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  1. Pretty much just me wanting to see if anyone's doing anything hereabouts with the devices. I had a few projects in mind for mien but i was unlucky enough that mine went blewy and even with as cheap as they are I haven't had funds to get a replacement (mostly because i want 'replacement and-' because Reasons.)
  2. Been sending probes out to try working on actually rendezvousing with the Mun with no luck so far. Advice?
  3. End of Day 2: https://imgur.com/a/fiXw1wj Not the most elegant thing in the world. I am no Scott Manley. However. There ya go.
  4. Honestly what I've done today isn't that spectacular. When getting to apoapsis I pointed sas prograde, then did a twenty-second burn. Waited til it came up again, did another, and repeated the process till periapsis got to where that was shown. Probably not the most efficient use of fuel, but I damned near did all that with my first stage. I likely could have gotten to the Mun with the second stage if I didn't mind it being a one-way trip. HM... Gonna try seeing if I can do a fly around the mun with that rocket after giving it a little more fuel in the upper stage. I have Scienc
  5. I'm planning on getting Mech-Jeb and docking assist later on, but since I'm at the ABSOLUTE base starting out I wanted to at least get to orbit before adding assist mods.
  6. OK so new guy questions: How do I make the assembly process put things semetrycally? (yaya stabilizing fins.) Suggestions on making a science satilite now that i have the probodyne, science jr, and such? Was considering putting a probe up top, a cargo bay stuffed with batteries, antenna, a science jr, a couple chutes, heat shielding. Yet when I tried that NONE of the staging worked. Also all my rockets keep acting all like.. bottle rockets. ;0-; Turnso ut rocket scence is hard!
  7. After years of dealing with decade old hardware I finally have something that, in theory, is in the 'recommended specs' end of things. So a friend gifted me a KSP steam code and I'm poking around so even though the little guys will still explode they might do so less frequently or in more interesting ways.
  8. Anyone been compiling the chapters into an eBook friendly format?
  9. Possibly this deserves its own thread, but it's part of the same reason this thread exists. What goes into making rocket fuel, and given the idea I would have to justify facilities either being tediously cared for, or rebuilt, what would be the simplistic to use that would both be able to get me into earth orbit, and would be stable enough to use for a long duration mission?
  10. Eh, it's a game mechanic I was trying to search for a way to actually explain. Hasn't come up, and with that information in mind it probably won't.
  11. Well that last does bring up a fair point. Sending a minimal resource recon team to see if anyone's at earth is one thing. There has already been talk of prepping a second mission if the first didn't send word back after landing. However I really like the idea of 'use existing rockets as templates to send icbm's and or other smaller rockets into orbit to build a spacecraft. Keep in mind I'm thinking large scale. Hundreds of tons of material, and most likely far more than one or even two launches could do independently. Plus with intelligent systems you're far less likely to lose stuff like we
  12. A little less condescending if you please. Not everyone does research, or trusts their own objectivity if they do.
  13. So essentially to JumpStart Mars I'd have to effectively rebuild a nation just to have the supply lines and factories going on top of actual build times for equipment, testing for flaws, then the six months or so transit followed by aero breaking at the colony's doorstep. This is a huge job. I mean I'd figured five years, but that might be just to get the things build I need before the actual mission. The problem is how to condense that process into something interesting? I can see the milnet node I'm showing being just the biggest one left that's being aggressive, and can further cheat by st
  14. On the one hand I am all for space as a prestige project so long as it's not 'let's arm satilites because looolololololol'. Space provides not just good peaceful 'hey look at all the awesome we can do' peacefulish propaganda, but it allows for science and advancement of home grown technologies, assuming they're not just cribbing off the Chinese. On the other hand this is North Korea so that is money that could have gone to helping a very beaten down and poor population.This isn't the US or even Soviet Russia. This is North Kores, where the Kim Dynasty has propaganda going on about how they are
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