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  1. Same here. But I have it happen in version 1.04.
  2. I did some more testing, it seems to only happen when I use the Mk 1 Command Pod. It's most outspoken with the female kerbals. Also it only seemed to happen when I attached the pods like this and there was nothing in the logs that I could see.
  3. No matter wich space suit I select, the tourists always have what seems to be a second helmet in the IVA picture. Is there a fix for this?
  4. Whenever I enter the VAB or SPH the life support status window won't show any of my vessels anymore. When entering the Tracking center or Astronaut Complex it keeps working.
  5. In my opinion the one in Scart91's texture pack are nice. I'm using those.
  6. One issue might be Squad keep changing the Aero model :-/.
  7. On the modular girder and truss sections there is one node that isn't working.
  8. I did some limited testing to try and get the drill to overheat but so far it didn't overheat. As far as I can tell you need an engineer to increase effeciency.
  9. You can also heat up the converter from engine heat, once the converter hit's a temp of 500 it will overheat to 100% and be stuck on that.
  10. Is it because of the dependencies aren't updated for 1.0 or because of the new aerodynamics?
  11. Loading with ATM for the first time can take a very long time, it may seem that it hangs but it's most likely not the case. It can take hours before it's done.
  12. As far as I have tested it, it just stops the rotation. no wierdness found.
  13. When I use a scaled up part it's fine on launch but when I reload the scene with that vessel the rescaled parts have all reverted to their originial size. Is there a fix for that?