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  1. Thanks so much for these patched! I really enjoy when I can make these work by myself, but having some well written patches to take like 3/4 of the work I was doing by hand is more than appreciated! Can't wait to start flying some of these in game.
  2. What did it turn out to be? It's useful for anyone coming in here later that may see a similar issue to know what the reason was so they might be able to find the solution as well.
  3. Thanks for this. I knew some of it, but I agree it's nice for people not familiar or, as in my case, just so out of practice with it that I'd forgotten most of it (and your post made me go "Doh!" several times. ) Now to play around some more before KSP2 comes out and we all abandon everything for that and let the modders do their thing to bring all this awesome stuff into the new program.
  4. What's the best way to add that patch? to the built ModuleManager cache or as a separate patch? I understand direct-editing of existing patches, but I'm still not 100% sure on doing "new" patches or additional patches that are their own files.
  5. Yes, I actually use CNAR as well. I've been struggling with it due to issues between it and Skyhawk Science/Kerbalism because not everything gets the right hard drives and I can't get anything to transmit, so I'm kinda "stuck" at the moment. I posted about it in the Skyhawk and Kerbalism threads, but not really getting much feedback with assistance of where to start looking for conflicts.
  6. Nice kitbash. The only thing that sucks is that in career mode - it doesn't work. I've been kitbashing Viking using Procedural Parts fairly successfully (although there's no workable shrouded engine that goes with it in my part list) but having something like this or a bespoke Viking would be nice. In fact, having more of the sounding rockets would be nice for many reasons. US Rockets has decent Aerobees but the models are getting a tad tired and there's some limited capability to interchange (i.e. no chute pack for some versions), but the bigger rockets like Viking are missing. Another guy was working on some sounding rockets, but he's gone quiet for over a year now, so if we get more sounding rockets, I'm all for it.
  7. That definitely fixed that issue. However, I'm still at a loss on several items on this. Kerbalism talks about being able to do all these features with "scheduling" experiments and transmitting them, but I've not seen any of these options (on tier 0 stuff, but I've unlocked most of Tier 1 and Tier 2 for probes) and I'm still "no storage space" errors when trying to run the experiments in the nose cones of the Aerobee series of rockets from US Rockets despite having a HDD now on the command module part. Also, I'm not able to transmit the experiments either during or after the experiment is complete.
  8. Okay, another question - why are the Atlas engines on a different node tier from the rest of Atlas? I could understand having the Sustainer separate, but I'm working through History of Spaceflight and Atlas A flies in 1957, before even Vanguard, so I'm now struggling to get science points to get the node.
  9. I am unable to get Procedural Parts or Fairings below 1m for some reason in Career Mode. I've checked the start node to make sure everything was set right, and it says that the upgrades for minimum size are present and "bought", but when I get into the VAB and try to shrink the nodes, it won't go below 1m. Any ideas?
  10. <Deleted> Nevermind... figured out part of the problem was that Sigma didn't need to be installed... LOL
  11. Works good for me as well. Great that we were able to figure this out!
  12. Removing BDBNIC did fix the problem as well. I anyone have any idea what the interaction between the 3 addons to cause this?
  13. Okay, so I re-did the test again just to make sure I didn't miss something. Yes, it said it was re-applying patches (it seems to do that every time I boot anyway for whatever reason). Here's the Cache with 1.22.2 installed. Here's the file - https://www.dropbox.com/s/61ev4zv2wd9yqqq/ModuleManager.zip?dl=0 Going to do that now and see.
  14. Here's the files - With KSP CF 1.22.2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/rz551jsifnqcu5w/ConfigCache1222.zip?dl=0 With KSP CF 1.21.0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/7qkc29rph84gjc8/ConfigCache-KSPCF121.zip?dl=0
  15. Okay, so for Zorg et al - I posted over in the KSP Community Fixes thread, but I found that the issue starts with KSP Community Fixes 1.22.0. I can use all my mods with KSP Community Fixes 1.21.0, but once I bump to 1.22.0, it hangs. So hopefully the team over there can figure out what was changed between the two that would cause the error.
  16. Okay, so kinda cross-posting since it seems the issue is coming from KSP Community Fixes after troubleshooting with Zorg. Here's what I've found - I can run *all* my mods listed here - If I remove Real Chute, things work fine, no matter what version of KSP Community Fixes I'm running. I had taken a break from KSP, but I'd been making sure everything was updated on a regular basis, so I didn't know when the problem started (I have an active, 4-5 years in now RSS Kerbalism run with BDB (full release, not BETA) and Skyhawk Science), so I started walking back the KSP Community Fixes updates and found that the issue was introduced with KSP Community Fixes 1.22.0. I'm able to run 1.21.0 just fine, but 1.22.0 beyond hangs up as described in my other posts. Hopefully that gives everyone an idea of where to look?
  17. I don't think I can because KSP Community Fixes is a requirement for Kerbalism, Procedural Parts, and RealSolarSystem.
  18. Sure, here it is - List below is CKAN managed mods - Manual Mods - Skyhawk Kerbalism Skyhawk Science System 1.1.0 Bluedog Design Bureau 1.10.4 Modular Launchpads 2.5.3 Not installed right now - RealChute Parachute Systems RealChute Material Extensions 0.1.2 Also, the CKAN list might not be 100% inclusive because I don't think it lists all the required dependencies also installed, but I've checked that all got installed properly and after removing RealChute, everything seems to load fine with no errors.
  19. I have removed and tested as requested and that did fix it. CKAN says that the last update was released 6/24/2021 and that's what I've been running, so I suspect it's is a change elsewhere that's causing the conflict unfortunately. I don't run RO, just RSS, so I don't think it's an RO problem.
  20. Okay, new problem. Not sure if this is Kerbalism, Skyhawk Kerbalism Config, Skyhawk Science, or BDB. Maybe someone can help me parse? I'm now getting a hang-up on the Mercury RCS. I reverted back to the last full release just to be sure it wasn't a BETA/Skyawk/Kerbalism compatability issue but I'm still getting it. Here's the end of log file.
  21. Okay, I think I may have figured it out, and it's my fault - I apparently deleted KerbalismSkyhawk somehow when deleting and re-installing Kerbalism or Skyhawk Science. That would explain the odd new error.
  22. Yeah, I figured the first isn't, but that's why I posted the pic in both the BDB and this thread. BDB to see if there was any help on the top, but here because of the reference to "SSS" in the tank type missing.
  23. So, I just updated Skyhawk and removed Community Tech Tree after reading I shouldn't have both installed (duh, I'm an idiot), but now I get the following errors - I'm running RSS & Kerbalism (with the Skyhawk Kerbalism Config) and BDB. Not really any other mods. Any thoughts?
  24. Yes, I forgot to mention this is RSS with Kerbalism and Skyhawk. I didn't think about this maybe being a Skyhawk issue. I'll post it there as well.
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