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  1. Seeing as the scope of KSP 2, I'm sure they've handled the problem of multiple bodies in 1 small area (like asteroids). It wouldn't be difficult either to set up maybe 20-30 all around you, and as you travel, more populate around you as others despawn. Something that's been happening in games since ever.. If this is how they handle asteroids then I'm all for. Remember they did show a planet with an asteroid belt in the teaser... We don't know yet how this works, or if it's just something that doesn't exist once you get up too it, but I'm hoping they figured out a way for a spawn/despawn system of 20-30 or more asteroids around you that will be simulating an asteroid belt in some way. (I'm not expecting anything like Elite Dangerous, or Star Citizen levels here)
  2. Only one for me is if you don't start at the very humble beginnings like in KSP1. I want to start with barely any pieces and work my way up from barely getting into space, to finally stretching the gaps between systems.
  3. SO first off.. I've been playing KSP 1 since.. forever.. Well into the beta years before it came to steam, or 1.0 release. I however, quit playing for the past year, and came back.. Some things have changed. Like landing... It wasn't like this before, before it was fluid and flawless, but now landing is a nightmare, (Especially for planes). What's happening at least for me, is when I touch down my back wheels, it bounces like it just hit a powerful spring, and slams the nose down. I can no longer get any type of smooth landing like I used to be able too.. Are there any mods that deal with this? Or what am I doing wrong? It seems options were taken out too like "locking" the landing gears and such to stop bouncing, or the springy bouncing like you're sitting on a bouncy bed or something. This isn't a problem of me landing too hard, too fast, or my plane being too heavy either. (unless they changed drastically how much weight the landing gears can handle). My latest plane I land between 70-100m/s, (it's a spaceplane, so it has to have a little speed). Even then though, my downward angle is only a few degree's, it should be a smooth landing, yet the back wheels bounce up like it hit something, or bounced on a spring as I mentioned before, slamming the nose wheels down, then the back wheels will bounce multiple times more as well as the front. Despite these violent bounces the wheels dont break, so I doubt it's due to being too heavy of a plane.
  4. Oh wow thank you! I clicked on that button in other screens, but never the base etc. I don't know how I missed it.
  5. I'm wondering if there is a way to remove the "habitation" requirements, or adjust them at all, as even flying 2 kerbals to Minmus requires a monster spaceship just to deal with the habitation alone. a 2man pod + 4 man living quarters for just 2 kerbals, which should allow them to live comfortably for a good time. Yet they get "home sick" before the mission ends, and that's just touching down for less than an hour on minmus, so its almost a complete non stop flight, which seems just ridiculous to me. I've lived in cramped quarters for months before out at sea, which ultimately is the same thing this system is trying to simulate. Yes its uncomfortable, yes it isn't very pleasant, but to think I'd just up and "stop working" especially when that work brings me back home, is paying the bills, and is what I signed up for is ludicrous to a retarded level.. I get the "home sick" bit too, I actually like it, because it means you gotta either have a full fledged functioning "home" like base with everything, and or rotate kerbals out, which is realitsic, but that should take a year minimum, not days. Again you're an astronaut, you signed up for this.. Don't start complaining now... Otherwise I like everything else this mod does, and how it does it, but the balance seems to be geared more towards "lets make this challenging to a ludicrously unrealistic level". Are there anyplaces to mod, alter, or adjust the stats? To put things into perspective, a Submarine can and will stay submerged sometimes for up to 90 days. 3+ months, and I've heard of submarines staying submerged for longer during practices. These are EXTREMELY cramped and tight quarters which hundreds of men are sharing for over 3 months sometimes.. So again the "habitation" and "homesickness" thing is just... ridiculous to me..
  6. I'm kind of in the same boat as Kill3 here.
  7. So does this mod just add both of those wing mods together or?
  8. The summary is correct. - I do not know if this is new behavior, as I've only just reinstalled the game after not playing since 1.4, I didn't have the mod back then either. - This seems to apply to all parts. - When it happens seems to be slightly random, but it can happen with just 1 or more parts added. Seems the larger sections can have 2-3 parts on it externally before the PAW breaks.
  9. I completely forgot about the alt f12. I thought they disabled that at launch. I'm going to uninstall Hyper edit as it's like a bad influence to make me do things cheaply lol.
  10. Yea upon further testing as well some parts just randomly decide "nope" and wont let me select them even when I have nothing on my station. The only workaround I can find is to have someone always hanging out in the external hatch piece so I can move my scientist out to collect science, or mechanic out, etc. Problem with this though is some mods require multipel kerbals outside at once, which then wraps around to the issue again, or if I need a diff type of kerbal outside. THen of course moving 2 back inside is yet another problem of not being able to switch them to another part 9/10 times. @Nertea I may just have to shelf this mod unfortunately until a fix is placed, since I often play with colonization, life support, and other mods that require kerbals to be able to move freely in and out, and between pieces. Though I love the mod and everything done with it, it's quite literally the definition of unplayable in conjunction with certain other mods as I described. Edit: I only installed the mod for Progressive colonization system mod, which requires it. Not sure if that was a problem though.
  11. I seem to be having a problem with the station parts of this mod, being unable to select parts to move kerbals between. I've since done some testing with putting my space station in space with different configurations, and lesser parts. Putting up a station with this mods parts, stock with nothing externally works perfectly. However as I add lights, struts, and external parts, it becomes to have problems selecting the base part itself only while transfering kerbals between the pieces. Since "Connected Living Spaces" doesn't seem to be working anymore, I have no clue how to fix the problem besides not adding anything external to the parts. Here's a picture reference of what I'm speaking about. Moving a kerbal from the far right red station core. I cannot select the middle blue piece. The only parts I have on it are a few external light pieces, yet I cannot for the life of me get it to be selected as a piece to move a kerbal too (Even though I can select the piece normally and without problems while not transfering a kerbal). THe far left escape hatch I can select without problems, and it has nothing externally on it. However if I remove the light fixtures from the middle blue piece, I can select it normally while transfering kerbals. I installed Hyper Edit specifically to test this problem by putting several different re organized parts into space, and it seems to be without fail, anytime I have an external part that numbers more than 2 on the outside, I cannot select it.
  12. Problem I suppose is Ckan. Can't mod or manage anything unless its specifically for 1.7.. and since I can't find any override for that... Thanks for the option. I didn't know that existed