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  1. Is there a way to lock the height of the interstages as you increase the width? Or maybe for the next version, have the interstages be really thin? I'm just throwing this out there because it gets to be kind of ridiculous to have an 8m lower stage, and have this massive interstage on top. Especially for larger and wider rockets, they take up precious verticle space, and they don't look great either when they're that big.
  2. It's 3E+08, not 09. Or for accuracy, 2.9979E+08
  3. Have you thought about using Realism Overhaul and Real Solar System?
  4. The fission acts as the primary, which sets of the secondary fusion reaction. And we're talking orders of magnitude more powerful. The most powerful pure fission device was 500 kilotons, which is about the upper limit for pure fission devices. The most powerful Fusion device was ever tested was 50 megatons, but there is no theoretical upper limit for a fusion bomb.
  5. The Epoch 1577907488.17727995 that's in the config is 50.0019 years in seconds. So what your saying is that the way the game reads the epoch is basically "The epoch is x seconds until J2000"? But J2000 isn't defined anywhere that I can see.
  6. Inclination is not the problem, I plan my launch azimuth to match the target body. The problem is the planets not beeing where the calculator thinks they are. So far I've tested for Duna, Jool, and Eve, and they all are massively off. I looked through the orbital elements and I can't see anything wrong. I am curious about the Epoch being used by the cfg though, because it's not Julian, and there's no other system where the number given works as 1950. Nathan, how did you figure out the Epoch?
  7. It's not just the angles, I haven't calculated anything myself yet, because I wanted to test out the new calculator, but my windows are either way early or way late.
  8. Has anyone tried using AbeS' launch window calculator? I'm getting some really wonky transfers, and dates that don't match up.
  9. Will the new experiments be released at the same time as the ms19?
  10. Assuming you have all of the mods installed: RSS/RO/FAR/DR...etc, the optimal launch profile depends on your launch vehicle, just like in real life. Geosynchronous orbit is 35,786 kilometers (or a semi-major axis of 42,164 km), the same as Earth.
  11. At the time of the Saturn V design, there were several proposals for recovery and re-usability, but none of them were seriously considered. 2 proposals for recovering the S-IC included parachute recovery, and catching it mid-air with a giant helicopter. Really though, it boiled down to the cost and time constraints of developing these technologies, and the fact the the Saturn V was only planned for a limited number of launches to begin with, making re-usability somewhat pointless.
  12. 1) Like I said before, the navball is inaccurate because it assumes your entire burn takes place as one instantaneous impulse. There's no way around it, so you have to learn some tricks to cope with it. Like I said before, you cab do multiple Pe burns. Shorter burns are more accurate, so that will help. Also, towards the end of the burn, keep pointing towards your burn marker until it starts to move, then stay where it was when it starts to drift, cutting off as close to 0 as possible. Then, if necessary, use RCS to trim. 2) If you want, you multiple periapsis burns to reduce the length of each burn
  13. Your biggest problem is that you're starting your burn at the wrong time. The maneuver node is telling you your burn time based on your current engine, but it also assumes your burn will be one instantaneous impulse. What you want to to is time it so that you are halfway through your burn AT the node. If your burn time is 24 minutes, start your burn 12 minutes before the node. Also, you can try doing multiple periapsis burns. This will make your final ejection burn shorter. And if you're feeling adventurous, try a Jool slingshot. You can save a ton of dV that way. My biggest pieces of advice would be to time your burns, and use only one stage for the ejection burn if you can.
  14. The hatch! He's the size of the entire S-IVB!!
  15. AFAIK, Mechjeb doesn't know that FAR exists, so it calculates drag based on the stock model. I'm not 100% on that though.
  16. You can just remove the DeadlyReentry.dll, and leave the rest of the folder. That way the heatshield will stay put, but no DR effects will happen. Once he returns safely, you can put the .dll back.
  17. All launch vehicles have roughly 1500-2000m/s of dV loss due to combined air resistance and gravity drag. Is this what you are talking about, or are you OVER that by 1700m/s?
  18. I'm having the same problem, but maybe I can make a suggestion? instead of specifying which tanks are and aren't pressurized, why not just add helium as a resource, and if you have an rcs tank with helium, any tank that is connected to it is pressurized. Because I looked through the config, and there are only a few tanks that are pressurized. Sure, I could add the ones I want myself (mostly stretchy tanks), but why pigeon-hole the user? Also, is there a preferred engine cfg for this? I use RftS but it looks like it's meant to work with RealEngines.
  19. That's only the Gemini rcs. Does anyone want to take on editing the others?
  20. Sadly true, especially since AbeS did wonderful work on that. Does anyone have the physics/coding chops to try and make a brand new launch window calculator for RSS, with a correctly sized sun?
  21. Is it possible to have bi-propellant RCS? It'd be a nice touch, realism wise.
  22. I thought that was only for omni? it doesn't have unlimited range when communicating with dishes?