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  1. getting late to work because path to work obstructed by makeshift rollercoaster... no joke.
  2. hmm seems like all you guys missed the best fix to this dilemma... Get both steam and KSP-store version, and receive the benefits of both. (like i did)
  3. A very early preview of a poster that i am currently drawing, but i think you guys will like the "small" edge that is finished anyway. My inspiration on this project is taken from this image: Spoilers Comparison size,
  4. Made a Animated Parachute Model in blender... But i am to lazy to make it work in Ksp. And that it Requires bouth Modding Skill/ And knowledge in programming to Make use of the Animation at all. And i don't have any skill whatsoever in any of those arias... So i decided that i will hand it over to anyone who wants it. just send me a PM With texture Without texture
  5. i have some constructive critism (if its ok). i noticed you used smooth shading to hide the raw geometry of the craft. but it makes smaller details hard to see. the best way to do this without loosing detail is to use the modifier called edge split in blender. what it will do is to mark edges of certain degrees as "sharp" and you can modify the values to what fits best to your model. By doing this will remove the black artifacts that occur when the normal's are in flipped in the wrong direction.
  6. It looks like stanNL_97 may have found the results of an early prototype test. lol had that in mind when i wrote that ahahah
  7. Things with words and the words will forever be.
  8. wow a dr.who thread on kspforums i must be dreaming
  9. try using this orbital calculator it works if you do go through the effort of measure the angles http://ksp.olex.biz/ a good tool to measure the angles is with this tool : MB-ruler it works in game too so its quite useful.
  10. i am playing tf2 and Black Mesa and is waiting for Hitman Absolution, The new Xcom and Borderlands 2, and then ofc HL3
  11. [spoiler=Your spoiler description] Your images here [/spoiler] Your images here
  12. what texture did you use for the rings ?
  13. i personally think that dwarf fortress is harder than ksp by quite mutch.
  14. some quick notes on what to expect from Dwarf fortress Offical wiki lolits a really rare type of game. Another game that you might like is Nethack
  15. Seen you on the forums and you posted allot but apart from that do i not see you as a celeb 3/10
  16. Can you post the mods you used? Never seen that mod with the cameras, and i guess that was the reason that it started lagging? Because ksp needs to render the game from both your perspective and the crafts perspective aka twice the load. (correct me if am wrong)
  17. It's time to choose.. to spend 12 days watching the timer or crying its not 12 days from now.
  18. Welcome oskumo to the forums. And i love Kurtjmac videos to, They are fun to watch and if not can you "borrow" his designs to your own rocket.
  19. dt890


    "Release Date" Creating posts or threads that contain nothing but 'When is the next release coming?' is prohibited. Locking thread
  20. Welcome to the forums ri00t. My favorite mods are: ISA Mapsat and all parts in the Mechanical Mouse Industries pack (and everything these packs include to work)
  21. A Ksp video of me landing a rover on the mun Its mostly a video with random soundtracks along the way. And i challenge you to guess the music i used.
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