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  1. Banned for not sharing the grapes.
  2. Oh, come on! They even have magnetic boots in Star Trek: First Contact! I think it is a great idea, personally. And yes, I use handrails - some are from .24!
  3. Thanks, will try it. Your mods are awesome! Oh, and I am giving the planet pack I am working/have been working on a second go. I have a few more minutes a week.
  4. 322: Excessive complaints about the use of comic sans.
  5. @AtomicTech Wrong number. The stylized number I posted was 1190. Therefore,
  6. I am not familiar with this expression. "knows where his towel is..." Once I realized what the reference was to... duh. Slow mental speed day. It's a migraine-event day. Full of delayed reactions. @AtomicTech: @Deddly: thanks for the smile.
  7. You can add that Bing and Chrome web browsers for Android won't do it either, @Gargamel. Edit: On Google Chrome: If you go to the upper right corner and click on the three lines (the ones that trigger the drop-down menu), there's an option to see the website as a "Desktop site." Click that option, and you will be able to see the signatures.
  8. Unless you use 3x symmetry for fins, too. I often do that without any significant problems.
  9. Unless you own a Dell. Then overclocking is impossible because of their proprietary system. I've tried.
  10. I had the Network Extension Mod and it's sequel for the longest time. Then about a year ago, I started experiencing random crashes. Found out it was NE2. So, had to ditch it and then select a bunch of network mods and start a new city. Took the heart out of the game for me.
  11. The whole apartment complex I live in has been 3D scanned in GoogleMaps. Not that I have any say in it. TUBM is wanting to play KSP right now but can't because of work/school.
  12. It's rumored all over the Steam channels and Facebook groups that 2025 might be a reality. The speculation is this: Might be an option to play on a host network or "room" where cities can be linked in a virtual region (a sort of multi-player/play with friends option). Procedural roads where you can decide if it will be asymmetrical, two lane, three lane, etc. (this would cut down on my mod list by about 1/3). Better optimization and graphics (something that you can do now with mods). Randomly generated terrain (you can set parameters with % of ocean, river, flatland, mountains/hills, and elevation). Just remember, all that above is all speculation, just as a lot of what the unofficial KSP stuff does. No, I am going to need an upgrade. Windows 11 won't even install on my PC. i5 7th gen processor. So, yeah, it's time for an update.
  13. Oh, I do! But not just for KSP/KSP2. But for: Cities: Skylines 2 (mod it until it dies!) Cities: Skylines (I've modded it until I can almost warm a bowl of soup near the cooling fan vents ) Satisfactory
  14. Not really. We've shared classical stuff, and I've shared a few of Bach's organ fugues on this thread. This is a nice rendition and think I've might have shared it before. It's in one of my playlists on YouTube. I've been listening to Mozart most of the day. Here's what is playing right now.
  15. Your prediction was amiss. Perhaps you, @Stormpilot, would like to try again?
  16. One of the easiest fixes for this would be something I hoped they'd implement in the current game. Okay, I've used PhotoShop here to add a visual representation of what I am talking about - a grey box in an "empty seat" where the avatar would normally be. And when this grey box is checked, a red "x" appears as a way to keep the game from assigning a Kerbalnaut to that seat. So, that way, when you launch and revert, correct the ship, and go to launch it again, there's still two crew and two empty seat. But once the ship is out of the craft editor, the empty seats behave as they do now.
  17. Soup sandwich. A descriptive term heard often by anyone who survived the U.S. Army basic training program many years ago. Let me use it in it's proper context: That's as messed up as a soup sandwich!
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