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  1. Because Mission control is directly on the terminator, and when I'm on the probe view, I can plainly see the terminator, and the continent where mission control is.
  2. So I know this is not a unique problem, but here it goes: I have a probe headed to Duna with a 600Gm range dish active, powered, and targeting mission control. Mission control is in direct line of sight, with no obstructions, and I'm only 1.5Gm away, yet I have no connection. Did I forget to do something?
  3. Hey Nathan, did you happen to see my last pm?
  4. Which makes custom bodies useless for the time being. Is anyone out there willing to take on the task of making a calculator for RSS?
  5. I was trying to find a way to keep everything consistent, given that the game doesn't know how to do axial tilt, but if you change one thing, everything else cascades, so I just left it as-is. On another note, does anyone know of a good launch window calculator that works for this? I can always go by angles, but porkchop plots are more detailed, and provide more precise info on orbital elements.
  6. But somewhere the numbers are doing something they shouldn't. The Moon currently has an inclination of 23.44 degrees with respect to the equator and the ecliptic, since they are the same thing. I just want to change it to what it should be, which is 5.145.
  7. 1) I know the Omni range is 75Mm, but the dish range is unlimited, yes? 2) I'll figure something out. 3) I looked at the cfg, and I found the tracking station STATION { Guid = 5105f5a9-d628-41c6-ad4b-21154e8fc488 Name = Mission Control Latitude = -0.131331503391266 Longitude = -74.594841003418 Height = 75 Body = 1 Antennas { ANTENNA { Omni = 7.5E+07 } } } } It looks like all I have to do to place another station is to copy that and change the longitude, but what do I put for the name and the Guid? And will the multiple stations be connected to each other?
  8. Cilph, I have a few questions and possibly a suggestion. 1) Does mission control have unlimited dish range? For example, If I had a probe orbiting Jool, could that probe's dish antenna establish a two-way direct connection with mission control, bypassing my comm network, assuming the probe's dish has adequate range, and there is line-of-site? 2) Is there a way to selectively deactivate RT2 on a specific save, or do I have to remove or replace the .dll and restart the game? I ask because I have a blank slate sandbox game where I like to test out launch vehicles, ascent profiles, staging...etc, and I hate losing comm before orbital insertion. 3) I know this has been brought up before with a lot of negative reactions, but is is possible to add multiple tracking stations on the surface, connection via some imaginary terrestrial connection? Basically a Kerbal Deep Space Network; 3 stations roughly 120 degrees apart I know RT2 is about realism, but this isn't an unrealistic request, rather, I think it would add to it. Even in the earliest days of space exploration, there was global, if not spotty, coverage provided by aircraft and ship mounted antennas, and land based coverage from friendly nations. It just doesn't make much sense that the only point of contact is the KSC. It also makes setting up your network, especially that first relay, less of pain.
  9. In that case, Nathan, where in the configs can I remove the non-functional axial tilt, and go back to having the axes of rotation be perpendicular to the equator for all planets? Since it doesn't work anyway, I'd rather get rid of it for now, and have all the moons with correct inclinations with respect to the ecliptic.
  10. I might be wrong here, but it seems like the rotational axes of the planets aren't actually tilted. I noticed this when planning a lunar intercept, and my launch azimuth was way off. When I launch from Kerbin (Earth) into a perfectly equatorial orbit, it's also perfectly aligned with the ecliptic, when it should be 23.44 degrees offset. This means that the axial tilt is actually zero. Following that logic, the Mun should only be offset from the ecliptic by 5.145 degrees, but instead, it's 23.44 +/- 5.145. The same happens for Phobos and Deimos (can't remember which KPS moons they are). Is this a limitation in the game, did I screw up the math somewhere, or am I using a messed up/old version?
  11. Boeing really does make some magnificent wings. The 747 and 777 were tested with up to 9 meters of flex before structural failure. 9 meters!
  12. Wings tend to droop more, and flex less, when fully fueled. They're supposed to flex like that to handle the structural stresses from turbulent airflow. Otherwise they'd snap right off. Those type of winglets actually increase flexing because of the way they alter the wingtip vortices.
  13. Not sure what I was doing before, but it stopped now. Thanks anyway.
  14. Whatever version I had, the one you gave me fixed it. Thanks!
  15. Hey Cilph, assuming I have your permission (and Carmic's permission), how would I go about adding RT2 functionality to some of the AIES antennas not supported by RT2? There are some smaller dishes (The CL-1, CM-60, Omega G2, and CommTechs 1 and 2) that would be great for small interplanetary probes and manned spacecrafts that don't need or have room for the larger dishes. The ones I mentioned specifically more or less copy the high gain antennas of the early probes (Mariner, Viking...etc). So anyway, assuming it's cool with you, how would I do this? I'm using RSS/RO if that matters.
  16. I've got a bug where the RCS propellant I add to the command module (Hydrazine, HTP, what have you) usually the Mk 1-2 pod, disappears after I jettison my service module for reentry. And I don't mean the tank is empty, I mean the green bar at the top right isn't there anymore. Any ideas?
  17. That's what I'm trying to do, but without an offset CoM, the capsule orients itself with 0 AoA, and since Pods have no RCS, I lose attitude control once I jettison my Service module. So how do I, or rather, can I even, add RCS transforms, and add a CoM offset?
  18. I'm probably doing something wrong, but I'm having trouble with making interstage adapters. I can use two fairing bases facing each other, and it works ok, like this: But if I try to use the interstage adapter (which is what they're for, no?) I end up with weird shapes that I can't change, like this: Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
  19. Has anyone figured out a good procedure for a lifting entry with a capsule? (Apollo CM or Soyuz SA style). I've gotten pretty great at pure ballistic reentry, but I'd like to try and minimize Gs and and have some cross/downrange capability. My usually peak G load is somewhere between 7-9, sometimes a little higher, never lower. This is what you'd expect for a pure ballistic reentry, and my heat management is not a problem. AFAIK, the only way to do is is to offset the capsule's CoM, and add RCS transforms for control but I'm not sure how to do either of those things. Ideally, I'd like to achieve realistic G loads, so 4-5 for LKO return, and 7 for Munar return.
  20. So basically I just have to plop on extra RCS quads for roll authority? It breaks the beauty of some of the ships, but I can live with that. Does this apply for gimballing as well, and even with dtobi's plugin? Edit: HoneyFox, does your TweakableGimbal allow for this?
  21. This isn't an issue with RO specifically, but I'll post it here because maybe someone else has noticed this, or knows what I'm doing wrong. Anyway, I'm having a lot of issues with roll control on command pods with built-in rcs, and gimballed engines. I notice this in particular with FASA pods and LazTek's Dragon pod. The FASA Gemini has built-in rcs, but I only have pitch and yaw control, same for the dragon capsule. And none of the gimballed engines give me roll either (obviously not single engines), But none of the cluster engines that should provide 3 axis control. Am I missing something?
  22. This is desperately needed for Realism Overhaul, since RO has no built in torque wheels. Without built in RCS, you have no attitude control.
  23. Half of a chocolate chip cookie. It'll be a tasty snack while I vaporize.
  24. Anywhere in your GameData folder, as long as you have Module Manager installed.