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  1. And our Kerbal Overlord did a review on it ..
  2. So no bugs reported means this will just run fine under 1.0.5?
  3. Could this problem be related to the "missing body lift" bug? Slowing down was very difficult right after 1.0.5 was released. Haven't tried after the hotfix yet ..
  4. Time for an electric propeller ..
  5. New save game? Resources are seeded on every new game, so you might end up with lower density in a new game.
  6. Gonna buy a 2nd copy today and gift it to a friend, Squad derserved it!
  7. Actually the ore could contain stuff like Helium-3, then it would be more valueable than just the ammount of fuel.
  8. You know the Top 5 ingredients of the universe as far as we know? #1 Hydrogen #2 Helium #3 Oxygen #4 Carbon #5 Nitrogen Dont you ever dare to say that Hydrogen isn't abundant. It's everywhere.
  9. Actually after my 2nd orbit in v1.0, my chute was overheating during reentry because of a too steap angle, but luckily for Bob it did not fail ..
  10. KSP addicts all over the world hammering F5 like crazy ...
  11. Ok I'm home .. RELEASE THE KRAKEN!
  12. How about finding out for yourself? xD It's gonna be fun when everyone is almost clueless about the new "perfect" numbers.
  13. +1 before leaving work and SRB'ing my way home
  14. Same here, deleted all of KSP from my hdd yesterday. Waiting to get home and get v1.0 ..