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  1. Ran into a snafu when trying to calculate a kerbin to duna via eve fly-by. http://i.imgur.com/tkhOoPd.jpg kspTOTlog: Starting matlabpool using the 'local' profile ... connected to 4 workers. Swarming... Reached limit of 75 iterations Best point before hybrid function: [1.1467e+08 4.1101e+06 6.0166e+06] Turning over to hybrid function fmincon... Local minimum possible. Constraints satisfied. fmincon stopped because the size of the current step is less than the selected value of the step size tolerance and constraints are satisfied to within the default value of the constraint toleran
  2. http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/get-back-devil-spawn-23805742.jpg [edit] holycrapthatwasbig, into a link you go. j/k, you're entitled to your opinion As far as solutions go, that's actually kinda elegant. It'd cover two of my three divided desires, you'd have the familiar design of a real language with the newness of "made up" commands. Doubt anyone else would like it though
  3. MEL is for Maya (a 3d program), iirc Ch is a scripting language for use with C (or something like that, my memories are a bit vague) and I think Squirrel was used in Portal for some events. (Rexx and AngelScript I just ran into in google while I was checking what language AE uses for expressions (it's JS btw) ) Ofc MEL is similar to Perl and Squirrel apparently has a C like syntax, so the whole point I was making is a bit vague Java is the only one I'd vehemently oppose, coding that always felt like I was shooting myself in the leg (i know it has its supporters though). Possibly C# too si
  4. I'll do KS over JS or lua any day. Only issue I had with KS was the fact that I kept using semicolons instead of periods, but that's not a big deal. If kerboscript gets dropped, lets change to MEL! (or Ch, or Rexx, or Squirrel, or AngelScript, etc) [edit] reading this now it seems less lighthearted than I intended it to be :|
  5. Looking at the first post, isn't this what he is planning to do? There will be a separate dll for each language interpreter, just that the first interpreter will be for kerboScript. One could code a different one to interpret say lua and feed it to Jebnix for execution.
  6. Are they? Go double check Geo1, based on those two images the most likely scenario is that the antenna you think is targeting Geo2 actually isn't, or is targeting but isn't activated.
  7. Holy crap. Someone actually made a bugreport about it. I made a few posts about the issue some fifty (might have been a hundred) pages back, but didn't really get anyone to have a go and confirm that it wasn't just my install, so never got around to doing a proper bugreport on it. :/
  8. Seconded on the distinct name, though not sure about keeping the kOS bit in. It'd be a nice nod to Kevin, but on the other hand if Kevin comes back and decides to pick up where he left off, it could create slight confusion to have DR/MS/PC/WE-kOS* and kOS. Maybe k64? kerbbodore? Since kOS uses that c64 lookalike thing for visuals. *(Must Save / Preserved by Community / WhatEver)
  9. Because craft zooming off to infinity is so much worse than a craft crashing down to kerbin without any control. One of these is (in theory) recoverable, the other is dust. (hint, the recoverable one isn't the version where the thrust was cut before reaching orbit) I'm under the impression that his question was related to the engine -automatically- shutting down when the connection was lost. Not the operation of the FC. Just a guess, but I think it's because KSP doesn't let you save or change ships while throttled up, thus leaving the throttle open would get you stuck on that vessel unti
  10. Haven't had that issue, but just a thought, would locking staging help? (alt+L) Or swapping from staging to docking controls so space only swaps between rotation and translation controls, instead of staging.
  11. It's not named the same way as the others (e.g. 2.5m heat shield), it's "Heat Shield for Mk 1-2 Pod", is that visible?
  12. Activate the deactivated dish? I am not aware of a limit to how many dish connections a satellite can make, I think my highest is my mun relay, 8 connections (with 3 dishes, cone angles ftw), my two long range comsats have 7 dishes for direct targeting, but only 4 are in use atm. If you have keosyncs targeting both relays and both relays are targeting the keosyncs then both should work, I think. You're not using planetary targeting (cones) or active vessel, right?
  13. Put a probe-core on the ship in addition to the manned module, that's worked for me.
  14. Is the signal path: KSC -> Relay -> active vessel (so ship_A has connection to relay, because it has a dish capable of it, but swapping to ship_B means theres no path from ship_A to Relay anymore and while ship_B connects to ship_A, it has no connection to KSC) or is it: KSC -> Relay -> ship_A -> ship_B ? That's the common "oops" mistake, but from your description you seem to have the path to ship_A okay, but no path between ship_A and ship_B, if that is indeed the case then I'm unable to offer a solution at this time.
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