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  1. So while I was scrolling through Google search looking for good ideas on an interplanetary mothership, this picture caught my eye. Its from an outdated mod, but it sure does look cool. Is there any mods out there that can change EVA suit textures, more specifically to the orange suit in the picture? I'd love to know.
  2. Welcome to the Wonky Orbits Spacecraft Emporium, where we showcase everything Wonky Orbits Industries has to offer you! We supply everything from satellites, space stations, crew transporters, interplanetary probes, and aircraft, to cargo jets, trainer jets, and Kold War spysats. Wonky Orbits makes EVERYTHING. We hope that you enjoy our multitude of products and spend more monies! Current Products: Starflyer Jet A small yet agile passenger jet capable of high speed turns and ludicrous acceleration! Download
  3. Wait, Rocket Builders still exists? My thread is still viewable for some reason. Why?
  4. [quote name='KasperVld']Rocket Builders is a place that actually breaks our community rules constantly, in particular the 'thou shallt not roleplay' rule. You're still welcome to offer the craft you make, or even take requests in the Spacecraft Exchange forum though, the only thing that will change is the 'company' part of it, with the employee/director/ceo roles and inter-company drama that comes with it.[/QUOTE] So wait, I can't use the name "Wonky Orbits" or post a thread showcasing my spacecraft anymore? :(
  5. [IMG][/IMG] Today we are all French.
  6. [IMG][/IMG]
  7. [IMG][/IMG] What U-Boat?
  8. You can find it here: Wonky Orbits Industries
  9. I raise you J. Robert Oppenheimer, father of the bomb.
  10. I decided to create this thread to counter the overwhelming hate I've seen in one of my previous threads regarding 1.0, so what do you like about KSP 1.0?