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  1. Absolutely incredible recreation! I'm endlessly fascinated by Soviet rockets lol
  2. I’m sorry about that, I was panicking a bit. So I did what you suggested, I copied my KSP files out of steam and tried playing it. It runs... but it’s missing a lot of files. A lot of part files are missing which makes the game completely unplayable. But it runs, with the dlc. So there must be something wrong with the KSP file... I’m just not sure how to fix it. If I could somehow delete whatever files steam has on the cloud I’d do that. I think it’s possible but I’m not sure.
  3. Okay, I’ll try to make a report later. Also I’m a little confused by Void’s instructions.
  4. My game was working perfectly fine, with no mods installed, on 1.8. Then all the sudden its not working. It's stuck at the loading screen. I've tried literally everything to try to get it to work and it still doesn't work. It will only work if I have one or both of the DLC packs uninstalled.
  5. Wait no, I’m sorry I didn’t listen, what was your advice?! I’m freaking out nothing is working
  6. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling KSP so many times, including going into the files. Nothing works. What’s happening?
  7. The game was already updated to Moar Boosters, and it was running perfectly fine.
  8. A few days ago, my KSP was working absolutely perfectly. It had no problems at all. Then one day I found an old craft file from 1.0. I decided to paste it into my sandbox savefile. I tried to load up the game and.... it stopped responding after the loading bar was full. Okay that’s weird, but I know why it’s happening, I thought. So I deleted the craft file and tried to load the game again. It still didn’t work. I checked the files again, apparently Steam redownloaded the craftfile. I went in and deleted it again, wash rince and repeat, it still would stop responding. I finally deleted the DLC
  9. Completely deleted Steam itself and redownloaded it, however that didn’t work. I uninstalled both DLC’s and installed them one by one instead of both. Now it works... sometimes.
  10. I’ve been having the same issue too! Please help!!!!
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