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  1. I noticed that there were no hard drive sizes for the RLA-Continued and two of the three Restock+ cores, so I've sent in a pull request adding those. I also added the MPO and MTM parts. For these however, I note that most of the stock parts are localized, but obviously I can't do that singlehandedly. I hope how I did it isn't too inelegant, if there's anything I can do to arrange things better I'm happy to try to help. I saw there was talk in early 2020 of building an automated calculation, which I assume is going to be a Kerbalism 4 feature if anything. In the meantime, for my own enjoyment (ie. hours of fiddling with a spreadsheet and poking around part cfgs like a sicko), I wrote up some numbers that I think make as much sense as they can. These values are calculated by taking the part mass, removing what can be attributed to batteries and gyros (20k EC/ton and 100 torque/ton), multiplying the remaining mass by the cost, and then by a constant related to the tech tier. The RoveMate and MK2 core are halved because of sample storage and durability, respectively. I fiddled the constants to keep the changes to stock parts pretty small, albeit mostly upwards. However, you now really get bang for your buck with the tier 8 parts, where the high cost leads to some huge hard drives. Anyways, thanks for the cool mod!
  2. Howdy folks. As a way to procrastinate on working on the mod I should be, I opened one of these parts up with taniwha's Blender import addon and fiddled with the normals. I couldn't see anything wrong there, what's actually happened is that the red and green channels are flipped on the normal map. The clue is that the shadows on the parts are not actually backwards, they're 90 degrees off, because the left/right and the up/down are swapped. I switched those channels in Photoshop and saved it as a png, and it looks fine in game: I can send you the pngs somehow if you like, but I don't yet know how to make .ddses that KSP will load so if you know that you're probably better off doing it yourself. I'm sure there's an even better way to somehow just swap the channels, but I don't know what. I also don't know why the fuselage tanks flip over when I try to rotate them upside down, good luck with that one. Anyways, hope this helps!
  3. Blender is free, but there are a million addons, many of which cost money (but mostly not much). I got a UV plugin because the default stuff seems clumsy and limited. I would like to alleviate your extensive mod support burden, but I'm not really confident that I even know everything that's involved in releasing mods. I'd prefer if you'd keep it, at least for now, if you don't mind.
  4. Ok woah. I have a budget far below six million dollars. I have bought a Blender plugin, and one day may buy another, but no promises. Really though, if people want to take a look and tell me what's still broken, please take a look: https://github.com/hypodronic/LLL-Continued I know some of the docking ports still don't work, and most of the flags have the incorrect material. But if there's anything else, let me know! Also, I intend to consolidate all of the various adaptors in to part variants instead of separate parts. If anyone knows an easy way to do that or wants to write the cfg stuff, I can plug the numbers in.
  5. Yeah I think you're right about deleting & replacing the function colliders - I spent an hour or two trying to debug a weird docking port, and I obviously should have just tried replacing it. I'll post more in the LLL thread about that part... For the textures, do you mean you don't know how, in Blender, to change the textures, or do you mean you don't know how, in Photoshop/Gimp/etc, to make them? I'm only dipping my toe in textures at the moment too... but if you're using a hex editor I assume that's to change the texture referenced in the .mu or something like that? I'm sure I saw a thread or video about KSP materials in Blender once upon a time but I'm equally sure I'll never find it again. If you have a texture file, you should be able to apply it in Blender by changing it in either the node graph or the materials panel, I think those are meant to be different ways of accessing the same thing. Be sure to use the appropriate KSP material. If that helps? I hope? Either way, good luck!
  6. I've been working very slowly on the LLL parts (and learning Blender to do so), so whenever you want to help out, let me know too. Dev thread is here: Most of the collider stuff is done, but the more times I spend the more oddball problems I keep finding.
  7. You're in the wrong thread, folks, try the continued version here:
  8. It's hard to know specifically, but in my limited experience it's usually a problem with the model hierarchy but it could be a lot of things. Do you have known good version of the mu to revert to, have there been cfg changes recently? Or is this after you've just imported an existing mu, made small changes and re-exported?
  9. I would look at the docking port on the station in the save file, yes.
  10. I see that the texture is .dds. Because these are upside-down with respect to other textures, and KSP and Blender treat them differently, it can look ok in one and wrong in the other. I bet if you flip the texture vertically, or scale the UV map y -1 before exporting, you might get the right look in-game.
  11. If you're editing the config files, I suspect you're halfway there but looking in the wrong place. If you're trying to dock two vessels that are already in space, you won't just have to edit the configs. When the parts are added to vessels, a bunch of the config info is copied on to the specific instance of that part, so you'd have to edit the save file to file the docking ports to give the same nodetype to the ports on the two vessels.
  12. Ahh yes, by B9PS, I mean IFS. Sorry about that. If you know CLS and can fix it up, that would be great! In retrospect, I wish I'd been more conscientous about switching the names, I think there's probably a few patches fixes still to go from that.
  13. Ahoy folks. Sorry for the long silence. I've used modulemanager patches to add Karbonite to tank options only when it's installed, and standardized most of the tanks to use the B9PartSwitch to switch all the same resources. I've tried to do the same trick for Kethane, but that mod doesn't seem to be up to date for 1.10. I haven't touched the Connected Living Space patch, I'm hoping that still works. I was able to remove some stuff from cfgs for mods that no longer require anything (KIS/KAS for instance) as well. There's still a few errors in the log: one to do with the fairing decoupler, and one the air intake. I don't know exactly what's going on there, but there don't seem to be any gameplay problems. There were problems with a bunch of the docking connectors to do with the docking transforms pointing the wrong way. These are fixed except for the the shielded 2x1 end cap, which is as-is for the moment. It's a mismatched size relative to the others, too. Also, fixes to a bunch of nodes, my first texture for the 1x1 probe nosecone, an icon, a few texture fixes, and a bunch of other random bugs and problems. https://github.com/hypodronic/LLL-Continued
  14. It feels like a lifetime since the last post, but I guess that's just the pandemic timewarp effect. I've done some stuff under the hood to simplify the layout of the mod by moving the models and textures in to the part cfg heirarchy. This was a little weird and complex because several meshes and textures get re-used in creative ways, I assume to manage file size and loading/memory burden. This will hopefully make no noticable difference to players, but will make managing the thing easier. I also renamed the parts under the hood to all have a LLL prefix, to make them easier to find or refer to. LGG added a restockwhitelist, which is very helpful for ensuring compatibility with Restock. I'm currently working on a MM patch to only add the Kethane and Karbonite tank types to tanks when those mods are present, which I suppose I may have to install a testing instance of 1.9 to test. I suppose I may also expand the IFS functionality to more/all tanks. There's some KAS modules that I plan to pull out to a MM patch as well, just to remove the errors from the log as much as anything. This leads me to a few decisions or ideas that I want to suggest to anyone interested. 1. The LLL-Extra folder contains some TACLS parts, which I think make sense to include in the base folder, but only enable via MM patch, so they will only be visible when that mod is present. The parts use existing models & textures that are in the main LLL folder, so there wouldn't be any added memory or significant loading time. 2. LLL-Extra also includes a huge array of adaptors for those exotic tank profiles, in most cases 4 for each tank size - short/long, offset/straight. Rather than all of those seperate parts, I could switch those to also use IFS mesh variants, so the same functionality & selection would be there, but with a less crowded part list. 3. I originally suggested to LGG that, because Tweakscale is a dependency of IFS, and some parts included are just upscaled versions of 1x1 or 2x1 parts, those should be removed. If you want a 4x2 tank, you can get it by pressing a button, so why would you want a seperate part for that? Now that I look closer at the parts, I see that they are in some cases not exactly the same as they would be - for instance, the 4x4 fuel tank is not scaled by 4,4,4, it's scaled by 4,2,4, so half of the relative length. I've just noticed this, but my thinking now is to bring them back. 4. Do people need/want the building parts? They're currently just structural blocks that look like they could be KAS-attached. One of the two blocks can house kerbals. Should I update them to do something else, or are they even necessary? Some of the other parts seem stylistically to make more sense stuck to a building than a rover or rocket - the fan extractor and the windmill for instance. So there we are. Thoughts or ideas on any of these, or any strong feelings?
  15. And come to think of it, I haven't packaged the LLL-Extra group yet. So that should be coming soon.
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