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  1. As an adult with a paycheck, I'm happy to purchase DLC content like this if it means continued development of the game. Thanks devs! Keep it coming!
  2. Hi /r/KerbalSpaceProgram, glad to see players still get use out of this guide! I've considered updating it for sometime. I have may some time coming up--post some suggestions for updates or additional content.
  3. Big shout out to Dagger and contributors to the mod. This is frickin' incredible! It's my wildest dreams come true. I'm chiming in to report I'm experiencing the same issue that firepaly is: time warp in map view is affecting the flight path in odd ways, such as killing the inertia and resetting it to 200m/s. When I try to revert I'm locked out and can't click anything. Have to alt+f4 quit the game and restart. KSP 1.6.1 and LMP Incredible job on this mod, exciting times for KSP.
  4. Since the submission period is over, I encourage others to post their craft files so we can optimize our designs against one another for down the road. I'm also curious how mine performs against other designs that it might not get to face. Here's mine, the Rolf 75 Spicypepper:
  5. Tested. Definitely improves the AI's throttle use. I guess it'll be up to OP which one to use, since everyone designed their aircraft based on the stock file.
  6. Hi all! SpannerMonkey has offered to take over maintenance & management of KAX and I'm taking him up on it. We've agreed to keep the KAX name, but he has my permission to continue development as he and his team sees fit. KAX will be in good hands, and development will certainly be more active than I've been over the past year. I hope you've enjoyed the mod and will continue to enjoy it under new management. All the best, -Kep
  7. Hey guys, probably not, honestly. I a lot of my work is basically game developing, so modding feels a bit like work. I want to pass the torch to someone who will run with it.
  8. You add the code below to a text file, save it as .cfg, and put it anywhere in your GameData folder. (It requires having Module Manager). Or you can download it here, I just added it to my Google Drive: @PART[AIantenna] { %MODULE[ModuleWingCommander] { %name = ModuleWingCommander } }
  9. In case anyone else is running into the bug where your plane just disengages from combat and flies away, I added this to a module manager config. *Edit* You can download the .cfg here: @PART[AIantenna] { %MODULE[ModuleWingCommander] { %name = ModuleWingCommander } }
  10. Hey peeps, more tests are planned, I've just been swamped with work. Maybe tomorrow.