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  1. [WIP] Low-Poly Cities for Kerbin

    Angleland was my nation before until the UCSoV, yes.
  2. [WIP] Low-Poly Cities for Kerbin

    Hey, hey, don't forget the UCSoV on KRP.
  3. Google picture war!

    Yes, they do. There's an entire anime about it. C:
  4. Google picture war!

    Panzer, pls.
  5. B9 A-10 Warthog (no weaponry)

    Here you go.
  6. Favorite star

    Capella. No reason, I just like the name.
  7. Kerbal Veterans Section :)

    0.9 here, whew is this thread a blast from the past. I remember doing the original Mun EVA back in 0.12. Was gud. Except they were permanently stranded. I remember the first time I played, looking through a table of calculations and building a replica ship from a YouTube tutorial. I got it to... 800,000m?
  8. Veterans show your firsts...

    I did the first Mun EVA. It was... a little unorthodox, but it worked. 0.12, 30th November, '11. All my other personal firsts are gone along with the old copies of KSP they were on. >~>
  9. Invent a name for the first city on Kerbin.

    You're all having unhealthy doses of K-radiation, I suggest you all leave this place immediately or suffer the consequences. >~>
  10. Minecraft Discussion Thread

    INCOMING TACTICAL BRAGGING No spoilers >.> R.I.P. phone browsers This is my city, Vaturia. All of the buildings have an interior with exception to the restaurant and admin building. I've only done some of the hotel rooms and apartment rooms because they're essentially carbon copies of each other. Main bridge into the city. Park, with pond, fountain, benches, etc. Admin building. Has had no proper use yet. Apartments and pub. Pub is on the ground floor. Apartments take up all the rest. Unfinished front of the town hall. The part behind this will be far wider. Bus-stop. Undersized theatre. Hotel. Has it's own water features, reading area, minecart connection, cafe, toilets, conference rooms, hotel rooms, penthouses and swimming pool. Statue and plaza. Yacht and marina. Framework of a future restaurant. Bridge to the other part of the city. School. Big office skyscraper thing. Residential area. Oil Power plant and pylons. Beginning of a military base. You can see two barracks, the reinforced house used as a tactician's office and radio reciever, dug-in position with camonet and a flak cannon. Barely done much on this. Barracks interior.
  11. This or That?

    Laythe. DOS or OS?
  12. alright then, i'll wait in the segmentum tempo whatsit

  13. Ban the user above you!

    Banned because Scary, huh?
  14. haz u dong ur ser-eence houmwook!??!?!??!

    ^Because grammar.

  15. Ban the user above you!

    Banned because you took a lasgun round to the knee.