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  1. I had a bug once where I could crash an ejection seat and then switch to a kerbal standing nearby and the kerbal would randomly morph his body every time he jumped but remained absolutely still at all other times. Turned it into an april fools gag video, heh.
  2. KSP burnout seems to last longer as well. When I have too much of a game I tend to put it down then come back to it a few months later with new fervor, but KSP has been different. I've been burned out on this game for a long time. :-/
  3. Just a one off. Got to keep up the tradition of making Christmas Stuff for the kerbals.
  4. So circumstance, geographical location, available time, education, physical and mental health, and societal norms have no effect on it either? Well then. I busted my knee up in high school. It locks up and feels like the tendon is tearing out my kneecap from inside my body if I run for even a small amount of time. It's not just motivation I need to overcome that. I don't talk about it. I don't complain about it. It happened and I deal with it, 'self-improvement' and 'dedication' aren't going to fix my knee. Six miles is a lot for me. It's risking a lot of pain and a lot of wondering if today is going to be the day when it gives out and I have to face major surgery. So please stop taking a massive crap on people who are using any tool they can to get a few more bits out of what life has dealt them. I don't want to make you mad, I want to make you understand that words like that DO. NOT. HELP. They make you look bad. They make you seem like a bully. You can't always tell what other people are dealing with. Trying to tell them what is wrong with their life without taking the time to understand it is rude at best. Downright infuriating at worst.
  5. It's comments like this that discourage people from bettering themselves. Try to do something good for yourself and have fun at the same time = get put down by other people.
  6. Wow. So much hate in this thread. I was hoping to swing by, share some gaming experiences... but now I'm not sure I want to. I guess its bad that I've walked 6 miles today, got to see butterflies, dragonflies, wild turkeys, turtles and some cool fungus. Then learned about a new park nearby that I hadn't known about last week. But uh, you keep doing... what you do.
  7. Here's some of the fun ones I made up for the Kerb Kerman Show. Kept them in a resource doc for referencing, hehe. UMBRLA "Umbrella" -- Upwardly Mobile Base-Return Launch Aeroframe FGD "Fudge" -- "Fire Goes Down" SPNR "Spinner" -- Surface Propulsion Negative Rotator FLTR "Floater" -- Falling Lightly Test Rocket REINDEARS -- Really Expensive, Individualized Nighttime Delivery, Ejection, and Retrieval System ELBS -- Extra-Light Building Squad STICKS -- Secret Things in Clear Kerbin Space CARS -- Cool Automobile Racing Stuff FOOSHER -- First Official Octoannual Speedy Highwheel Exhibition Race PICKUP -- Pretty Incredibly Complicated Kerbal Utility Pod
  8. Alright. Previous project is deleted. You are now clear to host it on Curse.
  9. I'm looking for it on curse but can't find it under my curse account. Do you have a direct link to the CC page on curse? EDIT: Found it. It was listed under a different name. If you want, I can just remove the project and you can host the new version.
  10. "Jeb died here." "Bob died here." "Val died here." You know, the usual stuff. My space center is a bit overcrowded with flags at the moment, though..
  11. I'm pretty sure I was the first to figure out that fairing's casings do not count as solid when you launch a new craft, so you can extend them deep underground on launch... Thus Fairing-Bounce Propulsion was invented.
  12. Hail, Xacktar! You still around? Haven't been seeing a whole lot of stuff from you recently.

    1. Xacktar


      I still check in from time to time, but I've been playing a lot of other games lately.

    2. Tex


      Aha, I see, I see.


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