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  1. I tried to update graphic drivers, reset to defautls graphic settings in drivers, different resolutions and game settings, reset to default game settings and even reinstall it. Also i can reproduse that glitch on another PC with completely different hardware. (Intel\AMD processors, 2060\760 graphic, different windows build). On 1.9.1 version this glitch also present, but much better: only one white orbit appears for less than second sometimes and everything else is good.
  2. In tracking station or map i see this problem then move camera parallel to ecliptic and zoom in and out. KSP version from Steam, no mods installed I can reproduce this on two completely different computers.
  3. Hello, I created config for ModuleManager which implemented TAC life support in Tantares crafts (also includes the Salyut, LK lander, Fuji Orbiter and Apollo D2) Quick overview: All descend capsules have supplies for 7 days autonomous flight All orbital modules have extra supplies for 21 days J-PL habitat module have 360days supplies. Enough for one-way Duna travel Vega station have three recycling systems onboard and 1year(426d) supplies for 3 crews if all systems works HAMAL and Alnair can fully resupply Vega station at one time Not very well balanced Download If you have any ideas about balance or something else - you are welcome.
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