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  1. That works! Thanks. I only am using it for the allsized large sized variations as I used them for station building and wanted to use them with cls. Thanks again!
  2. Seems my problem is with making a stand alone cfg file. added it to the base patch files and everything works
  3. Yeah I mean doesn't work... Derp. Is there an AFTER: or something maybe? when I was trying for it wouldnt even load. it loads like this but doesn't seem to activate cls for the part
  4. Posted this in the PicoPorts thread as well. Looking to make a config file for CLS and PicoPorts to work together. @PART[PicoPortPlus]:NEEDS[ConnectedLivingSpace] { MODULE { name = ModuleConnectedLivingSpace passable = true passableWhenSurfaceAttached = true } } The above code doesn't work. Maybe need a FOR: or some other syntax, anyone skilled with module manager know where to point me?
  5. Real quick request for help. Not huge issue but trying to add CLS to picoports and using the following code: @PART[PicoPortPlus]:NEEDS[ConnectedLivingSpace] { MODULE { name = ModuleConnectedLivingSpace passable = true passableWhenSurfaceAttached = true } } modulemanager to attempt to add it. I guess it needs different/more syntax? For: something? If this is the wrong place to ask sorry but figured I would throw it out here for people with far more experience than I.
  6. just reporting I get "37 errors related to GameData/WarpPlugin/Patches/USI_NF_Mode.cfg" with latest update during module manager loading. Heavy modded 64 bit, but don't know what else to get for anyone to track down cause? OKAY! I FOUND SOMETHING!
  7. O Nerd, are you in campaign? And Jamis, I got another one for you for future consideration:
  8. This is beautiful, I know it's just configs, and will need some weight tweaking, but it adds a lot to my 0.23.5 build.
  9. active texture management has a 404 error for me, both basic and aggressive, if I find more mods that do this, i'll let you know
  10. dlrk, I have two installs and one is a rss 10x kerbal system, i'd love to see your finished config if you get it. Sadly I don't have time for the next day or so to sit down n do the math for rss with the planet factory tweaks. But I should have them soon!
  11. still having issues with GM, and only gm. once again, more RSS silliness but this time I'm on the planet factory version... heh. I wish there was an easy conversion but it's looking like I'd have to actually calculate each newtons constant for each orbital body? If we do estimation, how badly will this effect the calculations? I mean, we wouldn't want such a level of error that use of the tool doesn't work? Am I right to base my research off this?
  12. Have you followed the java troubleshooting steps found earlier in the thread? My guess is either system variables aren't working or you are on a 64 bit windows without 64bit java installed
  13. Okay, playing with this a bit... but for it to be superdupermegagigantanormous (patent pending). It should support rss (drool, or with the planetfactory tweaks for rss). I know, I know, realism and kerbal seem sorta counter intuitive, but a tool like this could help an amazing amount with the hungry gravity wells eating up my dV and the mechjeb and standard transfer planning tools not really working very well for rss. Really I just want to get to duna in rss with planetfactory without a 600-900 day lapse inbetween goes, and I lack the patience to try and calc a flyby or slow transfer by hand. Okay, so I guess it does this? but I am still trying to figure out how to get the plugin to digest the solar system... or whatever it's called.