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  1. Ahh yes, by B9PS, I mean IFS. Sorry about that. If you know CLS and can fix it up, that would be great! In retrospect, I wish I'd been more conscientous about switching the names, I think there's probably a few patches fixes still to go from that.
  2. Ahoy folks. Sorry for the long silence. I've used modulemanager patches to add Karbonite to tank options only when it's installed, and standardized most of the tanks to use the B9PartSwitch to switch all the same resources. I've tried to do the same trick for Kethane, but that mod doesn't seem to be up to date for 1.10. I haven't touched the Connected Living Space patch, I'm hoping that still works. I was able to remove some stuff from cfgs for mods that no longer require anything (KIS/KAS for instance) as well. There's still a few errors in the log: one to do with the fairing decoup
  3. It feels like a lifetime since the last post, but I guess that's just the pandemic timewarp effect. I've done some stuff under the hood to simplify the layout of the mod by moving the models and textures in to the part cfg heirarchy. This was a little weird and complex because several meshes and textures get re-used in creative ways, I assume to manage file size and loading/memory burden. This will hopefully make no noticable difference to players, but will make managing the thing easier. I also renamed the parts under the hood to all have a LLL prefix, to make them easier to find or refer to.
  4. And come to think of it, I haven't packaged the LLL-Extra group yet. So that should be coming soon.
  5. Ahh, thanks for spotting the texture prob on that part.I think the MrWizerd zip is a bit of a historical holdover, most of the exotic adapters are in the LLL-Extra package now.
  6. It's entirely parts, so probably? If you want to try and let me know, please try LLL- from here: https://github.com/hypodronic/LLL-Continued
  7. I thiiiink I've got fixed models on my fork of the repo, although I have no idea how best to organize such a thing, what version to call this, how to set things up for CKAN etc. I've also done a few cfg tweaks (mostly updating the legs to use the new suspension module system, which was mysterious and frustrating). I removed most of the scaled-up parts that could just be tweakscaled, and the values I put in for the wheel suspensions are, ah, arbitrary? uninformed? bad? Lots of room for improvement, I would love some guidance on what values make sense, but the other forum posts I've seen fr
  8. Hi folks, I'm also an old time fan of this mod (uhh I guess ~five years ago is pretty "old time" now) and I'm plugging away trying to learn Blender and Unity, and git for that matter, to bring these back. I'm using taniwha's Blender plugin to import the models, then pulling them through Unity and rebuilding them for 1.10. Only the broken ones, that is. So far I've gotten a few of the oddball colliders fixed, one landing leg sort-of working, and discovered a few more problems along the way. It seems that KSP handles scale transforms differently now, and also doesn't support non-convex colliders
  9. Having the same problem as Erabior, I tracked it down to Textures Unlimited. I can use the TU menu to assign a flat colour to the B9PWing, but no textures or B9PWing materials. There's already a similar comment in the thread for that mod, but no response yet.
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