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  1. MSI infernal robotics had it, how hard can it be ? Anyway, while we wait for the bug to be solved (let's be optimistic !), does anyone have some nice tips to add sounds to helicopter ? I've seen someone explaining he was adding thruster while putting their thrust limit to 0%, but it had a lot of weight, please share your bright ideas if you have some . Thanks !
  2. Skid used to be able to steer before the complete rewrite of wheel collider. If it's just a matter of config file I'll see what I can do, but if it needs more, it's more than I can do.
  3. Maybe it's a dumb question but .... Where can I buy some ? Steering on skid is needed for my snowmobile trip to Vall.
  4. Hi, Thanks for keeping that great mod alive, just to let you know : I've installed the complete version with CKAN and it works, then I've added Kerbin Air Race with CKAN and all the CoreAssets content for air race is missing, it's just adding the airrace folder with the cfg files for each race. Intalling it from spacedock solves the problem.
  5. Awesome mod, there's just a small problem if you use it with Kerbin Side at the same time : K.W.R.S. International (from this mod) and KSC2 (from kerbin side) are at the same spot, so both are unusable.
  6. I'm also using using B9 procedural wings and dev version of FAR, and I don't have any problem. Are you sure you got the last version and all dependancies for both mods ?
  7. Thanks for all the good feedback. Since there is no wind in KSP sails will be useless, and adding weight would be a bad idea, legs are already at their limit. If someone tried it and found a way to make legs stronger, please share .
  8. Pretty cool I've kept working on it and now it's a bit better but still not perfect, here are usefull tips :
  9. What's your secret for variable geometry on wings ? Using a single rotatron or hinge make the wings wobbly. So I quite solved the problem with a bearing and 2 hydraulic cylinder, but even if it's much better, it's still not perfect : I'm still looking for an engineering masterpiece that will make variable geometry perfectly stable in KSP.
  10. I've removed all the useless parts and replaced everything I could with stock parts. Now the only mods needed to use it are : IR + IR model rework, and tweascale. Download link added.
  11. I've posted a way to avoid the problem, have a look here
  12. Start here. It's the least you need to know. If you follow the rules, everything should be ok with FAR.
  13. Maybe not as hard as some may think it is (thank you symmetry !), but it was not an easy build. Fortunately, I'm an expert in "pushing IR to the limit"
  14. If you also think wheels are boring : - 8 legs - 8 motorized rotatrons - 56 uncontrolled bearings - 362 parts - 30 tons - max speed 5,5 m/s Thanks Theo Jansen for the incredible design, thanks Sirkut for infernal robotics. Download here : https://kerbalx.com/Varsass/StrandBeast-Light How to make it work in two steps : - Step 1 : put the 8 legs in walking position. The walking sequence is 3-1-4-2, so legs starting position from left to right is : 180° / 90° / 0° / 270°. If you have IR sequencer, the second sequence do
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