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  1. Hey Nathan, Medieval and I have been talking, and it seems like my RT2 cfg would be best to just include with RO at this point, rather than have it in the 2nd post as an extra. Your thoughts?

    My only concern is making sure everyone has the right settings, and changing the ground station locations to match with real Earth RSS.

    I'm going to be hands-off for a little while, probably until .24 hits, and then I'll see if any changes need to be made vis-a-vis Cilph's major update, and any updates to RSS/RO at that time. To that end, you can make any changes to the cfg if you like.

    What do you think?

  2. Ok here is for anyone who is having trouble with my RT2 cfg.

    For anyone who is interested, *** HERE *** is my Realism Overhaul for RemoteTech2. To use, simply put the cfg in your Gamedata folder, and delete the AIES RT2 cfg if you have it.

    Make sure you have the following settings in your RemoteTech_Settings.cfg:

    ConsumptionMultiplier = 1

    RangeMultiplier = 1

    RangeModelType = Root

    MultipleAntennaMultiplier = somewhere between 0.25 and 1. Experiment to see what works best for you.

    I also suggest increasing your ground station omni range, but whether or not, and by how much is up to you.

    If you add this to an existing save, you may find that some of your probes/satellites are no longer in range, or don't have enough power, so I recommend only using it on a new save.

    You'll also want to change the coordinates of your ground station to match the latest RSS Earth.

    Many thanks to NathanKell and RedAV8R for helping me put this together.

  3. I would like to support a change from ECLSS to TAC. Until ECLSS is being updated again I think this switch would be best, at the moment ECLSS is acting buggy and makes my FPS sad ;.;. The only downside really is that the parts aren't as pretty, but you can use procedural/stretchy tanks for resource storage and then a cfg edit or two to use different parts for the recyclers. Didn't jrandom do some preliminary work on adapting TACLS for RSS a while back?

    EDIT: yep found it

    I support this, at least until amsi back or hands of the work to someone else. And I believe there are alternate containers for TAC available.

  4. on the note of making kerbals into humans that was mentioned

    texture replacer seems to be able to "re-skin" a kerbal, fairly easily really, so could we find a simple way to alter the form that is re-skinned into something slightly more human like and then apply them an average mass equal to 70kg, 154lbs in the american system, (the average weight of an average adult human) from the 0.03125 "in-game" mass units applied to them? Seeing the great work done to kerbal suits and heads in many TR packs i'm sure someone could create reasonable looking humans in short order if it was requested. Even if they look "cartoony" they would be a step up from huge headed, long limbed, pot-belly kerbals with green skin. Just a thought, i myself lack the ability to attempt this

    Personally, I'd rather have them as weird little green creatures than some sort of half kerbal/half human hybrid. If we really want to make them human, let's do it right, but that means new body meshes, textures, and animations.

  5. The _R means I modify a copy, not the original, so as not to interfere with FASA realism patches.

    The new engines are created in my local cfgs, which I haven't released with RftS because of FASA's licensing. I doubt Frizzank or I want RftS configurations of engines in FASA, but I was planning to ask whether he'd mind if I include the copy cfgs in RftS.

    So are you going to no longer support FASA engines with RftSEngines, and rely on Redav8r's patch instead? And do you plan on continuing to work on RftSEngines?

  6. Is there an option to keep the current Kerbin texture (NOT the stock Kerbol system 10x rescale). I'm staunchly in favor of all things realism, up until this point. It just feels too weird to me to launch a bunch of little bug eyed greed dudes from the cape. Unless Redoing kerbals themselves is planned?

  7. my problem is unless i timewarp i cannot tell if a moon is orbiting away from me or towards me.

    It's very very very simple. If your orbit crosses in front of the planet, you will be in a retrograde orbit (opposite of moons), if your orbit passes behind the planet, you will be in a prograde orbit (same as moons). I can even show you pictures if you like.