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  1. That's not the issue. Both have the same 300mm range antenna's. THat being said, the problem seems to have fixed itself, though once in awhile it still acts oddly, but not game breaking.
  2. Holy crap its almost exactly like the mod I was gonna make XD. Thanks!
  3. I'm not sure how to mod, but I'd like to look into making this mod, or a mod for someone else to pick up, and wondering if anyone would use it. It would be aimed more for the beginner/intermediate players, who don't quite understand Delta V yet, or do, but keep forgetting how much delta V they need to get from point A to point B. It takes the approximation of Delta V required to get from point A to point B, and checks it against your ships current Delta V. It's really that simple. It would allow for a good approximation "we should be able to get there". So long as you're not doing horribl
  4. I'm probably way over my head on this mod, seeing as how I don't even know how to code or anything, but.. I don't even know its if its possible. So anyone who does know how to mod, please let me know. Basically, I want to make a new tech mod, with tech parts, based off of theories of how alien ships actually work. (You know, the flying saucers). I'm a bit of a UFO nut, and one of the theories is that the hull of the flying saucer itself is the engine, so to speak. Hence why they seem to be able to zig zag in any direction immediately, and seem to have no actual engines. The hull of the sh
  5. I'm having issues with my comm stuff not wanting to hook up or relay anything with my probes, etc. For example, having 4 antenea's on 4 probes. 1st ones are pointed at each other, second one points at KSC, 3rd points at any active vessel, 4th are just Omni not pointing at anything but on. Launch a probe, and once KSC comes out of direct line, it goes dark... 2 probes in clear line of sight and well within range, refuse to connect, despite both having not only no target on 2 dishes to pick up any random signals, but also a second which is supposed to point at any active vessel.. Still
  6. Oh wow, well that at least revitalizes my interest.. It'll be interesting to see how that goes.
  7. I'm having issues with the Field Research not populating at all. All the requirements state Required Tech: Unmet for everything, but I have loads of science modules available.... I remember a year ago you could run tons of different stuff for temp, baramters, etc....
  8. Seriously? I didn't see anywhere it said this. So the more I'm looking into it, the more Kerbalism just seems like a dead weight mod. All the good additional mods to make KSP awesome are no longer supported by Kerbalism, such as Remote Tech and others, and while I love the way the science works in Kerbalism, not worth the hassle when the mod itself barely functions half the time due to inconsistencies, and not even supporting base stock code in KSP like Field Research...
  9. I seem to be having serious issues completing a particular field science. "Recover rare research from Kerbins Waters" I'll go to the marker, land, both check out. I'llthen collect the EVA, and Crew Reports.. Nothing.. I never get it checked off. if I transmit the science, nothing. If I bring it back without transmitting, nothing..
  10. SOrry if this isn't scatterer, but its the only atmosphere mod I use. I get super weird lighting and atmosphere effects when I use this. Such as the shadow of my ship appearing on the ground in a distorted hazy blob, evenwhen I'm at super high altitudes that shouldn't be casting any kind of visible shadow on the surface. Also get oddities like this. With weird mis colored blobs in the horizon of atmosphere planets.
  11. So I'm having issues with some parts.. and I honestly don't know what is causing it.. It seems like stock stuff like "wing connector C" for example is not giving proper amounts of lift.. I need to be going at something like 100m/s before it starts generating any type of lift what so ever. like-wise, the drag factor on stuff seems to be completely over kill. Example: Due to how the science is on stock stuff, I have to have a thermometer and Barometer on the outside of my rocket. However, even with wings and rudders/ailerons, etc. on my rocket... the drag from these tiny parts is
  12. Thanks! Happy to say that fix of his fixed the Fatal error and everything else Thank you you two! @Lisias @JadeOfMaar
  13. @Lisias Will I be alright playing the game if I don't use those 2 parts? @JadeOfMaar Where do you post the update?
  14. Thanks I'll give it a go. Sorry now I feel stupid. I usually use CKan to update, and install mods. So not sure where to check to find your update :3.. >.<; The latest changelogs of the mods seem to be from 10-7-2020.
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