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  1. I am working on a full release. Been very busy, and didn't even realize there'd been a new version. Thanks, tomf, for getting started.
  2. Yeah, just multiply the ratio values. It's just an amount per some unit time.
  3. I don't think so, but I'll look into it. Both look right to me. Number of Scientists in the lab doesn't affect Eureka production. It's based on the stock resource converter (not the stock Science modules), and when I tried to enable that feature, it didn't seem to do anything. My guess is it only works with Engineers, since that's the only role that affects resource production in the stock game, but I didn't investigate further. Yeah, 6.5t seems way too low to me. Maybe 15t would be fair?
  4. Version 2.0 is now available, This version integrates SpeedyB's new models (which include some texture work by Nertia). Much thanks to both of them! This version might cause some backwards compatibility issues, as the dimensions of the new models differ slightly from some of the old ones, but this should be primarily a visual issue, not functionality.
  5. I have been unable to reproduce the bioproducts issue. When I reset a finalized creature comforts experiment, starting the experiment again works, correctly discarding the old bioproducts. This is on the latest version. I'm not able to support old versions, but I don't know what would have changed. Regarding Cyclotron, you certainly don't need 3.75m parts to launch it. The 2.5m fairing easily encloses it, and a fairly straightforward 2.5m rocket can deliver it to orbit.
  6. I don't manage the CKAN listing. 1.1.1 came out yesterday. The mod almost certainly still works, but I haven't tried yet.
  7. 1. I suppose it's theoretically possible to unlock the whole tree never using the stock science parts (use Science from contracts to unlock Station Science parts, then use those the rest of the way), but that's certainly not the way it's intended to be used. It is, however, intended to replace the stock Mobile Processing Lab. I don't disable it, but in terms of balance, the games probably overly easy if you use both. 2. I would expect so; this mod puts the parts into the stock tree in the usual way. 3. There won't be contracts generated for the other planets, but the experiments themselves should work. 4. Looks like they should; they are different, but complementary. @VaPaL the parts and experiments work on the surface as well (just not on Kerbin itself), but contracts for the surface aren't generated, since base construction isn't well-supported in the stock game.
  8. I really can't say with much precision. I haven't seen the actual model files yet. Order of weeks, I suppose. I'm also not certain how breaking the changes will be. It might just be visual; that radial parts attached to Station Science parts might appear to "float" over the surface of the new parts.
  9. Version 1.6, with support for KSP 1.1, is now available. This release has no new features or modelling, but I will be pursuing integration of SpeedyB's new models for a new release. This will likely be a v2 release that breaks backwards compatibility. edit: Looks like the models won't significantly break compatibility, actually, so don't let that put you off using this mod now.
  10. I am working on updating this for 1.1. It should be ready by 1.1 release.
  11. A station for which you do each experiment only once (and under contract each time) should be quite profitable. So it's not a "giant resource eating station", unless your launch designs are just wildly inefficient. And if you use an SSTO to do repeat experiments (also under contract), it should be a comfortable source of income. What I don't want to do is for the "Science" game to become trivial once you build a single station, This is what unlimited repeats would do. The whole stock game is primarily structured around rewarding for doing new things, not repeating the same things over and over. This is a good design, and one I want to maintain in Station Science. However, if you prefer to be able to get more Science out of your station, you can modify the /StationScience/Resources/Experiments.cfg file. Simply change the "scienceCap" value for each experiment to whatever total amount of Science you thing is fair for a given experiment in low kerbin orbit.
  12. Basically right. Although to get Eurekas, you don't really need "lots" of power. It's the Kuarqs, from the Cyclotron, that require a large amount of power. You can run each Experiment pod in a given situation (high or low orbit around a given body) once for Science from the experiment itself. You can get contracts for repeats that give money, and a little Science, but repeats themselves don't give more Science. The pods must be returned to complete Contracts. Most may be transmitted (ones requiring Kibbal cannot), but it won't give you the full amount, and won't complete your Contracts. The Spectrometron actually works on all experiment results now. The description in the OP was out of date. I've fixed it now. It doesn't make the experiment any more repeatable, though. It just lets you transmit at a higher percentage, but you can't get any more than you could get through returning it a few times (you'll get a little less ultimately vs doing actual return trips). The per biome/situation limits are determined by the underlying experiment type.
  13. This is working as intended. Repeating the same experiment in the same place doesn't give more Science; you get it all the first time. You get a little Science from Contracts for repeats, but not from the experiment itself.
  14. Works fine in 1.0.4 as far as I can tell. I pretty much always switch focus when I test, so this is puzzling. Does it happen consistently? Can you make a quicksave before recovering, and send it to me?
  15. @marineris: this is intentional. It shows whether the current vessel will finish the contract will complete if recovered. Otherwise, you might lose track of which vessel has which pod. It should still complete even if recovered while not focused (and thus, have things unchecked). Did you recover while focused on the vessel, or from the space center? Both should work, but they work differently behind the scenes. Do you have any save files showing the problem? You get all the science for a pod itself once, up front. This has been the case for a long time, in this mod. Repetitions are supported by the contracts system.
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