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  1. I can confirm this as well. Not finding a defined error in the log either to show where it's messing up.
  2. It's all connected. If RP-0 is expecting "Earth", when you use the RT/RO/RP-0 config, it breaks RT because it's not looking for Kerbal Space Center as a ground station resulting in a broken connection. Also, if RSS is required, you guys need to make that clear on the first page of the threads and change the CKAN dependencies. I'm not ready to step into RSS yet (haven't really explored the Kerbol system enough yet! ), so it'd be nice to be able to use RO/RP-0 without it, but since I can't, I'll just remove them for now.
  3. Okay, I apologize if this has been addressed before, but I can't find it through searches of the RP-0 Wiki - I have installed all the mods required and most of the optional ones via CKAN WITHOUT RSS. I've tried multiple new careers and every time I get the same issue if I use RP-0 and RO - I can't do science and there's no connection or selection of launch sites. The map looks like Kerbin, I'm at KSC, but there's no ground station and whenever I take the probe report and try to transmit it, it says there's no transmitter on the vehicle even though I have 3 different antenna on the vehicle (the Bonanza fuselage with gear). Whenever I mouse over any of the science experiments I am unable to run the experiment and get science, and no matter what I try, I can't generate any science for any reason. I'm lost at this point. I've been using KSP for quite a while now and I'm pretty good with dealing with mods, but this one's got me flummoxed.
  4. I think as long as they have a probe core capability, they won't auto delete. Would also resolve the issue of how to auto-deploy the chutes. I think this is great. Where are the parachutes housed? I've never seen any images of the pads deployed or the rest over the recovery, only the same cut-aways you've seen that show the legs and no chute packs.
  5. The small fins are the folded tail surfaces for the fly-back variant of the LRB. The rudders would not be functional during mated flight because they are not properly aligned to the slipstream to properly work. In fact, if a rudder were to move, it would likely be ripped off as that is not the direction of strength for the structure.
  6. Identified a probable bug in the patch with DR with 0.23 using the above patch. It is causing parts to explode during staging. Haven't determined why, but the default decoupler is always the "culprit" when it happens and it at minimum destroys the tank under it and twice has also destroyed the capsule above it.
  7. Okay, tried it again. It's a bit sensitive (took 4 tries to get it to "stay" long enough to click) but it worked. Thankfully now it's saved as a sub assembly so I don't have to mess with it again.
  8. Haven't tried it yet since I'm in Career mode and that ship file apparently has something I haven't researched yet.
  9. That's what I thought was weird. I tried putting on the sustainer then the fairing but for some reason I couldn't get it to attach. Maybe it's just something funky on my save. I'll re-install it and see if anything changes.
  10. The designation system for the SRB's was pretty straight forward the first 3 digits are the diameter (120 inch) and the 4th number is the number of fuel segments. Also, I just realized that I missed something major on the Atlas launcher. The Rocket is a "1.5" stage to orbit launcher. The Sustainer (middle) engine stays with the launcher all the way to orbit (233 second burn). The boost engines shutdown and are jettisoned after 173 seconds of flight. The current adapter jettisons all 3 engines and has a solid top unless I'm putting it together wrong.
  11. Looking excellent. I understand that KSP doesn't do "vectored thrust" and uses "gimbal" in its place, but the ability to have that control surface for atmospheric flight is major since the "gimbal"/vector range is actually very small for the Redstone (only a few */sec acceleration at most) those fins keep the rocket controllable in the lower atmosphere where the vectoring isn't as effective.
  12. The A6/Redstone/Jupiter does not have gimbal. It's thrust vectoring is via vanes attached to the inner part of the fins so the fins and vanes move together to provide guidance. The shaft that connects to the vanes is also connected to the movable part of the fin via gears. It uses 1 actuator to move both. Here's another picture with a close-up of the vanes -
  13. Be careful about progression though. The capsule should not be available until you're able to build the whole of its first booster (remember, all of the early launchers were man-rated variants of ICBM launchers). The tanks should not be available if the engines aren't and vice-versa. With your existing parts, I would suggest the following - Redstone Engine/Tank Mercury/Solid Retro Pack/Escape Tower Atlas Booster Engines/Tank/ICBM nose (aka Atlas A) Atlas Sustainer Engine/Mercury Adapter (aka Atlas D)/Mercury Liquid parts (Possibly add Atlas B/SLV3 config between Atlas A and Atlas D; see - Titan 2 1st Stage/Short Upper Tank/Engines/ICBM upper Titan 2 Long Upper/Gemini (full capsule/adapter/etc) Titan 3A w/ AJ-10 Transtage Titan 3B w/ Agena Upper Stage Titan 3C w/ AJ-10 Transtage & UA1205 SRBs/Big Gemini/Dynasoar Adapter Titan 3M/MOL Titan 3E (Centaur if you eventually add it)
  14. Been enjoying this addon. One thing - your tech tree entries really need to be rethought. There is no point in having the Atlas Engine and Tank if the Boosters aren't available as the rocket won't work with just the main engine. Same with the Titan tank and engines. Tanks and Engines should be available together, not in separate steps. In my save, I moved them together because the Man-Rated Atlas had both engines from the start, but if you want to model the original SM-65 Atlas, it only had the boost engines, no sustainer, so if you really wanted to make one or the other available first, make the Boost Engines available with the tank and the Sustainer Engine available later.
  15. Do whatever you want man. While it's nice, the StarShine addon hasn't been updated to 0.22 (officially). There's nothing that prevents you from doing your own. I say if you're going to build the Minotaur, why not build the whole ATK/Orbital family since there are some stages that are interchangeable between the rockets and having consistent textures and stats between the various parts is nice to have.