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  1. Thanks for the reply! I could just install everything manually like usual. Just figured I would check and see if there were any mod managers now to make it easier. Will give CKAN a try!
  2. So KSP, being easily what I consider the best game ever made, is one I come back to frequently. So I am coming back to play again after 2+ years since I last played. I first picked up the game 0.18 and it has always been able to snag me back. Anyhow... Seeing as I tend to play with a bunch of mods, I was curious if there any mod managers for the game now days. And if there are multiple, which is the best? Thanks for any help you can give to point me in the right direction!
  3. So strangely enough, after downloading the update, I am having an issue with launch clamps of any sort. On the launch pad they are automatically disengaged and do not show in staging as shown in this screenshot. As soon as I remove the WarpPlugin folder from GameData and restart, the problem goes away.
  4. Quick question. Say I have a station hub in orbit and I want to fly up a pressurized crew tube to connect the two. Do I still need docking ports on the objects in order to connect them in space? Or are docking ports simply for docking ships and other non station components? Same goes for a fuel tank... Do I need a docking port on the end I want to connect to the station itself if assembling outside the VAB and in orbit? Also, if I do need them, and taking a hub for example again, does both the hub and the object I want to connect to it need a docking port, or just one of them?
  5. The real question is.... "How many people are going to recognize this reference."
  6. Well this is certainly depressing.
  7. I believe I figured out what is happening to cause my problem. It just keeps going up until it finally crashes. Is anybody else experiencing a memory leak when forcing KSP to run in OpenGL?
  8. While OpenGL works great for me in terms of sheer performance, I am plagued with OpenGL memory issues that tend to hit after KSP has been running for a bit with OpenGL forced. Have been searching for a resolution for it but haven't found anything yet. When I check my event log for info on the eventual crashes it just says --- The NVIDIA OpenGL driver has encountered an out of memory error. This application might behave inconsistently and fail. First time I've ever encountered the error, and strangely enough it's only happening with KSP in OpenGL mode. Current video card is a GTX970 SSC running
  9. No no.. I only removed the SPP folder from the RPM patch folder. Problem was my own damn fault for not realizing I had the old space planes plus patch in there. WAIT! There is my problem! It's in a folder.
  10. Found the issue. Having the SPP RPM patch in the RPMPodPatches was causing the conflict with the stock mk2 and mk2 inline cockpits. I removed that patch folder and the problem went away. I did a fresh install of KSP only a couple of days ago and am not entirely sure why I had that patch in there in the first place. I haven't used space plane plus since .25 seeing as most of it is stock now. I likely tossed the patch in there when I reinstalled KSP and was going through my folder of mods to use. But the strange part is that it was only the RPM SPP patch that was causing the conflict. I did not
  11. I am experiencing a somewhat bizarre problem. If I load the stock Learstar A1 and then go out to the launch pad with Raster Prop Monitor installed, I have no staging and have no way to actually launch. The staging shows up while still in the VAB, but is gone once on the launch pad. Then if I remove Raster Prop Monitor and try to launch with the Learstar, everything works as intended. It's the only vehicle that is causing the issue and haven't had problems launching with anything else. See pictures below. RPM Not Installed RPM Installed
  12. I almost never post on the forums, but I had to this time. I messed around with this interim release and its looking absolutely awesome.
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