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  1. A package manager should be on the schedule so the mod dependency can be resolved by some metadata instead of packaging everything into a zip file.
  2. NathanKell: Thanks! I was using a older version. With the new version everything works like a charm.
  3. That will be great! Also, is it possible to make the configuration window scrollable or moving-around-able? The real fuel alone takes a lot of screen spaces.
  4. Does anything try to make this work together with a life support mod? It would be really handy to make a single service module with food, air, water, and fuels in one tank. ---- Edit: I made a cfg file that works with the TAC life support, (and should work with ioncross since the latter one has only CO2 and O2.). However, this thing doesn't work very well with real fuel enabled, since there are too much columns.
  5. Here's part of my GameData structure: GameData --------- |- ModuleManager.dll |- Catram | |- Squad_Cockpits.cfg | |- SH_mods I don't think the location of Squad_Cockpits.cfg will matter as long as ModuleManager is presented.
  6. Hi Sam, I made a cfg file to modify the parts using ModuleManager. In that way, people don't have to overwrite the stock cfgs anymore.
  7. Have anyone tried to modify INTERNAL with ModuleManager? I tried to make a cfg for the mk2cockpit and mk3cockpit interiors and apparently the file does not work. The following codes could not delete the node either. @PART[Mark2Cockpit] { !MODULE[INTERNAL] }