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  1. Oh god those monstrosities... I literally never enable the shroud because of how bad it looks. That ugly thick fairing with the checkerboard pattern... ugh...
  2. Wow ok this is actually really good, definitely my favourite part revamp so far. I like the different alternative versions of it.
  3. The windows look really weird on the can, but the bare variant is perfect for rovers.
  4. I love this. Glad to see the revamp going well and Squad listening to community feedback!
  5. I am so glad the parts are finally getting the revamp they deserve. Loving the different variants on the pod!
  6. Just use the stock invisible struts feature while you wait for the KJR update. No more spaghetti rockets.
  7. Wow, so fairings actually look not-awful anymore. I'm actually impressed, they look lovely. I hope that + the RCS tank indicates some more revamps being done in the future. A lot of the parts desperately need it. Honestly the prospect of updated parts is the thing I'm most excited for at the moment lol
  8. Man I really love the aesthetic of these parts honestly and I'll definitely be buying the expansion when it comes out. I just hope in the future some of the other stock parts can be updated to be consistent and at this level of quality. An artistic revamp is way overdue IMO.
  9. Ah man, I bought my copy 4 months too late! Oh well. At 1283 hours in, KSP's got the second best price/hour of any game in my library, at 3p per hour. So, I'm not really too upset about having to pay for DLC after years of free updates.
  10. I like to think of it as: If the Roman Empire had a space program
  11. It's a part of the abort system! SRBs can't be shut off, so the only way to cut thrust in case of an anomaly is to open up the other end. There's no smaller SRB with the same thrust, so I came up with a rather Kerbal solution of just slapping on a fuel tank and an upside down F-1. I believe in the real SLS (may be wrong here), in the event of an abort, they open up the top of the SRB, but there's no such thing in KSP with that capability unfortunately... Also, don't mind the parachutes and air-brakes; I'm in the process of making it mostly reusable (IMO, lack of reusability is one of the real SLS' main problems - why just throw away those shuttle engines? :/).
  12. Honestly this is one of the better KSP updates. So many quality of life changes and long requested stuff that has been added (plane and relay probe icons, splitting some of the categories etc). And I'm finding it to be a lot more stable than 1.1. And we also got a taste of Porkjet's parts (albeit in a separate mod folder)! I am way more satisfied with this update than I thought I would be.
  13. Fairly late on this, but that's why my experiments kept exploding/freaking out when placing them on the ground? Damn, I had no idea. That explains a lot. Thanks for the update.
  14. KSP desperately needs depth to it. Mainly depth in exploration. Right now, you land on a planet, you do your science, and leave. This is awesome for the first few times for sure (a first successful Mun landing is always a great experience), but I find that the more I play, the more I crave for something more interesting. Installing planet packs doesn't do it for me - they're just planets, you do the same thing for them as you would for stock planets. But if there was depth to the planets, like unique rocks and geological features, it would be so much cooler to explore planets. Everywhere on a planet looks pretty much the same right now. Imagine if you could find distinct sand dunes on Duna, or distinct volcanoes that you can climb up, with magma at the top. Imagine exploring the edge of a very tall cliff (maybe using Kerbal Attachment System you could make a rock-climbing rover), maybe with distinct layers of rock. Imagine ravines or canyons, small rivers and lakes on Kerbin/Laythe. Imagine dust-devils on the surface of Duna. What about small plants and more variety of flora on Kerbin? Imagine entire cave systems! What about ice sheets with some holes or cracks exposing water underneath? Yes I know that a lot of these are not really possible with the way the game is fundamentally, but there needs to really be SOME sort of depth added to planets that make them worth exploring. That would make the game more interesting for a much much longer time, considering how much stuff there would be to explore. I was playing on SSRSS, and I noticed when I landed on the Moon, that the craters were deeper than the Mun, with different textures on the sides of the crater than on the flatter areas. There was a real sense of scale, which the stock game doesn't have because of how flat and boring the terrain is. Even that was enough to make me go "Woah, that's really cool!".