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  1. I know (KSP since 2013)…. and this is exactly what i dont want to do. Because its really time consuming to get the Pilots out of the Cockpit at first and than move like 20 Kerbals into the Cockpit one after the other and than out of the Cockpit. I was thinking its a bug. I mean that turns the rear ramp of the example Planes like the Emu liner useless. If its not a bug it would be a feature that should be added. ISE
  2. Hi there I am playing KSP since a while and i just found this mod and like it very much. But i have a question How do i get the Kerbals out of the 1.5 size and 2.0 Size Crew compardment( Not Cockpits). Normaly if i Click at the Hatchlike Paintet Area at the bottom or top (Or front and rear) i can get them out there with clicking the Mouse on it. But for those Parts this is not Working. Maybe its a Bug. Greetings ISE