and likes adding onto discussions, ideas and revisions & reminding people & yes throwing in their support are time as passed.
  8. Seems like not enough people are appreciating you making this. Just a lot of whining. Anyway, thanks, can't wait to try them out!
  9. Honestly, I like the choices in aesthetics. Sure as zitronen said that the stocks can do it just fine now but who cares. I love being able to design the look & function of my craft exactly how I want, sometimes the stock part isn't to my liking. Keep up the nice work.
  10. The textures on some of the models could use some work though overall, some look a bit cartoony in my opinion. I absolutely LOVE THIS! Keep up the good work!
  11. Hehe loving your Gold Bars & Jar. I like when people make quirky additions to the game. Thanks!
  12. I'm liking your smaller antennas Milkshakefiend and the animations, looks nice for smaller crafts.
  13. Every time I see a space game (like Star Citizen), I ask how the ships maneuver because there's no visible engine gimbal, thrust vectoring or RCS blocks. I end up disappointed not seeing all that in action; Nexus: The Jupiter Incident did an awesome job showing that. =P
  14. How can there be too much science? Need MOOOAR science!
  15. I would add more things in game that allow modders to flourish with. I wouldn't worry about making parts but just making additions that allow for new kinds of parts, etc. But, if I really could do anything significant in a timely manner it's 64bit support and multi-core optimization for Windows.
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