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  1. Just sent you a package of the original assets and unity project. Hope that helps! If doesn't include the original PSD files used to build the textures, I can pack those up as well. The models are in Maya .mb. Let me know if you'd like them converted to an FBX or OBJ common format for Blender.
  2. Very cool to see my old mod being kept alive. Your hard work is appreciated @Lisias. Let me know if you need any of the original assets...or perhaps some new ones
  3. JORG Duck - Cargo Jet - $34,332,000 Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/keptin/JORG-DUCK Cruising Altitude: 20,000m Cruising Speed: 1160m/s Range: 5450km Cargo Capacity: 1/2 bay + ramp Perhaps one of the more practical aircraft by JORG is the Duck, a multi-role light utility and cargo craft. Designed to rapidly redeploy cargo and small vehicles throughout the reaches of Kerbin. Its supersonic flight allows it to traverse extreme reaches of territory, and with its heavy landing gear, can land just about anywhere, even with a full fuel and cargo load. While not par
  4. Valara Centurion - Small Regional Jet - $32,334,000 Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/keptin/Valera-Centurion Cruising Altitude: 9,500m Cruising Speed: 290m/s Range: 2625km PAX Capacity: 40 Introducing the Centurion small regional jet, a new flagship aircraft from Valara. A refinement of earlier designs, the Centurion has been honed to compete in the luxury private jet and small regional jet markets. It stands out with its three-turbofan configuration sporting outstanding climb performance, and its automatic high-authority low takeoff maneuvering system affords
  5. Test Pilot Review: @Klapaucius K.R.A.S.S.H. Industries Gogol K.R.A.S.S.H Industries Gogol - Supersonic Medium Regional Jet Figures as Tested: Price: 83,678,000 Fuel: 4900 kallons Cruising speed: 1200m/s Cruising altitude: 18,500m Fuel burn rate: 2.32 kal/s Range: 2080km Review Notes: Ease of maintenance. Maintenance seems like it would be complicated due to its alien-like airframe, and perhaps needed frequently due to unusual and unpredictable stresses on the aircraft. Its four cockpits bring pilot training costs into
  6. JORG MantaBeast - Super Jumbo Jet - $391,150,000 Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/keptin/JORG-MANTABEAST Cruising Altitude: 8,500m Cruising Speed: 200m/s Range: 2500km PAX Capacity: 504 On the eve of the fifth bloodmoon of Rog, JORG Aviation was born from the ashes of five dying mega conglomerates with one purpose: Dominate the Super Jumbo aviation market. It was no simple task carrying 500 passengers using Mk2 cabins--many engineers were sacrificed, but in time the MANTABEAST was constructed. Its otherworldly structure required exotic metals mined from
  7. I love that this challenge is still going and that others keep picking up the torch! Valara Longboy - Small Regional Jet - $33,766,000 Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/keptin/Valera-Longboy Cruising Altitude: 9,500m Cruising Speed: 285m/s Range: 1625km PAX Capacity: 40 Introducing the Longboy small regional jet, the flagship aircraft from Valara's new Longboy family. Our heritage of aerospace design, with a pedigree of engineers, culminates in superior performance and efficiency in a competitive aviation market segment. The Longboy small regional j
  8. As an adult with a paycheck, I'm happy to purchase DLC content like this if it means continued development of the game. Thanks devs! Keep it coming!
  9. Hi /r/KerbalSpaceProgram, glad to see players still get use out of this guide! I've considered updating it for sometime. I have may some time coming up--post some suggestions for updates or additional content.
  10. Big shout out to Dagger and contributors to the mod. This is frickin' incredible! It's my wildest dreams come true. I'm chiming in to report I'm experiencing the same issue that firepaly is: time warp in map view is affecting the flight path in odd ways, such as killing the inertia and resetting it to 200m/s. When I try to revert I'm locked out and can't click anything. Have to alt+f4 quit the game and restart. KSP 1.6.1 and LMP Incredible job on this mod, exciting times for KSP.
  11. Since the submission period is over, I encourage others to post their craft files so we can optimize our designs against one another for down the road. I'm also curious how mine performs against other designs that it might not get to face. Here's mine, the Rolf 75 Spicypepper: https://kerbalx.com/keptin/Rolf-75-Spicypepper
  12. Tested. Definitely improves the AI's throttle use. I guess it'll be up to OP which one to use, since everyone designed their aircraft based on the stock file.
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