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  1. Well yes - fixing the reappearing careers should not be a problem. Them even reappearing is not much of a problem, actually. But I guess regarding the mysterious deletion of KSPs localization we are at the end of our line? Should I report this issue to Microsoft kind of as a bug maybe?
  2. Apparently the Localization-file is still being deleted. I sequentially made three exceptions: The KSP directory, the Localization-directory and finally the .cfg itself. I doublechecked if i did the exclusions right and tried launching the game through steam or just with a restart of the machine, as the Localization-file seems to be deleted upon starting the game through steam and when Windows finishes startup (...or when shutting down, for all I know) I think thats wild. i specifically excluded a file not to be tampered with, but Windows deletes it anyway? Edit: Interesting. I didnt really think about it yet, but just now I realized the Career games I deleted twice now keep reappearing whenever I verify KSPs local files. This is probably steams doing? Normally I wouls expect Steam to understand I want these saves gone - maybe this has something to say? The Career I actively play it saves flights and all correctly, though.
  3. Thank you, cheesecake. Ill plant a Flag somewhere in your honors. Ill check back if it works.
  4. Here is what I got: Everything else was Steam or KSP itself - nothing else. I dont know what I am looking at, but maybe you do?
  5. Thanks, Cheesecake - ive got Procmon downloaded and will try my luck with it asap!
  6. I am not many, but I am. Thankfully, starting directly from directory works and I can have some KSP in the meantime - its still pretty grating, though. Accidently starting from steam and I might break my game permanently. Are there any news as to where this comes from and what I could do to fix the issue? I ve been googling since yesterday, but nothing yet. I reinstalled several times and deleted anything I found in APPDATA I could find about KSP before reinstalling, too. Edit: I just started KSP from its local .exe and got "autoLOC" again. I didnt start KSP since last time i successfully launched it from its .exe yesterday or so - yet I just had to reaquire 395 Files. So these files are being deleted without starting the game through steam. Maybe that helps something.
  7. @Trevisan Probably, seeing how Dewar just answered in may. Buuut I wouldnt mind him confirming this himself. ;-) I am wondering, btw, is anyone playing this mod with the community-techtree and a light selection of essential mods? If so - what did you pick? I found my community-tree has quite some empty nodes....
  8. Thanks a lot! Those are some really good tips!
  9. Since this topic is resolved anyway - what does everyone do to grind for money? The contracts Ive got right now are not too appealing to grind with, right now. I remember there was a goldmining-mod for that - is that still a thing?
  10. Thanks everyone - Indeed I found the advanced tweakables in the settings, when I opened them from the main menu. Right now my Springs are set to 0.5 and the Dampeners all the way to 2.0 - it still bobs a little up and down, but much less so!
  11. Im glad to hear - really am! Sounds like I was just unlucky returning right before some new bugs being squashed. What are you referring to with advanced tweakables? Is it a mod? I rightclicked the wheels on the runway yesterday but didnt get any options to fiddle with springs or dampeners.
  12. Hi everyone, just yesterday out of the blue i reinstalled KSP via steam, found some mods and started a few test-games in sandbox-mode. Immediatly I found my Planes continuously bumping up and down on its wheels, without touching any buttons first, and went to check if I was the only one with this issue. It looks like I am not, but its rather hard to get some definite answers with so many topics flying about - is everyone having these rocking motions? Is there a fix or can I fix it myself, somehow? Is it a known bug thats aknowledged by the devs? Is it still Squad behind KSP or did the clear the seat for TakeTwo? When why and how did TakeTwo take over and what did they change? Whats the huge Community-clash I heard about and why does it look like most mods are having hard times fighting with bugs? Ive played KSP when decouplers even werent in the game yet, but nowadays I feel I am pretty much out the loop. Reading into 1 or 2 topics in here it sounded almost like KSP is not the game I remember. Id be happy if someone filled me in.
  13. Ill keep posting if I come across usefull info myself. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/118658-New-Heat-System-causes-memory-leak Seeing as most of my crashes happened flying with planes (preferably with several engines because I like going fast) I guess this is the problem I had with most crashes as well. Just now I crashed from the VAB, though, so there must be more.
  14. I was looking for a Topic catering to this question only, so I wouldnt have to make a new one just for me. If youd like, you can stick this one to the top. So, on we go: I keep crashing to desktop and naturally, I expected some not-updated mod to be the culprit. I removed Firespitter and KIS and launched again but - as I just learned - to no avail. Theres only one mod remaining incompatible with KSP (According to KSP itself) which is MechJeb. Im not quite willing to let go of MJ just yet, unless someone can truly confirm MJ is the cause Anyway - my latest Log: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3OvfUn1lRtRfjI3d0x5SUtOTHlnMVQtMHR0MktPa3FCVzEteXZSVnlSZVc4Qmp3eFFDbUk&usp=sharing Maybe this little bit of Info helps - so far I seemingly only crash when flying my surveyor-planes around on Kerbin. Once I crashed approaching the Space Center.
  15. Heyo, You all know the in-game contracts-list. It displays the contracts you accepted in your little 'marketing-hut' (or whatever it was called again) and it allows you to fold up / unfold every single contract when you click its title. Today I had the idea to sort my contracts by using this list, folding up every contract my current vehicle couldnt do - that involved mostly "test ... on escape-trajectory" for example. I quickly realised that this list doesnt save its states. Everytime you re-open your list, every single contract is also open again. You guessed it: Im suggesting to make the list remember which contracts were open, which were closed. On top of that I could imagine being able to click on single sub-requirements, like "...on escape-trajectory" to highlight and possibly auto-foldup any contract containing a similar line. In example: I know I wont be able to reach an escape-trajectory from kerbin, so clicking on the line of contract XY stating that requirement closes this contract and any other contract requiring me to reach escape-velocity. Another small sidenote - Contracts in the line of "test part XY" should show a thumbnail and/or more details about the part in question. I took a contract asking me to test the huge "twin-boar"-liquid boosters on an escape-trajectory away from kerbin - at that time I barely had researched my third node.
  16. The problem with contracts is that you will eventually always grind one or more missions just to get the missing funds for mission XY - which will never be fun compared to the fluid gameplay you got with lets say Kethane for example. Getting a fuel-producing outpost running on Minmus, for example, required you to design severel crafts from orbiter over interplanetary haulers to tugs, possible planetary transporters to get the products to your desired equator and finally another launchvehicle to get the juice to your target-craft in orbit around the celestial body. And it doesnt stop there. Want to optimize the process? How about one of those SSTOs? You build prototypes and take them on test-runs. Everytime you swap that crane on minmus for another, you may have to construct another launchvehicle again. Not enough Vespene- Energy? Make another Solar Powerplant - maybe with enough ground-clearance for your vehicles. It never ends. Theres always something you can do whereas missions repeat rather quickly and get more boring everytime you accept one of the same type. In my humble opinion just adding funds would have helped a lot as it would have added another dimension to the planning-process of your crafts and basecomponents. Of course this is just my point of view and I do not insist on being right. Research is a little cumbersome, yet, but a very nice addition nonetheless. I would have linked some requirements for some branches of the tech-tree to other things than visiting biomes, though. For example no atomic motors before having at least one craft in SOI around Duna for example. A possible solution would have been utilizing Ion-motors to get there with a probe for example.
  17. I felt like answering that because what you and maybe some others need to know is that this is always how it goes with Gamedevelopment - Updates in the beginning are always more frequent and gamechanging compared to later on. That is not because the Devs - Squad - are getting lazy or dont care about people, but simply how Work-progress applies to the project. A simple example: You are working on a ball of clay. Every day you add a piece of clay at the size of your thumb. At day one you start with one of those pieces the size of your thumb. At day two you add another clump - your total mass increased by 100%. It doubled in size. Ten days later, though, you add the eleventh piece of clay to your ball. The piece you add will still have the size of a thumb while your ball contains already ten pieces of clay and is ten times the size - your total mass-increase is only 10%, even though you added the same amount of clay you added back in day one. To translate that in KSP-terms. Kerbal Space Programm is the ball of clay Squad is working on. Every week, lets say, they add another weeks worth of work to the game, making it bigger and more complex. With every Week that goes by the game requires more work to deliver Updates with the same 'potency'. Harvester published a blogentry about that very topic some time back and mentioned how it actually boggles him self. So - if you feel different thats fine but I dont think you should waste your good mood on non-existing issues. Sqad didnt stop listening or working on KSP. Stuff just takes more time now and will always do. After all you should enjoy KSP for what it is anyways and not what might or might not come with the next update.
  18. I think I read about people in the mod-development-corner already discussing it - but either way - Explosions are just like KSPs Sounds still placeholders and meant to be overhauled one day. Other than that - I think I could even live with the current explosions. I would imagine some additional effects to be badass, though: Fires and visible damage (via decals, possibly?) on debris and crafts. But only if they could be made in a manner where it wouldnt stress the Computer too much
  19. I dont quite remember what happened with Voyager/Vger in the movie other than it developing some kind of self-consciousness. But if Voyager were to make an entry in KSP, I wouldnt take the fictional crazed version but the original Probe, that actually left our Solar system. Well. Yes, Voyager would be a potential candidate. Whats most interesting about it, though, is its role as an interstellar craft that left our solar system. We could go with another model like the magic boulder, but - like its been said before now - it would be nicer to have something you can do stuff with and/or has some interesting background. How about a comet/planetoid on an exeptionally large orbit around the sun and heavily inclined/elliptical, entering and leaving the solar system maybe only once in a few years. I would imagine it to be very small planet with very low gravity so you can actually land on it. Intercepting that body should be quite a task and make for a nice target for potential bases
  20. That! Absolutely that! Very good point Instead of mashing the game up with even more foreign stuff that doesnt really belong there, lets give the Kerbals something that actually belongs to them! Possibly even introducing a mild backgroundstory. Thinking of that, my favourite Easteregg of the few I ever visited is the Island-runway. It fits, it has practical use and most important: you can enter it and land on the top of the tower. You can do stuff with it. Just like with our new, pretty much beefed up KSP-center. I love testing my roverdesigns on the launchpad and around the compound. Sidenote: We need more ramps at KSC! Edit: Actually - reading Medweds post again - some real-life-eastereggs might still be a nice addition. And if Squad were to add real-life crafts - yeah, why the hell should we not have some russian vessels, too? Theres only one requirement to meet, though - the featured object should *pointing at Malfunction* actually mean something. No random stuff. Spontaneous thougt: We already have one/some seemingly abandoned Space-centers. How about adding 2-3 more, resembling the most important/most used space-centers from earth? They would kind of look like the island-runway in terms of style and textures. Those would make some pretty nice places to land and build bases at.
  21. Hey everyone. I did think of the memorial-site, however, I kind of see that one more belonging to Neil himself, rather than nasa. Its true I forgot about the Rover, though. Is it still buried in the ground? Well - either way that means we're not overdue, but yeah, something a little bigger would be nice and it wouldnt even really have to be something fitting the real world. A crashlanded Spaceshuttle on muns surface would look nice in my opinion, even though the Shuttles were never meant to leave Earths orbit. In general, something like a crashlanded object that left traces on the ground it sled over, leaving bits on the way, tells a little story, whereas a static rover is just a static display. In my opinion it would be nice to maybe have another Nasa-themed easteregg thats a little more in the likes of the signal-broadcasting pyramids. Something that offers more to discover. Edit: Id like to point out that Im not trying to make a suggestion to the devs here. Its just a bit of thinking out loud jolly discussing the matter.
  22. Hey, Ive been away for some bit now due to lots of work I had to do and just read about the collaboration with NASA and came to think - isnt some kind of easteregg related to NASA somewhat overdue? Id love a dusty Moon-lander on the Moon or some more deserted buildings on Kerbin. My favourite would be a half-sunken Saturn V Lifter-stage somewhere in the desert. KSPs Universe is supposed to be a thing on its own thats not linked to our real world, but that doesnt mean we cant have some nice Eastereggs like those suggested. They fit the theme rather well and in the Saturns' case Id love to see some traces indicating previous spacefaring endeavours. Our own burnt out stages tend to simply despawn without a trace. Opinions? Any other great ideas what could make for a really nice easteregg are also welcome!
  23. Nice addition. Personally I wouldnt add more seats to the crew-tank than necessary. You also need some room to store stuff like food/water or equipment in. Some simple boxes for that could already do if youre able to make some
  24. If you can, it would be nice to have some special features on the transformed/half-transformed planets. Like the aequatorial line being speckled with green while the caps are still barren - or the whole planet being still desert-like, but with first lakes and ponds in some spots. That way we could actually drive along on the surface and see the surroundings change little by little as we go by. I like your idea a lot.
  25. I just went over the "Still to do/fix" section again and read about inactive Vessels not drawing any charge. Well, provided this mod wont work with preventing vessels from unloading - how about capping the scanners efficiency on inactive vessels? I wouldnt care if it took my flock of satellites a little longer to map a planet, if I can just scan the important places by hand.
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