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  1. I've just pushed out a new build, 0.2. It's available on GitHub and soon should be on CKAN too. This new build adds info to right-click menus (telling you how many ignitions you have remaining etc.) and also adds support for Ven's Stock Revamp, one of my favourite mods.
  2. We're back! Work is still in progress here. I've updated the OP with the new feature set of the mod moving fowards. Hopefully I'll have new builds of Engine Igniter and Vaguely Realistic out soon.
  3. I don't think DMagic should be included. Perhaps recommended via CKAN, but not a dependency. I think I just needed to RTFM when I got it wrong I just wanted DMagic for animations and the HUGE magentometer for Voyager clones. If magentometers (both pole and truss versions) make it in to P+ and they work without the DMagic mod that would be ideal I think!
  4. Thanks for that, I thought just the Animate module (supplied with my GitHub release) would be sufficient.
  5. That render helped, all built now! Thanks. On a different note, on my install I'm not able to extend the magnetometers; the option is simply absent in the right click menu and the science experiment isn't available. Is this a known issue or would you like some debug info? I'm on the latest 15.0 build from GitHub, the commit was 2 days ago.
  6. Does anyone have some info on how the Fomalhaut and Vorona parts combine in to one ship? I'm guessing the Vorona should hold the Fomalhaut lander in its aeroshell but I can't for the life of me get it to assemble in a sensible way!
  7. I've broken this part of the mod out in to a separate mod. I've made a new thread for this; downloads and info here:
  8. I've decided to branch the engine igniter part of "Vaguely Realistic" out in to a separate mod, so here it is! This mod will limit the number of ignitions available on liquid fuel engines to align with what KSP's real-life counterpart engines would be capable of. At the moment, engines are balanced around the following: Radial engines Unlimited ignitions Nuclear engines Unlimited ignitions Service module engines, e.g. Poodle, Terrier 50 ignitions Upper stage engines, e.g. Skipper, Rhino, Vector 3 ignitions (air start
  9. I noticed that stock supports what looks like efficiency curves, I think they're called atmospheric curves in the cfgs? Is that what you mean? I wasn't planning on going as far as this. I'm a big fan of the RealFuels mod (essential for RSS universe sizes) but it does such a good job that I'm not sure I can compete! Having said that, keeping things stockalike and simple (my mod's aim), an equivalent for LH2, e.g. "Cryogenic Fuel" instead of the usual "Liquid Fuel" might be a nice idea. I'll have a think.
  10. I'm trying to fetch the friendly name of a part (an engine, in my case). If I use ModuleEngines.name I get something like "liquidEngine1-2" - great for debugging, but rubbish for a UI. I notice in part cfgs there is a "title" field, with nice text like "RE-M3 "Mainsail" Liquid Fuel Engine" - how can I access this from a ModuleEngines or PartModule object?
  11. Finally got around to starting on this! For those that are interested, engine ignition limits are now coded and working. Currently, the configs (loaded using ModuleManager) support just the Mainsail and LV-1R, although I will populate these for all engines soon. Source is available here: https://github.com/jamesharling/VaguelyRealistic Compile and use if you are up for a bit of testing!
  12. As superb as KSP is in its stock state, I sometimes feel the need for more of a challenge, so I put forward the mod: Vaguely Realistic With this mod I hope to add some challenges to how we play KSP in the stock universe, by applying some of the limitations that our real-life engineers and pilots face, for example: Huge reaction wheel nerf Command Modules will have their reaction wheels removed. This means an RCS system is just about essential for control, unless Jeb fancies using his jetpack Probes cores will retain their reaction wheels, in varying strengths
  13. Is there a RealFuels config available for the probes pack?
  14. My mistake, I assumed the "stock engine configs" where in fact only for Squad engines. Now sorted and launching happily
  15. I've just refreshed my KSP install with RSS and Real Fuels v6.4 but I seem to have lost my RF engine configs for KW and NovaPunch engines. Are these obtainable separately?
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