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  1. I havent changed the settings since, figured all low is rather well suited to an intel HD4000 in a laptop. If I want uber max settings, I can use the desktop PC instead (actually it doesnt max it, but its alot prettier at least). KSP still runs post reboot with an all minimum settings config, both from steam and launched from folder. I do not have a prefs file (or .prefs considering its supposed to be hidden). Just settings.cfg. Game is working at least so changed tag to solved.
  2. I've already tried launching direct from the KSP install folder (/SteamApps/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program/ thanks to being on SSD, although uninstalling and reinstalling to HDD still causes issues - my home partition is a separate drive). Same symptoms occur, minus any errors on stdout. However, I did find a fix. Launcher.x86 does run fine and allows game config. I set all graphics options to low in there. Relaunched the game. It is now working (including being launched from steam library).
  3. As I am running a 32 bit build of crunchbang (only one I had at the time and I am not reinstalling the system again when I shall have windows reinstalled soon anyway) I cannot run the x86_64 binary. I have the mesa drivers. apt-get already reports having the latest libgl1-mesa-glx packages. LDD also reports no issues.
  4. Pretty simple. Just installed the game on 32 bit crunchbang. If I launch the game, it starts to load with a black window (totally black, no loading resources or anything in it) then the window closes. Tried checking the player.log for issues, however it only contains this: Yes that is the full log, not a partial. Any assistance? I'm at a total loss as to where to go next - - - Updated - - - SHould add that this makes the problem worse with the game not even starting: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/24529-The-Linux-compatibility-thread!/page18?p=466529&viewfull=1#post466529 - - - Updated - - - Redirected stderr to a file by adding "%command% 2>error.txt" as a launch option. Well I'm not using ubuntu 12 let alone a 64 bit build of it, so why would I be loading ubuntu12_64 files? Regardless, the file is actually in there.
  5. Just adding more RAM wont make anything any quicker, you only need more RAM if you were running out of RAM before
  6. dll itself is just a packaging. KSP uses .NET/mono for all the plugins, the plugins all target the generic .NET framework rather than a specific CPU architecture, KSP itself would now include a 64 bit version of mono and any supporting libraries which use native code, but that doesnt change which dll's it then has to load. Hypothetically the plugins could be loaded in Mono on ARM or MIPS rather than x86. Think about it, we never had to distribute mods for different operating systems either.
  7. I tried landing on kerbin using SRB's to slow the decent as a laugh. "Strategic lithobraking" occured (although the pod *did* survive). Think it was all the way back in the demo days.
  8. I did hit a satellite on a mun return once, cockpit and chute actually survived for a safe landing too, I almost didnt believe it myself, such a collosal area and 2 so insignificant objects at high speed and they still manage to hit each other. I've had the odd mishap where a booster has decoupled while firing still, spiralled around the air, flown 100-200m away and then come straight back at you and taken you out.
  9. Always, with the 0.21/0.22 version of SAS you never really have to turn it off. Good area to practise landings is to simply take off from the runway, loop around 180 and try to land *next to* the runway, large flat area so its easier to aim for. THen once you are a little more practised attempt a runway landing (come in from quite a way off to line up early). Bit more practise, try the island runway which is easiest to land on in 0.20 in my opinion. 0.21 the island runway is now grass coloured and harder to aim for, plus it has a hill at the end so you cant take off again without turning around (also hard due to width). 0.22 the island runway is easy to hit again, but it doesn't have straight edges so if your aim is off then your likely dead.
  10. There is no existing license, but you can write specifications for your own license and several small software projects have done, there is nothing stopping a person from creating a no derivatives license with an exception for a certain named party.
  11. Wanna learn to program? I find linux a much nicer environment than windows with the exception of .NET languages (fully possible on linux thanks to mono, its just more straight forward to install visual studio and be done with it on windows). Otherwise, free operating system. Can do most of your windows stuff in it. Even got steam on linux now. For newcomers I usually recommend ubuntu, linux mint or bodhi. The latter 2 are based on ubuntu and software bundled up for ubuntu will run on them. Its just I dislike the ubuntu UI and the latter 2 have alternative sets of pre-installed software (you get flash, java and DVD codecs pre-installed in mint but not in ubuntu for example and bodhi aiming to be a minimalist system has basically nothing). Take a look at what they offer.
  12. The non favourable things you would have read would be in regards to open source vs closed source/proprietary drivers. Linux itself is open source, we can take the code, look at it, modify it etc etc unlike windows where we don't get the code, only the OS itself. There are also linux users who believe that just about all software should be open source. NVidia do make a perfectly fine working set of drivers for linux, they work without any real issues, unless you love open source software. NVidia don't release any source code for their drivers, nor do they release detailed hardware diagrams to make it possible for someone to write their own open source driver (well, actually there is a group making an open source driver but it sucks, as of yesterday NVidia are also sending this group some more info to help them at last). This is where people complain, some people plain refuse to use the proprietary drivers and are left with the buggy open source one. AMD do linux drivers too, but they suck. They do at least release some hardware details though so there are some half decent open source drivers.
  13. Latin>ancient>history>umbrella term>Hpernym>Linguistics>Scientific>Knowledge>Information>Sequence>Mathematics>Quantity>Property>Modern Philosophy>Philosophy. Only way to get back to latin is to inadvertently click an option in brackets (there was a rather large set of brackets on one page with latin in them)
  14. AHAHAHAHA. It even works going from philosophy to philosophy
  15. ok, ignoring the disambiguation link I went though a long list of links and got to "First Principle" where the 2nd link is philosophy, but not the 1st. But I did reach it from the 1st. Takes a long time but you can reach it from the article on wikipedia itself too
  16. I went from asia, to asia disambiguation and back into asia again, endless loop. Alternate was edit source, wont get me any further.
  17. CHina are sending an unmanned probe to the moon by the end of this year to record data in anticipation of a manned mission
  18. Tuesday evening for GMT, which makes it mid day or morning on tuesday for mexico, IE squad.
  19. I haven't actually had any of the issues you guys mention apart from load times (and the load times aren't that bad). Definitely no SOI change lag or parts left behind in editors etc. I am running .21.0, didn't have the buggy SAS everyone complained about either, my ships seem to hold course very well. Definitely not having issues with importing craft from SPH to VAB. I am having issues with hacking the locations of craft in the save file to test them on different planets though, maybe the game is trying to tell me something....
  20. Mod doesn't work at all for me. No other mods installed. Just this and the vanguard all, I can equip a parachute from the box and then I can click deploy in mid air but neither button actually causes anything to be deployed and my kerbal falls to his death
  21. There is a standard, its called dumping the mod folder in your gamedata folder. Do you need much more elegance than that?
  22. Your bigger concern would be the legality of doing so. You would be violating the license terms of the game by using it in your shows most likely. Sure if you dropped an email to SQUAD they would say yay or nay to the idea of you using. As for what your after, I havent seen KSP running multiscreen before. Not sure if what you want can be done without compromises. Easiest would be plain old mirror displays and leave the UI on.
  23. Retract some of the landing gear on the plane, preferably as much of the front gear as possible without the plane collapsing. When you dock you can then invert steering on a few rover wheels of the tug so that they all turn the same direction. You effectively end up with a front wheel drive front wheel steering car, just a very big one. Reasonably effective. Alternative I have used is to actually stick rover wheels on the plane, if you have them so that they are slightly higher than the landing gear wheels then they are protected from bursting under landing, then you can retract the rear landing gear (or front if you went that way) to lower the rover wheels into contact with the ground. I tend to only do one end of the craft.
  24. That is nothing to do with this mod. Thats a part from another mod
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