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  1. You could just make it a radar altimeter. That seems easy enough since it already exists in the stock internals.
  2. The windows had a range-finder printed onto the glass of the forward windows. If you could add that, and make a a POV that looks down at the window onto the surface, a manual IVA landing would be possible without a digital display.
  3. In reality the "1" circle is the x-pointer which showed lateral velocity based off or ground radar, and the "2" circle was the primary FDAI, which is essentially the KSP navball.
  4. I really hate asking this again, but can we get a fix for the disappearing monopropellant on EVA? As of right now, I have to remember how much monoprop I have before the EVA, and then edit the persistent afterwards to restore the amount that was magically lost.
  5. "Jeb hurtles towards the surface, grinning."
  6. Three big things that can cause rockets to land sideways are the slop of the landing area (flat is better), center of gravity of your lander (you want the CoG to be low, as top-heavy rockets tend to flip), and landing touchdown velocity, both vertical AND horizontal. You don't want to be moving horizontally over the surface at all if you can help it.
  7. Are you accepting model requests? I have 2 things that I desperately wish were in KSPI but aren't.
  8. I also replied to your first post (not sure what you mean when you say you messed up), but I'll copy it here: Can you show us some pictures of your crafts and maybe your trajectories so we can tailor our advice? It's possible your rockets might be up to the task, but your maneuvers are inefficient, or your whole craft may need some adjusting.
  9. Can you show us some pictures of your crafts and maybe your trajectories so we can tailor our advice? It's possible your rockets might be up to the task, but your maneuvers are inefficient, or your whole craft may need some adjusting.
  10. We could use a little more information. What does your craft look like? Mass? TWR? dV? Your question is kind of vague. That being said, getting to Eve from Kerbin require only about 1000m/s of dV, which is easily manageable.
  11. What you're looking for is called the Lorentz Factor. It's a useful equation within special relativity. It's denoted with the symbol "Γ" (upper case gamma). Γ = 1/=[√1-(v^2/c^2)] = 1/√1-ß^2 = dt/dT v is the relative velocity between the two inertial reference frames, c is the speed of light in a vacuum, ß is the ratio of v to c, and T proper time from the observer's frame of reference. to figure out how much time has passed in one frame, you can do the following: t = t0/[√1-(v^2/c^2)] where t is time from the observers frame, t0 is elapsed time in the rest frame,
  12. Looks great so far! What do you intend for the final outer texture to look like?
  13. In the tracking station, I'm no longer able to recover landed vessels or debris. The only way is from the recover button when focused on the object. The option comes up, and I click on it, but the window stays open and the debris is still there. It doesn't happen every time, but most of the time. This isn't a huge deal, but I jettison most of my upper stages before they reach orbit to avoid debris buildup, and then "cheat" by deleting them instead of focusing on each one and waiting for it to reenter. Now I can't do this. The only mods I've installed recently are ECLSS and Interstellar. Is thi
  14. Yea that's what I was hoping to bypass. It's not a huge deal, it would just be nice to have them locked open permanently.
  15. This is more of an aesthetic thing in my part, but it's annoying to watch my antennas and dishes constantly folding and unfolding while I'm transmitting multiple experiments. Is there a way to lock them in the open position once they've been deployed, but allow them to still transmit data?
  16. We really need a fix for the disappearing monopropellant during EVAs...
  17. That's what I'm thinking. Even though the PMAs are movable, I don't think there was clearance anywhere except PMA-1.
  18. Possible in what sense? The station has 2 unused PMAs that the shuttle used to dock, but I imagine the logistics would have been difficult at best.
  19. Special relativity tells us that locally, nothing can travel faster than C. To build off of your metaphor, if a person on a train traveling at .5c fires a gun with a bullet traveling in the forward velocity vector at .5c, that bullet will NOT be traveling at c. Your method "could" be used to propel a vessel arbitrarily close to c, but not with chemical rockets.
  20. Most of the real life benefits of SRBs aren't implemented in the game, at least not yet. I suspect that once some sort of economy is put in place, solids will be used a lot more. As it stands currently, they don't really have any benefits.
  21. I figured that it's a problem with the staging. If I take off the parts underneath pod and reset them, it shows up.
  22. Would it be possible to have the Mercury and Gemini chutes work with RealChute? I love the models, but I wish they deployed realistically.
  23. I tried that with the tanks folder exempt from the compression, but they still don't show. I can't run it without or I get crashes.
  24. You can't "find it" until you get there. You should enter orbit with an inclination of 0, or if you have the fuel, perform a burn to place yourself in a 0inc orbit.
  25. The ISS has the giant radiators mounted to the truss, the shuttle had the radiators on the interior of the payload bay doors, and the Apollo sm had surface-mounted radiators (If you look at a picture, they're the white panels on the otherwise metallic hull of the sm). Interstellar has radiators and heat build-up, so that might be something to look at in terms of integration.
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