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  1. Absolutely incredible recreation! I'm endlessly fascinated by Soviet rockets lol
  2. I’m sorry about that, I was panicking a bit. So I did what you suggested, I copied my KSP files out of steam and tried playing it. It runs... but it’s missing a lot of files. A lot of part files are missing which makes the game completely unplayable. But it runs, with the dlc. So there must be something wrong with the KSP file... I’m just not sure how to fix it. If I could somehow delete whatever files steam has on the cloud I’d do that. I think it’s possible but I’m not sure.
  3. Okay, I’ll try to make a report later. Also I’m a little confused by Void’s instructions.
  4. My game was working perfectly fine, with no mods installed, on 1.8. Then all the sudden its not working. It's stuck at the loading screen. I've tried literally everything to try to get it to work and it still doesn't work. It will only work if I have one or both of the DLC packs uninstalled.
  5. Wait no, I’m sorry I didn’t listen, what was your advice?! I’m freaking out nothing is working
  6. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling KSP so many times, including going into the files. Nothing works. What’s happening?
  7. The game was already updated to Moar Boosters, and it was running perfectly fine.
  8. A few days ago, my KSP was working absolutely perfectly. It had no problems at all. Then one day I found an old craft file from 1.0. I decided to paste it into my sandbox savefile. I tried to load up the game and.... it stopped responding after the loading bar was full. Okay that’s weird, but I know why it’s happening, I thought. So I deleted the craft file and tried to load the game again. It still didn’t work. I checked the files again, apparently Steam redownloaded the craftfile. I went in and deleted it again, wash rince and repeat, it still would stop responding. I finally deleted the DLC’s, and the game finally started working again, and I went into the SPH and deleted the craft file in the game, ridding it for good. But the problem persists. For some reason. I cannot launch KSP with both DLC packs installed anymore. Everytime I try to the game freezes and stops responding right when the loading bar is full. I’ve tried everything, from manually deleting the game files to manually deleting all of Steam itself and reinstalling it but it still doesn’t work. What’s going on? How did I break my KSP? How do I fix it? Is it a KSP problem, a Steam problem, or do I have a problem with my computer? How do I fix it? Please, I just want to be able to play this wonderful game again. I’ve had it since 2012 and never had these problems before, it used to run perfectly on this laptop. What do I do? I can’t offer a crash report because KSP is not generating them.
  9. Completely deleted Steam itself and redownloaded it, however that didn’t work. I uninstalled both DLC’s and installed them one by one instead of both. Now it works... sometimes.
  10. I’ve been having the same issue too! Please help!!!!
  11. For some reason my KSP isn’t starting up after the loading screen is complete. It just stops working. Sometimes a dialogue pops up that says something about Unity but other than that I don’t know what’s wrong! The issue started after I tried to add a vessel I had made 4 years ago into a save file. Now it won’t start, even after I deleted the vessel, and then removed the save I put it in. What should I do?
  12. So while I was scrolling through Google search looking for good ideas on an interplanetary mothership, this picture caught my eye. Its from an outdated mod, but it sure does look cool. Is there any mods out there that can change EVA suit textures, more specifically to the orange suit in the picture? I'd love to know.
  13. Welcome to the Wonky Orbits Spacecraft Emporium, where we showcase everything Wonky Orbits Industries has to offer you! We supply everything from satellites, space stations, crew transporters, interplanetary probes, and aircraft, to cargo jets, trainer jets, and Kold War spysats. Wonky Orbits makes EVERYTHING. We hope that you enjoy our multitude of products and spend more monies! Current Products: Starflyer Jet A small yet agile passenger jet capable of high speed turns and ludicrous acceleration! Download
  14. Wait, Rocket Builders still exists? My thread is still viewable for some reason. Why?
  15. [quote name='KasperVld']Rocket Builders is a place that actually breaks our community rules constantly, in particular the 'thou shallt not roleplay' rule. You're still welcome to offer the craft you make, or even take requests in the Spacecraft Exchange forum though, the only thing that will change is the 'company' part of it, with the employee/director/ceo roles and inter-company drama that comes with it.[/QUOTE] So wait, I can't use the name "Wonky Orbits" or post a thread showcasing my spacecraft anymore? :(
  16. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/oUvsrHU.png[/IMG] Today we are all French.
  17. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/oUvsrHU.png[/IMG]
  18. [IMG]http://www.johnbakerswarbook.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/page13-01-r-785x1024.jpg[/IMG] What U-Boat?
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