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  1. 21 minutes ago, IgorZ said:

    Sorry, I don't have a manual for kids - never thought it may be needed in this game :)  However, using this sample you may figure out how to update a part using ModuleManager. And if you have no idea what is ModuleManager, then the very thing you have to do is learning it. Alas, there is no way to hack a part property without understanding the basics.

    I didn't mean literally 5. Basically I just needed an example which is exactly what you gave me me, so thank you.

  2. On 8/29/2017 at 4:27 PM, NeilC said:

    According to one of the lovely devs on #RSS(Pap, I think?), RemoteTech "Coverage" is currently buggy and not working as intended. It may be that you've set up everything correctly, and it still won't work.

    I had the same problem with the 4-sat network and 3 dishes+omnis on each sat. Each had 2 dishes pointed at neighbours, 1 dish at Earth. This should have done the trick, but my coverage never went above 20%.

    Alt-F12 was my friend. I force-completed the contract and moved on with my space program.

    Is this still a known bug? I had the same problem with the 4-satellite GEO comms network. I had all 4 birds up in their specified orbits phased 90 degrees apart and all connected to each other but only 40% coverage.




  3. I'm having a problem with ampyear not recognizing power generating parts in realism overhaul, specifically it doesn't recognized solar panels or RTGs. The parts are properly generating power, but the it doesn't show any power producing parts either in the VAB or in flight. It also replaces the built-in electric charge on probe cores and command pods with "reserve power" as a separate resource that can't be used. I'm using 1.2.2 on Macos High Sierra. Log Here.

  4. Does anyone here use ampyear or fusebox? I can't get either to recognize solar panels. Fusesbox recognizes some RTGs but not all and no fuel cells, and ampyear recognizes fuel cells but not RTGs. The parts are properly generating power, but the mods don't show any power producing parts either in the VAB or in flight. Ampyear also replaces probe cores, avionics, and command pods built-in electric charge with "reserve power" as a separate resource that can't be used. I'm using 1.2.2 on Macos High Sierra. Log Here.

  5. 12 hours ago, Starwaster said:

    I'd tell you to check your anisotropic settings but KSP doesn't have that option. Have any other graphics settings changed recently, if not KSP than in your GPU main settings?


    Nope. Playing around with the game resolution/other graphic settings don't do anything either. I changed some non-visual mods but that's it. Could it be a problem with Kopernicus, or maybe RSS itself?

  6. 40 minutes ago, Galileo said:

    There is a bug with scatterer that causes this on Macs. You can try toggling the alternate SQRT option in the main menu scatterer window, but according to many users, this option does not work on the 1.2.2 version. 

    Thanks for the tip. It didn't end up working so I guess I'll try RSSVE-Lite and hope that works. Any ideas about the fusebox or ampyear problem?

  7. Hi all. I finally got my 1.2.2 setup (almost) up and running but I'm having 2 problems. The first is with RSSVE. It has these forcefield/halo looking things that I can't figure out how to fix. I'm pretty certain it's RSSVE because when I take it out and leave just EVE and scatterer, it doesn't happen.

    The second is with ampyear and fusebox (I don't have both installed at the same time). I can't get either to recognize power generation except from 2 of the RTGs, the "SNAP 19 RTG" and the "Multi-Hundred Watt RTG". None of the solar panels, fuel cells, or the other RTGs are recognized. They all generate power, but the mods don't recognize it. Both work fine in a non-RO test install.


    I'm using Mac High Sierra 10.13.2 and here are logs

  8. Does anyone know why Saturn is doing this? There's a moire pattern and no shadow on the rings. This is on a clean install with just RSS/RO and their dependencies. I've tried changed the anti-aliasing and resolution but it doesn't do anything.


    NVM figured it out



  9. 8 minutes ago, Alex38 said:

    but i'm on mac, i can't have ckan, I tried ckan before, but it's not fonctionnal on mac (not the right version so all the mods like RO were not there ) :( so unlucky ! 

    What version of macos are you using? I have Sierra and ckan works for me if you use mono or wine to open it.

  10. 2 hours ago, rsparkyc said:

    yeah, but I think the other boxes should be checked (just like "Destination Earth" is checked)

    They should be. It checks off each requirement as you meet it. Also for the timed ones, once you've met all the other requirements, it starts a countdown. I was in orbit for 8 days with that one btw, and that doesn't explain the other issues like simple "transmit science from space around earth" not working.

  11. I'm having a bunch of issues with contracts not being completed because the game doesn't recognize I've met the requirements, as well as science not being transmitted. It's a new issue that just cropped up after 17 years in my current career save. I'm posting here because I'm assuming it's an RSS/RO specific problem. The only change I made to the game was installing hyperedit to test probes and whatnot, but I removed it. Here;s an example:

    I clearly meet all the requirements but it's not recognizing it. It happens on other (but not all) contracts as well. I did a lunar lander + science from the surface of the moon. I landed successfully and transmitted the science but got no science and no notification that the contract was complete. I'm using 1.1.3 with all the correct versions of the mods, and this hasn't been a problem until now. I started a new career save and did a few sounding rockets and everything seems to be working ok so far

    Here's a link to the log. If anyone can offer some help or insight I'd be grateful.