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  1. And that's my problem... I run out of time.
  2. I have no idea why... but since you want to know...
  3. @AndrewDraws has asked that the following link to the new Exoplanets thread be added to the older thread. Please direct all comments regarding the Exoplanets mod to the new thread.
  4. In all honesty, you can make flags in any photo editing or graphics program. I make mine in PhotoShop.
  5. 1.3. I have a long running career in playing. Too much invested in it to start all over again.
  6. Hey, folks, just your friendly moderator stopping by. Just a friendly reminder to choose examples a bit less graphic. We do have some young forum members (and some older ones) who may become a bit uncomfortable with examples which include murder and other forms of not-so-random violence. Let's all do our part to keep the forum friendly and inviting for all our members.
  7. But it's locked now... only three days, sixteen hours, and twenty-nine minutes later.
  8. Too bad so many of you can't read. The title said don't click it. Posts to this thread will be redirected to @Gargamel's profile status page. Have a nice day.
  9. Welcome aboard, @ISOREX_! To be honest, I played KSP (back when it was version .18) for a couple of months before I was active on the forum, too. Don't feel bad, there are many players who never make it out of the Kerbin sphere of influence! The most important part of the game is making sure you're having fun while you're playing. This game is rather addictive. There's only one thing we ask - please share pictures of your creations! We love seeing what folks can dream up and fly...
  10. Keep getting better, @WinkAllKerb''. Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery, my friend. This morning was the last day of the summer semester at one of the community colleges where I teach. The last day of class is always a bittersweet time. On one hand, I look forward to it; the semester is over next week and I have about three weeks before the next term begins. But there are students I've met whom I will miss. Then there are the students who failed the course. When a student fails one of my courses I take it personally. The deadline for students to turn in assignments tomorrow night; however, most students who care about their grade have already been turning in the last assignments. So, off to grade I go.
  11. Hey, folks - Based on the OP of this thread, its purpose is the discussion of space flight and payloads, specifically the SLS/Orion payload delivery system. Please refrain from introducing other topics which are unrelated to the focus of the thread. Posts not directly relating to space flight, SLS/Orion payloads, or space-based experiments which are loosely related to the SLS/Orion program have been removed. As a friendly reminder from your moderator team, please refrain from introducing off-topic subjects on this thread. Let's try to keep it focused on NASA's SLS/Orion system and possible payloads. You may go about your routine forum thread postings...
  12. You could part clip and put a probe core in between two tank segments or even the tank and engine. Then use the offset in the craft editor to move the tank to cover the probe core. I do this sometimes. Gives you complete control of the stage but without ruining the appearance.
  13. @SiriusRocketry, As a long-time member of the forum and a fan-fic author myself, let me encourage you to stick around. Ultimately, you'll have to decide what is best for you, but before you do decide, here's a few things to think about: Fan fic and the forum here is a strange thing. At times, I've had up to a hundred readers then other times, I have a core group of about ten. It is easy to get disgruntled, want to leave the forum, and to leave a pile of burning embers in the background as we make our departure. But when we do things like that, it is always on impulse, we are seeing things through a distorted lens, and we are focused on the wrong things. Believe me, I know. I now write for my own amusement. I enjoy the story, I enjoy the game, and I enjoy the way my imagination has put the two together. Sure, the "likes" are nice, but again, I am now doing it for the self-satisfaction. Also, some of your worst critics on the forum are folks who simply are rock throwers. Their whole existence is to find other folks having a good time and to throw rocks as hard as they can at them. Don't let the rock throwers win. For the most part, most of the folks on the forum are a pretty friendly bunch. Find some good ones. When your judgment is clouded, ask them. Stand strong, keep plugging away, but most of all, have fun and enjoy what it is that you do in both writing and Kerbal Space Program.
  14. A few weeks ago, while at Fazoli's, I watched a young man suck spaghetti noodles up his nose to impress his date. A few minutes later, as I was leaving the restaurant, she was outside and on her cell phone, asking someone for a ride back to her house. Her exact words were "I can't believe he did that in front of me and thought it was funny..."
  15. This is some really neat stuff... Makes me want to give up playing KSP 1.3.0... Almost.
  16. Purple and white. It was given to me free by the dentist last month.
  17. Ok, for some reason... and I'm not sure why...