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  1. @VoidSquid - I like that movie! It is a cult classic...
  2. Okay, folks, I have to put on my forum moderator hard-hat now: Please do not use any sort of statement that could be seen as a personal attack. This thread is a forum game and it's rules are to annoy the user above you - but annoying someone and personally insulting someone are not the same. This thread MUST strictly follow the forum rules because of the nature of the thread, which is to annoy other users. And please remember that sometimes, what we type in jest can easily become misunderstood by those forum members who do not know you very well or whose first language is not English.
  3. I have made them available on my image repository thread. Complete with what each level meant. I still see these images floating around the forum from time to time, but they are from the older software the forum once used.
  4. Ah, just keep guessing. Every Day.
  5. One team is the Okudas, and for some reason, I think one of the other teams is Bragada or something like that... Good lord, I have an entire 3" shelf of the Star Trek source books published since the release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
  6. You may help stars but you ignore asteroids.
  7. Putting on my science fiction and science fantasy nerd hat for a bit... Okay, there are two places his rank as "general" is mentioned specifically. The very first one is Star Wars: Episode IV (A New Hope). Remember this was the first and original Star Wars movie. R2D2 was given a message to deliver to Obiwan Kenobi, as that's who the droid said he belonged to. And the encrypted message was for "General Kenobi, you served with my father in the Clone War..." The bigger problem is how did Lando become a general? In the prequel trilogy, we see that played out in Star Wars: Epis
  8. Hahaha, math... gotta love it. Isn't that right, @VoidSquid?
  9. Apparently you are as wrong as I am today. But I wonder if @kerbiloid is hanging out...
  10. Nope, not hardly. @Spaceman.Spiff is here, just waiting to be pinged...
  11. Banned for being annoyed at @Spaceman.Spiff
  12. I don't know... As I've said, I'm a newbie at the whole Thread of the Month thing... Yes! Exactly! We will go with this... Yes, pretty sure.
  13. I'm afraid I disagree. Don't get me wrong, it is a really strong force... But there is something out there far more sinister. It's that plastic device that holds the bottles of sodas together when you buy them at the store. And they are "smart plastic." Whenever you try to break a bottle free, it takes a pair of scissors, bolt cutters, or any other sharp utility tool. But there are those that as soon as you pick them up out of your car to take inside, the "smart plastic" decides - at that exact moment - to allow the bottles to break free from its grasp and fall to the ground.
  14. Calmly nice when I messed up your user name on the TOTM, @The Doodling Astronaut!
  15. It's pinned... honest... I'm sorry about that - normally we catch all the nominations... but it might have fallen through. February was the first month I did the TOTM, so it could be a rookie mistake.
  16. Rejected and denied. @Spaceman.Spiff...
  17. Ah, so that's why it didn't work, @The Doodling Astronaut! I will fix that problem. For some reason, it didn't dawn on me that "The" was a part of your user name! You're welcome. It is a nice thread.
  18. The KSP forum moderator's team presents the Threads of the Month March 2021 edition Greetings to all our Kerbalnauts, inventors of strange and wonderful flying machines, and those who develop new methods of tormenting Kerbals: This is the second month in a row I've volunteered to do the Thread of the Month! I have learned that it's not so bad in doing them and it gives the other forum moderators a break from having to think of pithy things to say. As you are aware, February caused us to witness continued COVID-19 restrictions, additional remote/virtual learning, telecommuting, a
  19. Says the bowl of shrimp bisque... (Could be butternut squash bisque. Both are the same color).
  20. No, but spell check does! It's a shame that dog is an avatar-ic representation of a forum user who cannot keyboard!
  21. Yes, I am here. And you're still banned, @Spaceman.Spiff What about @Starhelperdude?
  22. Wrong-o! But what about @Geonovast
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