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  1. Note, thr Deadly Re-entry mod also includes death by high G-forces. When I first installed it, I had to many parachutes on the craft. It survived re-entry, but at 500 meters, all the chutes popped and killed my crew!

    Realchute mod stops the "sudden 20g parachute deployment syndrome".

  2. There a lot of great tutorial videos out there, so check some of those out. Do you look at your relative velocity at your closest approach? It sounds like it's pretty high, but you want it to be as low as possible. It's somewhat counterintuitive, but you can't just thrust in the direction of your target. As you close in on your target, you want to do a series of small burns or RCS maneuvers to match your orbits and therefore lower your relative velocity. Ideally, your rVel should be almost nothing by the time you're 200m away.

  3. Is there a way to remove a texture? I added and then deleted Sylith's head pack, but I deleted it because I kept only getting female Kerbals (Not that I dislike female Kerbals, I just don't like Jeb with lipstick!). Anyway, I removed the textures, but they still appear in the game. How do I get the default head back?

  4. My main problem with the worthlessness of transmitting data is the fact that its simply nonsensical. What difference is there between Curiosity beaming back pictures from Mars, and a person standing on mars taking pictures with a camera, or then having to bring that camera back home for that matter? Obviously there are some things probes can't do, but to only get 20% of the science that would make no difference in how it was is absurd.

  5. The bottom line is that you want your Duna Pe somewhere around 50km while you're still a few days out from the SOI. That's about as close as you need to be at that point. Note that it's pretty common to get a fly-by encounter with Ike so you really can't fine-tune your Duna Pe until you're inside Ike's orbit.

    Aerocapture is the way to go at Duna. Once inside Ike, quicksave, then drop your Pe into Duna's atmosphere (-radial burns work best for this) and see what happens. Somewhere between 11-12km is usually good, but it all depends on your speed and the Ap you want afterwards. Anyway, if you don't get the Ap you want, reload the quicksave, tweak the Pe up or down a little, and try again.

    Mechjeb's landing guidance can predict your orbit after aerocapture, so you can change your pe to achieve your desired Duna orbit.

  6. So I happened to see this while looking at my surface display on Engineer: cSNdjMG.png

    I watched it go around a few times. Instead of going from 0-180-0, or even 0-360, once it hits 0, it rolls around to 490 every time. Is this a problem with Engineer, or is it game-wide? I'm a bit flummoxed as to how there can be more than 360 degrees.

  7. I think you should give up on sending probes with those kinda experiments and isntead send probes with very light experiment modules like the temperature etc...

    I agree that some (not all) experiments should be re-usable, otherwise voyager like missions would be very akwardly loaded with hundreds of science modules.

    Perhaps a new science part like a camera which takes pictures could be a reusable science module... it's still early developement and the possibilities are many! :)

    Which raises the problem that those experiments are so far down the tech tree that by the time you unlock them, you don't even need them. I like grand interplanetary unmanned missions, Like Voyager, Pioneer, Curiosity, Cassini...etc, and this update pretty much made them impossible. Am in in the minority of people who enjoy there type of missions?

    I know there are a lot of competing interests out there vis a vis the direction this game is heading in, and I'm not offering any criticisms, this is just my personal gameplay style.

  8. So here's my problem. I'm a big fan of sending unmanned probes, but now that each science module can only be used once, I'd have to attach 10 materials bays and 10 goo canisters to hit all the biomes I pass through. This makes my probe the size of a house, and defeats the purpose of sending unmanned missions in the first place.

    Is there something I'm missing about the new system? Or or there modded parts out there that make the materials bay and goo cans tiny, so I can strap a bunch on?

    I know how to use the new science lab, but that only applies to return missions. I'm not taking kerbals with me, and the probes aren't coming back.

  9. if you set CONIC_PATCH_DRAW_MODE = 0 (Mech jeb can do this in the maneuver node editor) it will draw your path relative bodies. If you also change CONIC_PATCH_LIMIT to something higher than 3 it will also plot more SOI changes. Both of these are in the Settings file.

    Thanks. That's helpful, but it didn't quite answer my question. What I want to know is, for example, when I'm in LKO planning my ejection burn to the Mun, I want to know what burn parameters will result in X inclination upon Munar orbital insertion, and if I were to perform a mid-course correction, what burn I would need to perform to establish a Munar orbit with X inclination

  10. Hi folks. Forgive me if this is a silly question, but I'm rather new to KSP after using Orbiter for many years. Anyway, my question is, how to I predict my inbound inclination when arriving at my destination body before I enter its SOI? Let's say I want to arrive at Duna in a 20 degree inclined orbit without having to do a major plane change burn. It seems that Mechjeb and Engineer have no way of doing this, unless I'm missing something. The only way I can see to do it now is to guess based on the trajectory in map view, which is about as precise as not knowing at all.

  11. Ok so I've just started career mode, and my first few missions have be Kerbin or Mun orbit-and-return missions. As far as I can tell, aside from the science you get from sending reports, you also get science when you finish the mission and recover the capsule (recovery of ship from kerbin orbit, recovery of ship from mun flyby...etc). So my question is this: How does this effect missions that do not return safely to Kerbin, like satellites that stay in orbit, or unmanned landers?