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  1. Yeah, so it's possible to automate many aspects of forum moderation, which liberates moderators to spend their time on special cases and moniter the automated system for errors. Also, instantaneous post approval would be a plus, and I bet you're busier on weekends. https://utopiaanalytics.com/utopia-ai-moderator/ https://www.theadminzone.com/threads/moderating-a-community-with-ai-automated-actions.151885/ I know this thread may not belong on this forum as the suggestion is peripheral to the game.
  2. Today, I learned how to perform rescue missions in 1.11. I rendezvous with the stranded kerbal in a ship storing a jet-pack. Made an encounter with <4km seperation. Switched the navbal mode to target from orbit/surface. At the encounter, burned target retrograde until my relative velocity was 0m/s. Burned target prograde some delta-v. Used rcs to keep my trajectory on the target. Reduced target velocity to 0 m/s as I arrived within 10m of the target. Switched to target using ']' Eva'd the stranded kerbal. Right clicked my space ship. Selected the eva jet pack and dragged to my stranded kerbal. Equipped the jetpack and rcs'd to my ship. Returned the kerbal home; the one of very few I ever recover from catastrophic missions, so why pack parachutes! All mission are catastrophic, so I will rinse and repeat.
  3. I have no restrictions on my account and I want to progress beyond the 5 approved posts limitation, but do you trust me?

  4. I have no restrictions and I would like to get past this 5 approved posts limitation, but do you trust me?

  5. If your rocket is flipping during launch, then your rocket is probably to top heavy. You can add control surfaces and rcs thrusters to help control ascent. Also, add some fuel stacks near the bottom to lower the center of mass. Lastly, you can add struts if peripheral boosters and parts are wiggling against the center of your rocket. Struts help alot for bigger ships. You really need to use all these suggestions as your rockets get heavier: 200t+.
  6. Did you weigh in on some changes, or mass in on some changes?
  7. Yes, let's have spaceK rocket parts from kelon kerman!
  8. Weight is a force: f = ma & gravity is an acceleration, so weight = mass * acceleration but this should be a ratio: weight = mass * environment_gravity / 9.81 m/s. For convenience, orbit should be weightless. A 200kg mass weighs 200kg on Earth/Kerbin but 33.2 kg on the Mun. In a low g vacuum, the mass is mostly weightless. So you can more easily displace the mass in orbit and on the Mun, than on Kerbin, because your kerbals are able to do more work (displacement of mass) with the same effort (energy). Hence, the mass carrying capacity should change relative to the kerbal's environment: weight carrying capacity = mass * environment_gravity / 9.81 m/s. The only catch is that the more mass a kerbal carries, the more energy (eva rcs) the kerbal expends regardless of environment. I want my kerbals to carry two jet packs in orbit and on the Mun, but not on Eve, Kerbin, Tylo, etc. Please fix.
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