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  1. Yes sir, that is right :) and all thanks to ensou04 :) ARP will proudly be able to boom your speakers powered by DynamicSFX :D [quote name='RyanRising']Ooh, so this is going to come to fruition via DynamicSFX? Wonderful![/QUOTE]
  2. @ensou04 My ARP project sounds will be happy to be able to finally work in the game . <3 will test drive this weekend w00t! w00t!
  3. uggh havent had much luck with MM. and exploring part.cfg some are not even updated to the new sound code :S what a mess T_T
  4. Haven't had much time to keep messing around with the config but so far making the sounds work without replacing the originals is not working well :S If anyone have any ideas how to implement them with a .dll or mm let me know
  5. Howdy BmB, currently i have not been able to finish updating due because i have a horrible flu. I ended up deciding not to do it the old "low-tech" way. A friend of mine is more code savy than me and he is helping with the workings on if. In the meantime i guess you have to be patient or use the low tech version when i finish it. if you can suggest me to some alternatives to hooking files and differential loading it would be amazing. Like i mentioned a friend is working on something for his mod that might help my mod on the way. But i believe hes been busy with other stuff too, so in that regard i depend on him for more advanced stuff. I'm on my own way planing to figure out how to do some low enough tech lol without replacing stock files.
  6. what program are you using to model the engine? maya, lightwave?
  7. hey there MeCripp, if you've got time and knowledge for it , who am i to stop you ? It would be nice to be finally able to implement the sounds without causing bugs to other parts of the engines
  8. hey there MeCripp, yeah i was trying to make a mm file to replace the standard sounds, but i never managed to get it working. , no i haven't tried 0.90 i think i should update the game too, its been a while since i played ksp because of me failing with the sounds lol ill implement the sounds when or if its possible. but so far i'm at a roadblock :S
  9. i have more sounds already made, but novice coding skills hit a brickwall. :/ so ill be putting the project on hold, until there is a way to deliver or implement the sounds. sorry guys
  10. Hello, just wanted to share my space program Kerbal suit. I decided to make a complete personal suit for them, more immersion I present to you: The Kragon Suit Mk3 Inspired by the Mythological Kragon, that ate roasted kerbals, say the legends. (probably the kraken's cousin) the suit is composed of durable and flexible skin, offering maximum protection to the kerbals inside. -Developed by BullettAerospace
  11. hey ymir9, i will try to see if i can get them to work, 0.25 made some changes but i haven't had time to mess with it.
  12. is there a way in the cfg of texture replacer for it to not take the helmets off?
  13. hello guys, just a quick reply. during the weekend i had limited time to test the lumaan cfg configuration. ran into some hiccups so that's why there is no new update. i will work on it on the coming weekend and try some other solutions.
  14. Hey Lumaan! i'm testing the config files so far everything looks fine. the only sound that kinda goes crazy is the RAPIER. i will give it a shot not touching the cfg too
  15. i'm testing his patch right now, to see how it works, and will be implementing the fixes he mentions. and repacking it with .ogg since reduces the file size. He figured out how to work it with hot rockets! witch is something that ate me for breakfast lunch and dinner
  16. Hey nli2work, the mod is a Sound Replacement, started before HotRockets, but the aim of A.R.P is only on Sounds for Engines and other Parts. Originally is with no plugin (since i've got like 0 knowledge on coding) It works for now replacing the original .cfg file for the engines. Haven't figured out how to actually use them with MM without having no bugs (ie: missing exhaust flames, no sound ) and HotRockets mess with A.R.P files. The guys above have posted some possible fixes so ill be exploring them to see if i can finally get it to work with MM and not conflict with hotrockets.
  17. Hello guys! im not dead! the mod is not dead! and i'm not given up sorry for my "disappearing" i posted a small update on the main page. Im very sorry for the ghost town here. I had trouble with hotrockets messing up my configs and i couldn't figure it out. I continued working on new sounds, but life threw me a curb ball so i had to pause working on the mod since my last update. I'll try to get back into it ASAP and implement if possible the new info you guys have brought!
  18. Hey Technogeeky! Thanks for the tip, i'll be trying it ASAP! i was starting to get frustrated :/
  19. no replies? not one single person has a light to shed on the issue? ???????????????
  20. Hello everyone, thanks for reading. Im the creator of the Audio Replacement Project Mod ( A.R.P ) in Version 1.0 i used a simple method to change the sounds for the rockets. Then i started working on a way to used ModuleManager to implement the new way audio works. It was working in a way, sound was being played BUT! a new problem Arrived Since the release of Nazari's HOT ROCKETS, i noticed my sound stopped working with that mod. check the cfg and found that it overrides the default ksp sounds, and it overrides my cfg for ModuleManager. i got no ideas on how to make it work. I have a simple request, i need help to fix my mod. Ive got no programming experience to make a plugin. Here is an example of how my sound CFG looks like for the lv-909 And this is Hot Rockets part for the same Engine (notice it's addressing the ksp sounds too, and will override my configuration ) IN NEED OF HELP! TO MAKE A.R.P COMPATIBLE WITH HOT ROCKETS. AS HOT ROCKETS FILES OVERRIDES MY MODULE MANAGER CONFIGURATION > (btw no screaming CAPS
  21. Hey Gaiiden , is that using module manager? btw part of not sounding meaty is because the jet uses 2 sounds while runing, sound_jet_low_bullettarp_v0100 / / sound_jet_hard_bullettarp_v0100
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