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  1. This mod should also be stock-a-like and not add any new resources. Mostly I am just looking for more and better engines to research after all the other stuff in the tech tree is done. I have tried KSP Interstellar but I don't like the plethora of stuff you have to do in order to make everything work. If you know of such a mod please let me know, I have searched three different KSP mod sites for something like this and can't find anything.
  2. I couldn't do a video of this as this craft really bogged down my CPU but I thought I would share the screen caps with you all here. I might post the .craft file later after I refine the vessel a bit.
  3. Am I missing something? Do the science labs with this mod actually generate science or are they strictly for aesthetics?
  4. I dont know the first thing about coding for KSP, about as much as I know in any programming language at this point is cout >> "Hello world!"; Also I just started back with classes and wont have the time to work on this, these ideas always seem to come to me at the most inopportune of times.
  5. Originally designed as a command capsule to take a Kerbin to the ocean floor, it was deemed a failure as there was no way to return the entire module to the surface. Looking for a redesign of the system after having dumbed an obscene amount of funds into the project, kerbal engineers decided they could theoretically cut a portion of the probe off and fit it with a hard drive and a large battery that could carry data to the surface via a built in air pocket, and once at the surface transmit the data on the hard drive using any of the three antennas already in existence, if attached. PART A: designed to deliver the probe and subsequent science equipment to the bottom of a body of water. Ensure you have parachutes attached. PART B: contains a 40 mits sized hard drive and power enough to transmit up to 40 mits of data. detaches from the main body and floats to the surface where it can transmit its data. This is as far as I can take this project, I leave it available for anyone who wants to take it from here. All I ask is that you give credit for the model. PM for the model, it comes as two OBJ files.
  6. Sometimes I listen to Tyson or Kaku when playing KSP, classical or Trance on occasion.
  7. Has anyone else noticed an inclination change in Mun or it just me?
  8. Looked at some info on the actual SLS and it says that the proposed SLS would be capable of putting a 170 ton payload into low earth orbit in its largest configuration. Numbers from KSP show this to be about the same, altitude dependent of course.
  9. I am aware of light does when the human eye reacts to it. My statement was in regards to how it would happen inside of the game engine. Simply changing the skybox of the environment based on certain conditions.
  10. What if space in KSP reacted like space IRL and went pitch black when the player was in sunlight?
  11. What if the new more powerful engines are squads way of secretly signalling to us all that there will be something added that is even further away than Eeloo, and that those new engines, or a big honking rocket of ridiculousness, is the only way to get there?
  12. How baout an Oort Cloud with procedurally generated comets we can visit with the new powerful rockets?
  13. Another good example of challenge is the "single burn to Duna" challenge that was suggested in Scott Manleys GDC interview with the KSP devs. Why not a single burn to Jool challenge? The thing to take away from this is that we need to make our own challenges instead of asking the devs to make them for us, that has sort of been what KSP is about. How far can get on this single stage? Whats it going to take to get to Eeloo? Whats the heaviest thing I can lift in to space? From where I am sitting the intent behind KSP from day one was to provide an environment for players to explore, but it would be up to them to figure out how to get there. Big engines like the SLS just mean that setting up a colony on Laythe is now a bit more practical. Personally though, I play KSP for the mission planning and less for the space flight, so the SLS is nice addition, especially for low end laptops like my own. IMO, the rockets and Ion engines are fine, they accurately emulate the natural progression of rockets, the history of KSP is actually a pretty accurate portrayal of human rocket science history.
  14. So there are a couple of people complaining about the new parts and how they "throw the balance of the game off". This might be true in sandbox mode but I think that some of us have gotten too used to judging the games balance based off of sandbox mode. We have career mode now and that is really about the only point of balance that needs to be worried about. Sandbox is a testing ground to try those things out that we are not sure if they will work or not because eventually, career mode will probably irrevertable consequences. Now if any of us sat down and played this game only on career mode, I imagine that we would have a sigh of relief once we unlocked the SLS, or even the new ion engines.