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  1. I'm having some problems with the Surface Experiment Pack, and I think it ties into the KIS integration. Almost all of the parts are now odd sizes and generally much larger than they were before the update. Is it possible t he volumeOverride lines, from the part configs, isn't being processed anymore?
  2. Appreciate the information. I do have RealChute. (I wonder if I got confused because it's right next to RCS on my install list...)
  3. I have a weird error, which vanishes/reappears when I remove/reinstall this mod on my install. When I click over to the advanced parts list in the VAB editor, this seems to break part filtering and make the advanced part list bug out. The regular parts list occasionally bugs out too, after a venture into the advanced list. This happening to anyone else, and anyone know a solution? RCS Build Aid is just too damn handy for building! Ugh. Disregard the above. Somehow when I reinstalled RCS Build Aid the third time this glitch stopped. I am very confused, but you don't need to worry about this unless other people are getting it.
  4. I had something similar going on. I wound up doing two things, and in my case, that seems to have solved the problem. Might not work for you. I'm running an NVidia Card (1070), and updated my drivers for that. Secondly, I removed my old start up parameter to force starting KSP in directx11, to leave it to the default DX9. I'm sorry I can't be of any more help than that, but this has let me play around today with mods without weird inexplicable crashes, like I was getting yesterday.
  5. Definitely an improvement, though there's still odd terrain clipping if I disable the suspensions, but no launch-into-the-sky-and-boom!
  6. On mine, I deploy landing legs with g, the craft settles to the ground -- or starts on the landing pad with legs deployed -- the pads settle on the surface, a moment later fall through the surface. Then, I press G again to pull the legs up, and the entire ship leaps into the air as, I presume, it pulls the pads THROUGH the ground layer. This is deeply troubling. Are we making landing legs out of kraken-suckers?
  7. I don't know that it's really a bug, since it lets you pilot your capsule down. The offset angles the capsule enough to produce lift by itself, rather than requiring you to turn it around. It's... pretty curious. I hope they add 'tilty' heatshields, like the present ones, and 'not-tilty' heatshields that act more like the old deadly re-entry ones, because it's a neat feature... it's just really hard to wrap your head around.
  8. Hmmmmm. I will give these things a shot, and hopefully stop killing tourists. I don't have airbrakes unlocked yet, but I suppose I can do something similar manually with sets of flaps...
  9. So. I'm struggling with this one - I'm guessing I should just try shallower re-entry angles and multiple aerobraking orbits, but, in case there's another option... My wings keep burning off my space planes on re-entry. Am I missing something? Any tips on avoiding having planes melt?
  10. Fingers crossed this gets updated -- another Saitek user who needs your aid! ;_;
  11. Long story short, in general, the center of lift winds up behind the center of mass in flight, so if you have it like you do in your picture, your plane wants to go backwards, but your engines are pushing it forwards, and... that's not good. Long story long, there's a good illustrated guide here, though it's talking about KSP's old aerodynamics model. The new aerodynamics model is more like the improved FAR one talked about in the guide: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/52080-Basic-Aircraft-Design-Explained-Simply-With-Pictures
  12. Any chance of integrating the building unlocks with KER, so you get more advanced functionality as your buildings advance?
  13. This mod makes me hugely excited. However. I use a Saitek X-55 system? And what's going on for me is that when I try to bind axes on the stick, it flares up with Button #16 or whatever -- tied to the mode switch on the throttle and constantly fired based on the mode switch's setting - and binds that plus axis #0 to whatever I'm trying to use. (Edit: Same deal on the Throttle, but with Button 31 - 33 ) D: Is there a way to get around this? Edit (for solution): !!! Okay. I switched to 'Old presets editor'? The flaring up with the mode switch buttons issue is no longer an issue. Hurrah! <3 Thank you so much!